DSW Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

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DSW Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
DSW Inc.
810 DSW Drive
Columbus, OH 43219 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-614-237-7100
Fax Number: n/a
Customer Service Number: 1-866-379-7463

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  1. I placed an order online on Thanksgiving Day in order to get the getaway bag you were offering. I received an email today, Friday November 28th , that the getaway bag was not included on my order. Although I used your promo code which showed up at the end of the order, apparently I needed to put the bag in as a line item. At no point in the order process did itsay you had to do that. I am so upset that I took the time to order on Thanksgiving Day and now I wont be receiving the getaway bag. I used up the balance of my gift cards so I could spend enough to get the. Getaway bag.
    I have to say that in speaking with Sara at your customer service dept who was less than sympathetic to this issue I still feel unsatisfied with your company. I feel that this was a sneaky way to not supply enough bags to all of your online customers. Had I known that this would have happened I would have gladly gone directly to the store on Friday. But of course I didnt know it wasnt included until all of the bags are out of stock. The only thing Sara could offer was $15 off of my order which doesn't cover the value on the bag.
    I hope that something else can be done to get me the getaway bag.

    A very dissapointed customer.


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