Honey Baked Ham Corporate Office Headquarters

Honey Baked Ham Corporate Office Headquarters
The Original Honey Baked Ham Co. of Georgia, Inc.
3875 Mansell Road
Alpharetta, Georgia 30022 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-800-367-7720
Fax Number: 1-800-728-4426
Customer Service Number: 1-800-367-7720

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  1. Brentwood store becoming a little ethnic.

  2. Hello,


    I visited your Honeybaked ham store on Buford to pick up a couple of lbs of sliced roast turkey. When I got
    home as I was putting the packaged turkey in the refrigerator, I noticed the "use by" date was 11/22/14 on one package and 11/25/14 on the other. I live approx 20 miles away from the store, when I called to advise the manager he was selling expired food, all she said was to bring it back. When I arrived, another manager assisted me and apologized and offered some extra turkey, but I think a refund or a gift certificate would have been more appropriate. Also, most of the help there with the exception of the manager was quite rude when I tried to explain what was going on. I only purchased 2 lbs, because it is only me that will be eating the meal and I could not use any more turkey.
    It appears lately the staff at this store needs some training in working with the public, and also the consequences of selling expired food.


    Bill Anderson

  3. Our company has been ordering from Honey baked Hams for at least 10-12 years now for our Christmas luncheon. I've always been told by them to make sure and place my order by Dec. 1 in order to have to on time. Well, I placed my order on Dec. 1 only to find out they will not be able to fill our order because they are having a cut off date of Dec. 20 and our luncheon is Dec. 22. After talking to the manager, they told me they would be able to get us ham but nothing else.
    Well, they just lost us as a customer. I would rather go to the grocery store and get food than deal with them again (Torrance). Our orders averaged $850 each time.

  4. HBH billed my CC for a Ham I didn't order. I have been told by your California Office and your George Office that HBH doesn't keep CC info. Wrong. You billed my without me ordering. HBH is hacking my CC just to make a sale. Shame on HBH. I have initiated a fraud complaint. Buyer beware of HBH.
    Doesn't that sound stupid. HBH must be running for Congress.

  5. bought a 5 # spiral HBH + a green bean entree. This was for 4 of us so plenty. The ham was great but the green bean thing was terrible. Baked it her instructions on the box and it was like beans in a yellow water, really gross!!!!! This THING cost $8.99, what a rip off. Only reason we bought it was because only one of us likes it, now we all don't like it or the rip off product.

  6. Ham and Cheese Bites and Sweet Potato Bites, where just awlful. Ham and Cheese, were doughy, bad tasting breading, barely ham tasting, and brownish cheese like substance that just didn't taste good. Once we bit into them, we were at least hoping taste would make up for the bad dough bread, but it didn't happen. We love the meats/ham/turkey, etc. Never had a problem until we tried these products. Just awlful. Would never order these again. Total let down on Christmas and waste of money. The breading on the sweet potato puffs .... same. Just dry dough and sweet potato stuff? Lesson learned.

  7. Just got back from visiting your store in Spring Hill, Fl...........very very disappointed to learn that your ham bones are no longer available........the very best for making soup!!......I guess this is because you decided to no longer offer sliced ham by the pound cut from a ham and packaged..........well you made a very bad decision as the packaged ham is not up to your delicious standards by any means........it tastes like that cheap ham you can buy hanging on a peg in the processed meat coolers in the supermarket............I am not buying a mini ham just so I can get that wonderful bone!!..........so sad to see this wonderful institution going downhill...........can't imagine the reasoning here unle$$ it i$ $omething that look$ better on paper than in reality...............sad,sad,sad...........will miss you!........Patricia

  8. Just got back from the location in Cincinnati Ohio Fields Eartel Rd. How is a combo meal 1/2 sandwich (very small) soup and a drink cost $11.00 and some change. to expensive.. She called it a combo but rang it up separately. To rich for my blood. I will find another place to go that has real combo deals. Never again.

  9. I get hams for every holiday from Honey Baked. The sugar coating has gotten more sparse every holiday. This Easter, went to pick up one and not one ham had any glaze that you could even see or taste!!!!! They cost too much to skim on anything! I guess I will just buy normal cheaper hams since that is basically what they are now. cmcmc7@yahoo.com

  10. I was sent a coupon for Deli HBH samdwich. BOGO free. The black lady at the 5081 Park Ave store in Memphis TN stated "We don't have that Ham in Memphis" She had such a poor attitude and such hatred coming from her, I will never go to any HBH again. You as a commpany sell HAM and your store states you don't have this Ham? Then your employees Hate the other race. I'm sick of this @ your stores.

  11. Commons store has same problem. I walked out due to the rude behavior.

  12. Hello,

    Thank you for contacting Honey Baked Ham E-Club Support.

    We appreciate your feedback and we have provided your comments to the corporate office. You may also wish to follow up with them directly and can find their contact information on their website.

    Thank you,

    Honey Baked Ham E-Club Support

    -------- Original Message --------


    I don't buy your hams anymore, the last two had no honey basting on it. The
    thick crusted honey coating was why I bought your ham. I spent way over
    $50.00 and didn't get what I wanted. That's what you sell.... Your just
    selling ham now.
    first its a fishbowl you e mail and now you post your complaint, on a corporate board that you dont leave your conact on it so they dont have to help you. nuttinhoney

  13. Your free combo awaits? Lost a lot of respect for your company that's a bullshit misleading advertisement fill that out and then you send an offer for free chips and a soda with purchase of a sandwich everything about that ad is miss leading! Dishonesty for personal information sell your soul. You got my info but you lost my business.

  14. Honeybaked ham in Fair Oaks , ca used to be a friendly place but the manager there was very rude , obnoxious, and disrepectful blonde girl. Seemed like she could blow at any second. I won't bother going back ever again. Great food just lousy customer service and that to me is most important.

  15. For the pass two weeks I've been working at the Honey Baked Ham in Mayfield Heighs, OH. The is a brand new store and I helped set up the store. Working the few days there the store manager (Diane) was not a big help at all. everything wasjus discombobulated and well unorganized. Moving things at least 3 times because she didn't know where the product in her store go and claimed to be working for HBH for so many years. Anyway 11/25/2015 it was my first day back at the store actually working. I was in production. Everything was running horrible uk front customers waiting and complaining. Diane just left her workers up front not assisting with the situation. I even caught her on her phone a few times. Around 3:15pm, I arrived at work at 7am, Diane asked for more product to be pulled. Remind I been at work 9 hours, already went to the truck 4 times, and cleaned the production area 2-3 times with little to no help. The other employee Joshlyn went on break for 2 hours, never helped cleaned or pull product the whole day. The store was busy so Kim (production employee) and Joshlyn went to get product. I realized 30 min went bye and Thry never returned. Diane comes yelling at me "where are my hams." In a very rude way. I said you sent your production manager Kim and Joshlyn, remember. I opened the back door, and they were outside smoking cigarettes with the full cart of hams next to them. What made it so bad it was a lobby full of customers and people wasn't pitching in and doing their job. I told Diane m, I can't work with people who don't want to do their job, go on break for 2 hours, on their phone the whole time, and then she (Diane) is yelling at me. Reminder you, my first day. I worked 9 hours without a break, and when I tell her the story about Joshlyn, and people wasn't helping she replies, "just do it, I need hams." Forgetting the fact that I've been overworked and other people aren't doing what they suppose to. Diane is s very rude individual and do not know how to talk to people. I told her I'm not the only one that's about to be working and she replied "ok your done." Never pulled Joshlyn to the side of anything. I threw my gloves and walked to the front of the bathroom. I'm in the bathroom, didn't even get a chance to use it because I hear Diane screaming at the top of her lungs in front of a lobby full of customers saying "leave my store, get out." I said, "I can't use the restroom." Remind you I have used the bathroom all day. My point is this location is a hot mess, and so is the store manager. She plays favoritism, and is a very unorganized person. On top of that because I used the bathroom and she embarrassed me in front of many customers, she Called the police on me for no reason at all like I was threat. I wouldn't recommend anyone to work for this location or go there. Bad workers ( not all), very very poor management.

  16. Sounds like these problems are all throughout the HBH network. I made arrangements for a catered lunch for 25 people. We called two weeks beforehand, knowing it was going to be crazy on the day we needed it--the day before Thanksgiving. When I went to pick up, it was crazy at the store, and Travis waited on me. I told him what I was picking up and he confirmed that I had everything I ordered in the two big bags and one little bag he handed me. I took it back to our office to set up the lunch and discovered that the 10 lbs of potato salad was missing. I called the store and told them I was coming back for my potato salad. On my drive back, the asst mgr Brittany called me and told me that Travis said he gave me the potato salad. She INSISTED that I had gotten the salad and I told her I did NOT have it and I was coming back and asked her to please have it ready because I had 25 people waiting for lunch. When I got back to the store, not only did she not have the salad there, she told me they had run out and someone had gone out to get more salad, but they would be back any moment. As we stood there and waited for 30 minutes (along with 100 people picking up their Thanksgiving hams), we chatted with some of the employees and were told that 1) their coolers had gone down overnight and they had to throw out all the salads they had first thing that morning and 2) no one had gone out to get more salad. So not only did Brittany lie to me about having/getting potato salad, she accused me of already having potato salad that she could not have possibly given me because they had thrown it all out that morning! What a shitty way to treat a customer! So I'm out 10 lbs of potato salad that I paid for and I don't ever want to go back to that store again. I am definitely sharing my experience with everyone I know, so there you go HBH for word-of-mouth advertising!

  17. Oh, forgot to mention it was the Pinellas Park, FL store that treats its customers so awfully.

  18. I'm extremely upset with this year's smoked turkey. I've been a loyal ccustomer for more many, many years. I had no problem standing line for over an hour for my ham and turkey...but the hams are smaller and costs a lot more each year with no reward for loyalty. My Thanksgiving meal I preprepared for my family was wonderful...until right in the midst...nearing the middle of the smoked turkey was BLOOD!
    Damn you! It was awful and disgusting. Several folks including my grands and myself could hardly continue to eat the remainder of my prepared meal! I'm not very sensitive but this made me teary eyed because I always go out my way to have special requested dishes for my family. ..and the $51 ham didn't go as far and the smoked turkey was disgusting. ..but my Popeye's smoked Cajun turkey saved the Day! I froze the bloody turkey to return to the Forrestville, Ms. store.....but would love to send the GA Corporate Office pics so they could respond to me rather than the rude manager hassling customers the like herd.

  19. Just spent some time trying to order a HBH to be picked up at a kiosk store in Ohio. Tried to Google HBH and found a lot of info about the company, but no link to be able to order a ham. Finally called a customer service number, listened to a recording that instructed me to try "honeybakedhamonline.com". Tried that site and found out the ham could only be shipped to an address, not picked up at a store. Called customer service again, eventually got a person who told me if I wanted to pick up a ham he couldn't take the order, I would have to go to "myhoneybakedstore.com" to place the order. The store closest to me is a kiosk store that doesn't open until Dec. 16th, which is fine because I only wanted to place the order now and pick it up on Dec. 23rd, but the site would not allow me to place the order. My question is why doesn't the main HBH website have links to the online site and the store pickup site? Also, even though my location doesn't open until the 16th, why can't the order be placed in advance? I shop online often and the HBH site is definitely not customer-friendly.

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    3. I am a longtime customer of HBH in Forrestville, Ms. The system that is in place actually is quite effective. Other than Thanksgiving and Christmas, its usually quite fast to just walk in, go to one of the many order takers/cashiers, place your order depending on size (the menu shows bone in or out,and suggestions depending on the number of people you want to feed). The smoked turkey is in refrigerated cases for your convenience, along with many other products,including desserts. They will unwrap your HBH for you to view or make another choice. During holidays, same process....just a line. I averaged and 30-45 minutes.

      Hope it worked well for you.

      I previously blogged about the smoked turkey with blood where bone was. The GA Corporate Office handled my complaint swiftly and sent me a gift card for $75; however, I paid $38, so actually they gave me $37...ummm not much for my inconvenience now that I think about it!


  20. I was just told, by the kindest associated i've ever had at a restaurant, that per corporate you would not be serving white bread. I lunch with you 2 to 3 times per week and purchase a ham every holiday. NO MORE!!! The people in the store were so helpful but trying to contact someone in corporate is horrible!!! You corporate drones should go out into the field for a couple of weeks a year and get a feel of what your customers are saying. WILL SOMEONE PLEASE CONTACT ME!!! Someone who can make a decision too, not some lame corporate drone.....Jim


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