XL Parts Corporate Office Headquarters

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XL Parts Corporate Office Headquarters
15701 Northwest Freeway
Houston, TX  77040
Corporate Phone Number: 1-713-983-1100
Corporate Fax Number: 1-713-983-1175

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  1. Reporting Drug use and activities in your Dallas location for XL part off 2527 willowbrook rd Dallas TX 75220
    Your management Eric and Lisa
    Should be investigated. This is the most unorganized management I've ever witnessed.... I also know yall as a company since you have hired Lisa now has lost your contract with Darby temp service because of Lisa and also recently just lost half of your employees because of Lisa and Eric this company is highly unprofessional... If I was to rate this company due to the information I know and observed ill rate this company a 1 for very unsatisfactory.


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