PJ Whelihans Corporate Office Headquarters

PJ Whelihans Corporate Office Headquarters
520 Haddon Avenue
Haddonfield, NJ  08033
Corporate Phone Number: 1-856-427-7888

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  1. Your manager Lindasy at Downingtown should not accuse someone inappropriately

  2. On Friday, June 9th I did my son's rehearsal dinner at PJ's in Medford Lakes, NJ. The manager, Tracy, was helpful, polite and professional. The servers Jess and Brittany were fantastic. They made sure the tables were clean, the buffet was replenished and everyone had a drink in their hand. All three of them made every guest feel welcome and everyone had a great time. I would highly recommend PJ's to anyone looking to do a party. Thank you for a great experience and making our party a success. Tom Evison [email protected]


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