Tuesday Morning Corporate Office Headquarters

Tuesday Morning Corporate Office Headquarters
6250 LBJ Freeway
Dallas, TX  75240
Corporate Phone Number: 1-972-387-3562
Customer Service Number: 1-800-457-0099

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  1. Athens al, store has rude manager hes older man n i think her name is leah shes blonde but i went in n shes was passed out in a box in back room looks like shes was on drugs or withdraws i told the older man bout it he told me not to worry about it mind my own business. Which i thought was rude so i said my friends and i will do my shopping some where else he said good we dont want u here anyways.

  2. Stores need to be clean up and hire personnel that want to work and take care of the store. Every aisle was blocked with stocking carts and return products. Trying to get buy was so difficult. Store in total disrupt on the very first day of the big sale and no one could find anything what gives LOve this Store needs to be re-vamp with people who want to work. Lets go Corporate and try to make some money Clean your stores up

    1. Tuesday Morning needs to hire more help. They constantly cut the workers hours so that corporate can line their pockets with more money. They are slave drivers. Its not the employees fault. They are given a huge work load and few hours to do the work. They have to ring up customers, unload the freight truck, do returns, stock the shelf's, clean the store, etc. The employees don't make more than $8 an hour. I should know, I have worked there for one year. The regional manager is Stella Guerrero, and see treats her employees like dirt. This is the worst company anyone could ever work for.

  3. The newly redone las vegas stores are fabulous. I love shopping at the store on tropicana and durango. Its so clean and organized. The people that work there are great they are always helpful and kind. The manager I belive her name is victoria has done a great job cleaning up the store, and she is so courteous. She goes above and beyond her job to help customers get what they need.


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