World Gym Corporate Office Headquarters

World Gym Corporate Office Headquarters
T.R. World Gym, LLC
113 Crosby Rd., Ste. 15
Dover, NH 03820-4370 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-603-742-4443
Customer Service Number: 1-603-742-4443

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  1. 11 April, 2013


    It is with intent of this letter to document and report the unethical business practices of World Gymn Fitness Center, Palm Desert, California. I am a disabled veteran and hope to alert all veterans and non veterans alike to the following issue.
    On 3 March 2013, I approached the front desk employee, Brian Gosselin, to inquire about a possible membership, free trials etc. During our conversation, I mentioned that I may be travelling alot during the summer and possibly relocating.
    After a few minutes and more than one attempt to leave, he convinced me to try a ONE month membership/trial. I was very cautious and skeptical about this but he insisted all my money/dues would be credited back to my credit card account after the 30 days if I was not satisfied and/or unable to maintain a membership. It was also mentioned that my wife was out of the country until June 2013 and that she would not be participating until the summer, if we decided to stay and maintain membership AND if I was satisfied after the 30 days.
    At no time was there any mention that I had to sign into their facility a minimum of three times per week in order to obtain a refund. It was mentioned that I had to set up and attend an appointment with a fitness trainer which I did later that same week.
    It was not until the second week that I was made aware of the three time per week attendance rule and again there was no mention that this would have an impact on retrieving my funds.
    During the third week, I told the front desk staff that I wanted out of any membership due to my future travel plans. More than once it was attempted with personnel at the front desk and each time they insisted I wait the full 30 days and talk to some manager. I felt this was ridiculous and immediately contacted USAA credit card services to inquire whether it would be possible to block World Gymn from debiting another month of charge if so were attempted. USAA reported this could not be done and sure enough $29.99 was deducted on 3 April 2013.
    Although I believe I attended the facility around 12 times during the 30 day trial, there may have been a time or two where signing "the roster" was forgotten. Regardless, this should not have been an issue and would not have been an issue if I were made aware of the consequences during the initial meeting.
    On 11 April 2013 I finally had a meeting with some manager to discuss membership/non membership retrieving my funds etc.
    I reported that I could not and did not want membership and requested all my funds to be credited back to my account ($84.98). He kept talking over me insisting the 30 day deal was void since I did not sign into their facility a minimum of three times a week. I mentioned all my concerns that were stated above but he went on to say I now have a 1 year membership and it would cost me an additional $100.00 to get out of this. I was completly shocked at what this person was telling me. I reported never signing up for a membership of 1 year and that I may be willing to pay $29.99 for one month allegedly "free" trial period. The manager again insisted this is not up for discussion since it was "void". At which point further discussion was terminated.
    This kind of unethical practice and behavior disgusts me so much that I am willing to devote a website exposing this kind of scam nation wide in order to warn all those who are thinking about World Gymn.
    We are requesting:
    1. All funds be credited back to my account
    2. Penalties be imposed on management of World Gymn
    3. Litigation to have these penalties imposed and for World Gymn to cease questionable and unethical practices.
    My first step, however, is contacting YOU and hope you address this issue from your perspective so we may avoid further litigation and possibly media exposure.
    Please contact me ar 585-880-4548 if any questions.

    Respectfully Yours,

    Michael J. Foley
    Cc World Gymn Corporate Office
    Better Business Burea
    City of Palm Desert
    USAA Credit Card Services

  2. The music for Body Step and Body Pump release 90 & 96 is terrible.
    It's doesn't even sound like music, it's just noise! Please replace your music coordinator with someone who knows music, and how to use music to motivate and encourage class participation. Thank you.

  3. I go to the gym in Delray Beach, Florida and very disappointed. It has no cold water. You have to buy water if you want it cold. It is dirty and some of the equipment is old and needs to be fixed. The women's locker room is always dirty and smells. The weights are geared toward males not females. All the cardio equipment is ok, except there are 9 TV's and they only put on 4 out of 9. What is that about. Very disappointed in this gym. If there was one closer, I would be there. LA Fitness is good compared to this one.


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