Pick 'n Save Corporate Office Headquarters

Pick 'n Save Corporate Office Headquarters

Pick 'n Save Corporate Office Headquarters
Pick 'n Save Warehouse Foods, Inc.
605 East Lyon Street
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53202 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-414-272-6677
Fax Number: n/a
Customer Service Number: 1-866-279-6269

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  1. Checked in the room to greet me were stink bug.The. coffee pot had a molded coffee filter with hair growing on it. If this is Americas best. I would hate to see there worst.

  2. I try to avoid Pick N Save at 6969 N. Port Washington Rd. because of poor customer service but today I needed stamps so stopped in at 11:05am.. As usual there was no one at the service desk so out of curiosity I hit the timer on my phone and waited. Two employees walked right past me without saying a word or helping me. Then a third came right by me and I asked her if the service desk was open- she looked right at me and didnt answer then unlocked the door using the keypad and went in, ignoring me, grabbing something she needed and headed back out. Enter Shannon. Shannon entered the service desk and also did not even glance at me but picked up a stapled document and started reading it. So I asked her if the service desk was open. I received a, "yea." but she continued to read whatever it was in her hand and ignore me. So I then asked for a book of stamsp. She got them for me and charged me without a word. Incredible. Could not imagine an employee being worse. Last time for me- I am done with the rude staff.

  3. Pick N Save (6760 W National Ave, West Allis, WI)

    I shopped at this Pick N Save Friday April 1st 2016. I always check my receipts when I come home from shopping. I noticed I was over charged for an item I bought by $3.79. I called the store to let them know about the error and some lady passed me off to a guy that was working. I wish he would have given his name or I would have asked. I assumed it was the manager. Whoever he was, He was working the morning shift as I called at 11:30am.

    He asked me if I wanted him to check the price and I said yes. He put me on hold and when he came back he told me yes I was overcharged. I asked him why the cashier or scanner didn't pick it up and I was told.

    "We are under staffed and under paid" I said so people are getting ripped off if they dont check their receipts? He said "most likely" He said "we aren't making any money here and they are so understaffed that they can't keep up".
    I was shocked as I shop here all the time. I will never go back to this store.

    Just a few things to say and I hope someone takes the time to read this. I have bought top dollar hamburger nice and red on the outside and when I got home it was a layer of red, new meat on top of old meat. $21.00 for 3# pitched in the garbage.

    The regular gross hamburger is better than the 90% lean... less grease and better quality. The meat department is in bad shape it stinks and some of the meat looks old and gross. The butcher's are lazy too. I had asked one of them to get my a 3 pound package of beef stew meat and he told me to come back in 25 minutes. Seriously? I did all my shopping and came back and the jerk was no where to be found!!

    Next let's talk about the produce dept. I refuse to buy anything due to the number of fruit flies PERIOD

    Let's move on to the bakery dept. I used to love to surprise the kids with a huge pack of donuts. Fresh? They're not bad till I saw fruit flies on them and paper the customers leave lay around very filthy area.

    Now lets move on to the old gossiping hags that have been cashiers in this store forever they talk to themselves while I'm checking out, they gossip about people who work there, the gossip or stand around talking about personal crap with other people while I stand there disabled waiting in pain in these long lines or checking out. One lady laughs so loud you can hear her the minute you walk in the store. Then we have the lady bagger and OMG every time we want a bagger we get her and she asks us to bag out own groceries. If I wanted or could bag my own I'd go to a lane that has no bagger right? Well she asks every stinking time we get her. I told her I cannot lift the kitty litter so she asked my husband and my son. My husband told her to do her job. To this day she still asks.

    I have shopped at this store since it opened and I've watched it go down hill in management and the employee's are awful they stand around and talk, talk. talk and take their sweet time.

    I was a very good customer ad we usually spend 400 plus weekly. A family of 5, dogs, cats, fish so we buy a lot there. I will no longer shop in the store which by the way is FILTHY. In the check out isle there was a half eaten cupcake someone set on the soda cooler. If the cashiers were not so busy yapping with the old hag group that works there maybe they would have seen it huh?

    I have been to other pick n save stores that are clean, the workers work and most of all it's kept clean. You lost a good customer with the "we dont care attitude cause your workers are understaffed and underpaid as I was told" Not to mention I was told that's the service I can expect.

  4. I am writing about the Pick N Save on Sunny slope in New Berlin Wis.

    A while ago, I was in the bakery department, and a worker(older, "blond ponytail" glasses) was getting a tray of frozen rolls ready to bake. She dropped one on the floor, and picked it up, and put it back on the tray. I mentioned that I saw what happened, and she threw out a random roll...I said that it was not the one that fell. She argued with me and then turned and went on with her work.
    On another occasion, the butcher working on a particular day, sneezed, took his hands and wiped his nose and face, and went on with dealing with the meat.

    But today, when checking out, I mentioned a famous person who passed in conversation, and was told by her to "move on". Nice way to handle people.

    I also noticed that items are not being restocked on shelves as they used to be. Today, there was an empty space where a salad dressing used to be. When checking with the vendor, he said that there is no shelf sticker for that item. I then mentioned to his surprise, that I had purchased that dressing many times from the store. He said I should talk to the mgr. I have noticed other items gone as well. Is that store going to close??? Sure looks like it!!!

  5. I shopped at Pic-N-Save on Jackson in Oshkosh. I purchased cooked,cleaned shrimp and when I got it home smelled like it had been sitting out in the sun for a week. That could have been a fluke but it has happened with cod and salmon also. I used to shop there because the Pig Wig. in Oshkosh is the worst. But after getting melons that taste like kerosene (at Pick-N-Save) I'm done with shopping ANYWHERE in Oshkosh.WHOLE FOODS HELP!!!!! WE NEED YOU!

  6. I like to thank pick n save for labeling the meat on where it is raised and prepared at. It's important to me. I don't want my meat coming from other countries


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