Price Chopper Corporate Office Headquarters

Price Chopper Corporate Office Headquarters
461 Nott Street
Schenectady, NY  12308
Corporate Phone Number: 1-800-727-7423
Customer Service Number: 1-800-666-7667

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  1. how can your staff tell drivers to walk to gas station to use the rest room instead of offering a alternate rest room on site when the drivers rest room is out of order drivers are people too need to change policy this is inhumane

  2. This company has got to be by far the worst I have ever encountered in my lifetime!!!! They treat thier people like dirt and overwork them! The HR dept is a JOKE! They are not for the people! Corporate is only out to cover thier own ass! They cut hours and expect mericles! More and more people getting injured due to the lack of help. That means more compensation claims! How stupid is this companie?? Good people working like dogs for 40 years and it takes MONTHS upon MONtHS to recive your retirement because the morons at the finance dept are too busy drinking coffee in thier million dollar cafeteria they built. They don't give a shit about you.... They don't even pick up the phone nor call you back! To all of you at corporate and the finance dept... You ALL should be FIRED!!!! You suck at your jobs!! You are a waste of payroll!!!! 16 year old part timers work harder than you!! And probably know more too! Shame on all of you! So everyone looking at this... Do NOT choose a career at price chopper! You will get screwed right in the ass!

    1. I love you Anonymous!!!! As a worker there, you are correct on all counts. Thanks.

    2. I would have to agree!! Piss poor company to work for!!

  3. The Edwardsville Pennsylvania store is a well run operation. The food is fresh, the prices are reasonable and the management is GREAT. I am a local retiring business broker and also ran for state representative in this area in 2006. I have many friends whom I pass the message to. The Edwardsville store manager Mr. Trevor Sulcoski runs a tight ship. Nice harmony between management and the rank and file. JOHN CORDORA

  4. I specifically went shopping tonight to purchase Babka bread from the Price Chopper bakery on RT 11 in Cicero NY
    I look forward to this Babka EVERY year during this season. I was so ANGRY when I found you no longer bake it at the stores and that you have hired an outside company to make it. THEY SUCK! Cinnamin does NOT belong in Babka and its dry - disgusting! PLEASE let the bakery go back to being a bakery - Thank you

  5. I contacted a Price Chopper customer service associate two days ago about a pretty disturbing incident involving the staff in their store in Marlborough, Massachusetts; yesterday. She told me she would return the call, yesterday, and didn't.
    You would think a store that has had a loyal customer for years would have a concern of theirs addressed when they were told it would be.
    By the way, if you are ever in Marlborough, Massachusetts; try Hannaford's the prices are much lower; and the staff is much more respectful.


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