Polaris Corporate Office Headquarters

Polaris Corporate Office Headquarters
4660 Kenny Road
Suite C
Columbus, OH  43220

Customer Service Number: 1-888-704-5290

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  1. FYI
    We purchased a 2014 ATV & a 2014 UTV in December of 2013. We have received several offers to take a survey "What do you think" and get a free Polaris camo drawstring backpack. I / we usually do not do these surveys but thought that the backpack might be nice presents for our two grand-sons. Like we stated before we have received several offers through the mail to take the surveys but not one time have we been able to locate this survey website. I would say that we have received at least 4 or more of these offers for each of the Polaris's we bought and we still have not located the website shown on the cards ; http://www.polarisindustries.cvent.com/survey/2014orv
    Having said this , send us the real website address and we will complete your survey , if it is not closed . . . . like the website states it is . . . . . . or quit sending us the offers for the Polaris backpacks.
    These are NOT our first Polaris's , through the years we have had 4 other Sportsman's and this is our second Ranger.

  2. We purchased our 900 XP Polaris Ranger during 2013 Thanksgiving Holiday Sale in Ontario,Oregon. We LOVE it! I believe we have around 2800 miles on it....hunting, fishing...just going for a fun ride with friends! The only problem and I feel that it is a VERY IMPORTANT SAFETY ISSUE....is the gear shift (PARK) is down!!!!!! At least 3 times we have been put in jeapardy (safety issue), when the DOWN PARK gear shift has been hit and pushed upwards and pushed out of gear! There are no Emergency Brakes on the 900's, so that was not another possibility for safety parking. Once a person was sitting in the passenger seat and our pet dog jumped in and we were at an incline, and it started rolling backwards!!!! It was ME that was the passenger.....hard to just undo the seatbelt and lean over and jump down on the floor, while rolling, and push the brake or slam it into gear.....which could damage the transmission. I will also be typing a letter to send with all our information, phone numbers, etc. This has happened to some of our friends, so I can only imagine how many other people it probably has happened to. Thank You!

    1. I bet all odf the complaints fall on deaf ears !!

  3. I think I got the Lemon RZR You need to make improvements on you camshafts I have 950 miles on my brand new bought RZR S800EPS and already before the first oil change that was done at 20 hours I have a lifter noise witch tells me camshaft problems also the brakes make a good rattling sound not good Polaris I thought you built better machines . I seem to not be the only one that has or does have this problem found out there are lots of people with the same problem . Nothing like a high priced extended warrenty Wich I did not purchase because I thought this RZR would be more dependable ! I should have looked a little closer when I saw the engine tag that said made in Mexico I felt I was in for trouble I guess I was right 950 miles and having problems wow I do not drive this off road I drive this on the street and figured I would get better performance I guess it is time to get something different for this machine cost me over 14K and it is costing me more to fix it than to enjoy it ! I am still driving this and will continue to drive it until the engine goes out just remember I'm driving a moving Billboard for Polaris so you might want to address this issue

  4. was going to buy bumpers and roof doors and winch for my 2015 900 but belt went bad and u would not make it good even thou still under warranty so will take rest of my business to after market venders 180.00 belt versus 1500.00 accesorries

  5. In 2013 we bought a Polaris ranger and have had it to the shop twice and just lately they found a factor defect ! It is the wiring harness and we know it is not under warranty , but since it is a factory matter we think you should have to fix this problem !! If not we will sale it and buy a different brand !!! Sincerely Jack jr and Nancy Shaffer web address [email protected]

  6. I have a 2013 900 rzr , 55 hours , 650 miles the connecting rod somehow broke loose of the crank and decided to blow out the back of the block just bellow the oil filter. not sure if this has happened before but this is a $ 16,000 dollar toy . I have owned polaris atvs for years with very little to no issues. Also with about 5 hours on this same machine the right side cylinder spark plug broke in half and blew the guts right out of the plug , i took it back and had my dealer to go through it and they said they found nothing in the cylinder . I found it funny that that same cylinder blew smoke out the exhaust after that happened. Any how i am not loaded with money and of course i did not think that i would need to buy a extended warranty with a Polaris product !!! I am really up set that i have a 2013 polaris in my garage with no motor and no money to replace it . I would really appreciate an E-Mail about this and I am currently working with my Dealer to help me out with my issue. I do not have the money to pay them to tear it apart to find out what went wrong . Please help, Web Address [email protected] .net

  7. I purchased the Polaris Slingshot in December of 2014. I knew it would be a small wait for one to arrive. I was very excited. Well, first the recall. Then twice it had to be hauled back account of starting issues. Now my steering went out. I had just put on over three hundred miles on a day trip and was very concerned that , it could have happened while driving through the parks. Many curves and deep canyons on the side. I was fortunate enough that it happened downtown. I am on a vacation and once again trapped with getting it towed home until I can get ahold of HondaRice to once again come and get it. I am not understanding why things keep occurring when normally your products are amazing. This last one could have been very bad. I love it, but paid a good deal of money for something I rarely have gotten to enjoy! Please tell me this is going to end. Did I get a product that is just going to continue to have various issues? I would understand if I had bought something cheap. I bought it with the good standing reputation of the Polaris name. I should also note that the Honda/Rice dealership has been great. I am not sure about what to do at this point. I love it and yet...I can't be at risk...continually when on a ride. I understand new product and issues, but now it's getting to be dangerous. Please help me on this. My e-mail is [email protected] or I prefer a call. Thank you, Peggy L. Semler

  8. As with the first comment, I too was invited to complete a survey with a backpack as the carrot to complete. And like them, could not locate the site with the information given. Please don't waste my time again with such surveys. I have better things to do than try to find a site that doesn't exist.

    R. DeLongchamp

  9. Dear Mike Jonikas
    Vice President,

    I am so mad and discussed with the way Polaris is handling my order. I tried to buy one last year, but couldn't because Polaris wasn't capable of filling orders. So, I tried again this year. I laid down $11,000 down on July 1 of this year and I still haven't gotten my order. I get calls from dealer that say's Polaris is shipping my order, but then it never shows up. This has happened three times and now my order is being pushed back to Sept 10... What gives? Polaris, don't you want to sell these slingshots to smaller town dealers? I've even called your company and got a third party consumer relations and got absolutely NO WHERE. (not to mention how rude). They just kept reading off their computer scene the same thing over and over again.
    Are you guys going to stand up and at least be man enough to contact me directly and explain the lousy way you're doing business? I dont' want to talk to your customer service they are of no help!!!!
    Do you even want my business/order? I'm ready to call it quits and cancel my order since riding for this year is almost over. You guys really handle problems horribly. Your customer service doesn't rely to any of my emails after assigning me a case number twice. They you have customer rep. Viola who yells (yes, yells) at my dealer and talks extremely rude to me. My email address is [email protected] .... or my phone number is 501-301-4255.

  10. Any idea how I can talk to someone near the top of the food chain in this company? I do not have a problem with any of your products but rather a problem with a regional manager that is wrecking the riding in our area by tormenting residents with his company issue 900 turbo razor. He is going to kill someone or himself and Polaris is in for a big lawsuit when this happens. Does anybody read this stuff? If so add a phone # on here so I can call. thanks

  11. May 5, 2016
    My inquiry is in regard to cost of shares of Polaris Industries. I currently belong to an investment club. Our club purchased 25 shares of Polaris in March, 2015 at $154.8189 per. We are currently looking at a loss of 35.58 percent! We are inquiring as to the prognosis for the company with regard to increased revenue. As we study several articles about Polaris, they all read positive - where is the progress with regard to increased revenue? Should we hold, purchase more shares, or sell at a loss. Thank you. [email protected]

  12. Today I received a recall on my Polaris 570 Ranger crew. The letter said it could catch fire due to a manufacturing defect in the heat shield. I was told to stop driving it until the repair was made. Because I have a severe vision problem I am not able to drive on the highway anymore so I can't transport my Ranger to the dealer 30 miles away. The dealer will pick it up for a mileage fee but it will end up costing me over $200. The Polaris representative says it's not their problem. This is my fourth Ranger and it will be my last! Polaris has lost a loyal customer and I encourage friends and family to think twice before buying from Polaris. Repairing the defect and transporting the Ranger to the nearest dealer is the responsibility of Polaris. Why should this defect cost me over $200? Has anyone else experienced this type of treatment?


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