Indeed Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Indeed Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
Indeed, Inc. (
470 West Avenue Suite 2002
Stamford, CT 06902 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-203-564-2418
Fax Number: n/a
Customer Service Number: 1-203-564-2418

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  1. is a great site. However, i think they should offer a toll-free 800 phone number.

  2. The posturing of this site is contrived... and its business model lacks two key, consumer centric components: transparency and accessibility.

    Its lack of transparency is evident in its so called employer reviews.

    In an effort to differentiate themselves as a job search site, offers "reviews of employers."
    The idea of employees giving unbiased reviews is a good idea. These are not unbiased.

    Reviews can only be submitted by individuals who also post their resume... which means reviews come from past employees or current employees on their way "out the door." A glance at the reviews of multiple companies adds credence to the phrase "misery loves company."

    Wanting to inquire about this practice, I looked for contact information at and found the 2nd hole in serving the marketplace, accessibility. A search of their site provided no phone number and no email address... only a mailing address in Texas.

    It has to make one wonder; about the credibility of all the sites content and why they'd create barriers to communicating with their firm.

  3. This company I was a fan of since 2010 until they sent a provocative e-mail to my company, provided private company communication without consent or notice, and data (your calls are being recorded). Beware of the corporate structure, you can not contact a decision maker that objectively views business contractual arrangements or changing company landscape, it is like a hamster wheel and you get to be the hamster.

  4. How do I delete the email where the job is being sent to?

  5. There are several jobs that I would like to apply for on but am unable to. The job will say "easily apply" but it won't let me apply. I've tried both "public and private" for my resume. It doesn't seem to matter. I still cannot apply. Help.

  6. To the CEO of Indeed:
    Our company agreed to a 30 day contract for $3000 and then canceled. However we were charged for an additional month. Your representatives claim it's month to month not 30 days. please call me at 612-219-3730

  7. I have a job offer to work for Indeed, but have yet to be paid. There seems to be no answer to except that the payroll system is continually off line. Is it a practice of Indeed to offer jobs and then fail to bring employees on board ? Feel free to contact me

  8. There are job post titles that only ridicules the company. It seems unprofessional and gives Indeed bad reputation. Below are some examples
    that are published:

    *Route Team Member (Want More Work Happy)

    *Customer Happiness Representative
    mHelpDesk - Fairfax, VA 22031

  9. I wish that you would make it that when someone post a job that they put on a beginning and ending date of when the job opening starts and finishes. I hate spending time on jobs that have be fill for months. And make it where the listing drops off after so many days after the closing date.

  10. I just started to pay for Indeed service and after they got their money the Customer Service stopped. I cannot get into my Indeed account my company is paying for. I have called the sales person, called the support people, and emailed about my problem and zero response.


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