RGIS Corporate Office Headquarters

RGIS Corporate Office Headquarters
2000 Taylor Road
Auburn Hills, MI  48326
Corporate Phone Number: 1-248-651-2511
Customer Service Number: 1-800-551-9130

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  1. RGIS in grand junction co needs to drug test their drivers. My boyfriend works for them and whenever they go to the Denver area or any town that has marijuana dispensaries, the driver drives passengers around to these dispensaries and then allows them to smoke while on company time and in the vehicle, the driver is smoking as well. One of these days there will be a lawsuit on your hands because the driver is operating a vehicle while high and has others lives in his/her hands.

  2. My boyfriend worked there and he would constantly not receive his paycheck. He finally quit after missing three paychecks that we needed for food and bills. Even still he hasn't got his money. The same thing also happened to my grandpa who worked there. This company doesn't care at all about their workers.

  3. caught a RGIS employee on camera stealing my credit card at my place of employment. Thieves.

  4. Dist 027 Rochester.

    The NASTIEST PEOPLE I HAVE EVER MET. The secretary is lazy and uncooperative as if she'd rather be dead then do her job and BILL is unprofessional and nasty. I've been working for this company for sometime now and will be quitting because of the disgusting way these individuals, and some managers, treat their employees.

  5. Rgis in the north carolina area may have the worst management I have ever seen. I had a conversation with a manager who threatened my wifes job through text because they were misinformed about her attendance. I informed them that it was unprofessional. She then threatened her job again because of that. They blame scheduling errors on the employees and treat them like they are nothing until they need extra people somewhere, then they act like they are doing them a favor by asking for help.

  6. Dist #322 The most unprofessional drug users I have ever seen. The lead manager has no teeth and has left work to drink. The drivers have been seen drinking and buying alcohol and drugs in company van. The employees are treated mean, I had inventory at a store and witnessed employees get no breaks, yelled at to count faster, and insulted. This has been a common practice observed by my collegues as well. It has been reported before many times on many sites and nothing seems to change.

  7. District 206 is the worst they have the worst district manger who needs to get retaught a job of customer service which is what the company offers you send people an Hr away to a store to have them sent home because a supervisors doesn't know how to talk to people and ya'll let your employees be talked to any way.Abed Philim a of district 206 and Edison one of the superviors who takes the RGIS van home and drives it as a personal vehical has a chip on his shoulder an is another one who doesn't know how to speak to people they let there friends and memebers work and do what they want and make everyone else do what they don't want to do. District 206 is the worst they need a whole revamp.

    1. You've never seen District 255 in Denver. Far worse manager.


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