VCA Corporate Office Headquarters

VCA Corporate Office Headquarters
12401 W Olympic Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA  90064
Corporate Phone Number: 1-310-571-6500
Corporate Fax Number: 1-310-571-6700

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  1. Recently I attempted to schedule a procedure at the Waldorf, MD, VCA. However, I learned they lost the IM vet, its IM tech, and office manager. So I was required to find another facility for the procedure. I realize change is part of life, but it is very unsatisfactory that your office didn't notify me! Barbara Berry

  2. these people are extremely rude, all they want is your money, they don't care about the animals, do yourself a favor and find another clinic

  3. VCA Douglas County Animal Hospital is the most money hungry of them all. they cannot keep employees including doctors. You never know how your going to be treated and what kind of service you are going to get. What happened to the days when you take your pet in to the doctor and they take care of your pet instead of concentrating on what they can sale you.

  4. On January 24, I visited the VCA office in Woodland Hills with my dog Luna who had started to limp. Luna was seen by Dr. Moore, had an x-ray, was diagnosed with arthritis, and after I paid the $500 we left with medication for the next few weeks.

    Luna started to feel much better, and I was happy. Unfortunately, when I visited my vacation home in Joshua Tree (San Bernardino County) some time later I forgot to bring Luna’s meds with me. Well, there actually is a VCA office in Yucca Valley, which is close by, and I thought that the office in Woodland Hills would be in a position to arrange for the Yucca Valley office to sell me three (3) Rovera 75 mg pills I could give Luna in the three days until we were back home in LA. I was disappointed that that was not possible. The Yucca Valley office said they would not give any meds to a dog they hadn’t seen, and I was reluctant to pay for an office visit just for them to look at the dog. The lady tried to be helpful, however, and suggested I had Woodland Hills office call in a prescription into a local pharmacy. I called Woodland Hills back with the phone number of Rite-Aid. They called me back, no, it had to be Walmart. I would like to mention that for every call-back from the Woodland Hills office I had to wait an hour or more, and had to actually call and remind them, and after the assistant said she would definitely call me within a half hour I had to call them again after an hour. In short, the whole ordeal lasted until three in the afternoon, even though my first contact was at 8 in the morning. The end was that Walmart pharmacy didn’t carry that drug, and Luna had to wait to get her meds until we were back home.

    I would think that VCA operating procedures could be more favorable to the wellbeing of animals and make it easier to solve a simple problem like that, especially if, as they advertise, they care about the animals.

    Since I am at it, let me also tell you that I found it outrageous, that when I wanted a refill for the Rovera, VCA in Woodland Hills was going to charge me something like $50 for 20 pills. That’s $2.50 per pill! I wondered retroactively how much of my bill of January 24 was for the 40 Rovera I left with on that day. I ordered the refill online for less than a dollar per pill!

    My experience with VCA so far really makes me wonder what they care more about: the animals or the money?


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