Farm Fresh Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

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Farm Fresh Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
East View Innovation Center 7075 Flying Cloud Drive
Eden Prairie, MN 55344 United States
Corporate Phone Number: 1-952-828-4000
Fax Number: 1-302-655-5049
Customer Service Number: 1-877-992-3276

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  1. I just want to tell you how extremely disappointed I am in your Farm Fresh on N Battlefield Blvd in Chesapeake, VA its staff and the District manager Ricky. O have been a long time shopper at your store on N Battlefield Blvd, I use my coupons all the time there and have never had an issue. On the 20th of October I was in your store and attempted to use my manufacture coupons, your cashier Fannie took the coupons wrote the totals for the amount of value on them and then tried to scan them. Some of the coupons didn’t scan and Fannie called over a person from the customer service desk. The customer service person informed me that the store no longer took any coupon over the value of $5. I ask if this notice was up anywhere so the customers were aware of the change in policy (as I said I use the coupons all the time at this location with no problem), and she had to ask another person and then said she didn’t think so. Had I been told this in advance or if your associate had not written in the totals of the items making it so I could no longer use the coupons I would have been more ok with the situation. The customer service associate advised me to take the coupons and use them somewhere else. I explained to her that once the total is written in the coupon is invalid, as that means the coupon has already been used, no other store will accept it. She said she would leave them for the manager and have him call me. The manager Rick (I think was his name) didn’t call me but I ended up calling him later in the day. He told me all of my coupons were fraud and I was trying to defraud your company and he was sending them to the fraud department to investigate. I was shocked that a long time customer would be treated like this. But, knowing that my coupons are valid I said ok well when will you hear something he said he would call me back in a week with the outcome. I waited two weeks for a phone call back, which I never received. On Thursday, November 3rd, I called the store again and spoke to the manager Rick. He told me he had heard back from the fraud department and that the coupons were valid but that his store policy was not to take coupons over $5. I ask if because his associate had already written in the totals what could he do and he said I could pick up the coupons, they would not honor them. At this point I called your corporate office and filed a complaint. Ricky who identified himself as the district manager his # is 757-404-1978 called me on and I explained the situation. He advised me that the store would honor the coupons and to go back and speak to the store manager. He said he would speak to the store manager the next morning and I could go anytime and they would honor the coupons. He said that honoring the coupons was the least that would happen and I told him all I wanted was the coupons to be honored. I ask Ricky to call me back after he spoke to the store manager and he said he would. I didn’t receive a phone call back but I did call the number and leave a message. I went to the store on November 8th, with the impression that the store would be honoring the coupons. I ask for Rick the store manager as I was told to do and he said Ricky didn’t tell him to honor the coupons and that the coupons were fraudulent coupons and that’s what the fraud department said. He said he called Ricky and they discussed it and they wouldn’t honor the coupons. This is about $30 dollars’ worth of coupons that I could have used somewhere else with no problems. I am so disappointed in your store and how I was treated and I will no longer be a customer of yours. I am upset with my treatment. I will not be returning to your store as a customer and will ensure that all of my friends and people on social media know how your company treats its customers.
    No longer a customer,


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