Consumer Cellular Corporate Office Headquarters

Consumer Cellular Corporate Office Headquarters
Consumer Cellular, Inc.
7204 SW Durham Road Suite 300
Portland, OR 97224-7574 USA
Phone Number: 1-503-699-7363
Fax Number: 1-503-675-8989
Customer Service Number: 1-888-345-5509

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  1. I'd like to see CC make a public statement as to what their position is on support of the Constitution of the United States of America. This is because they have aligned themselves with AARP, which is known NOT to fully support our American Constitution, but does not offer any discounts with associations like ASA which DOES fully support the Constitution. I was told by one CC Rep. that this is "political". No, it isn't. It's AMERICAN. Let's see what your stand is on the subject, please. You offer good deals on service; now let's see what you offer the American people. Thank you. Respectfully, Dee Schauer, Boyd, Texas

  2. To: John Merrick, CEO Title: "What a difference a day makes"

    A week ago, plus or minus, we liked your company. Then things went south big time. The problem surfaced when we recently found out my cell phone, the one with the fuzzy camera, was covered under a one year warranty. When I called about it earlier this year, the agent said I needed to buy a replacement. So last week, a kindly supervisor, Julie, offered a slightly better model for the mere cost of $1.05, tax. Turns out the phone was covered. Then things hit Antarctica.
    Upon perusing our online checking account, we discovered the $1.05 was pulled on September 4th (as agreed upon) - then an additional $16.05 charge on the 5th. Say: What? Does the phrase "unauthorized withdrawal" mean anything to Consumer Cellular? Do you grasp that besides being illegal, even such small amounts can wreak havoc in one's checking account?
    (Ex., you've just paid rent to a strict landlord and now your rent check bounces. S/he is irate and one's bank slaps a $35.00 overdrawn fee on top of it. See how one act, intended or inadvertent, creates a train of trouble?)
    And there's more. On Friday, September 6th when we called Consumer Cellular to protest - climbing up the hierarchy, your three staff members, inclusing Superviser Devon (sp?) and Superviser of the Supervisers Cole were unhelpful - in fact, if you've retained the calls ("for quality control purposes"), may we suggest you use them in training seminars under "How to Make Unhappy Customers More Unhappy"? They just wanted to blame Julie! The first agent, Kerry, thought a superviser would be unnecessary and then after five minutes, connected me to one without notice. And imagine: None of your staff would return the unauthorized withdrawal saying "We're not able to do that"; instead, they said it'd been used to reduce our current bill (a whopping $43 or something). C'mon, this is shabby and cries out for redress!
    As a result of your staff's incompetence, we have filed a complaint with AARP who, for some reason, thinks you're the cat's meow and filed a Claim with our bank, Bank of America who, out of courtesy, automatically refunded the $16.05 and will be investigating further and contacting you to get it back. The Better Business Bureau will also get a complaint. Time for better training, huh?

    1. i'm going through this very thing right now. do not go to the better business bureau. they won't do anything. consumer cellular has bribed the bbb for their a rating. you can't trust the bbb any more. all they are is a company that you can bribe to get a good rating.


    3. FORGET BBB WWW.FCC.GOV/COMPLAINTS online complaints I have spoken to an agent there that is VERY interested in CC


  3. Sold my husband a smart phone that won't hold a charge & they refuse to make it right & some smart ass kid is hateful when we try to get a new battery. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!

    1. YES, unfortunately CC is getting too big for their pants and it's time to take them down a notch. Pls join me at: WWW.FCC.GOV/ COMPLAINTS for justice rather than just being butt hurt DO has gone tyrannical it's time to stop them.

  4. CONSUMER CELLULAR! I pomise you I will singly handedly take you down thru the FCC.
    How dare you charge my cell phone for minutes for an entire call after it had been forwarded to my lanline! You say you are ok with your policy...HELL YOU SAY?
    PEOPLE, GO TO WWW.FCC.GOV/COMPLAINTS They will hear you and get justice. If you need help call me at: 253-582-0778 Grandma

  5. Terrible corporate culture now. I used Consumer Cellular when It was young and the service was good. I like CC because of the ability to switch plans depending on useage. Then It got more expensive, so when I retired and moved states I changed carriers. Now I don't use as many minutes so I thought I'd give them a go again. What an ordeal! Out of the 6 reps I spoke with--3 men and 3 women-- 4 of the 6 were rude and imperious and the final phone contact was a supervisor who asserted she had no manager, she was the last word. Then she, Mary Ellen the final supervisor, asked the name of the Sears Rep who was helping me and who tried to get someone there (CC) who would be reasonable. She took his name down, threatening the very person who sells the phones for them. It took 3 hours of my time now add to it the time to write the review. Here it is:

    DON'T use them; they have become BULLIES. Is it form of agism?

  6. Looking for a contact person with Consumer Cellular who I can talk to about a revenue sharing program with a new wireless product coming out in may??

  7. I asked for an phone upgrade. Talked to an agent, picked out my phone. Life was good.
    After a week and half I still had not received my new phone. Called and e-mailed Consumer cell. Was told well it was delivered. You have to go to post office and see what happened. Which I did but no one knew what happened to my new phone. The post office said we delivered it..I was told I would have to wait 10 days to see if it was activated. Then they would consider sending me a new phone.
    Today I tried to get help AGAIN. This time I was talking to Nicole ID # 29085..I told her the same story about my lost phone. She found out that the agent took down my wrong was delivered to the wrong house. I have been with consumer cell for over 5 years..i get my bills at this why would the agent send my new phone to another address????
    Well, my hat goes off to Nicole She did a great job. Thank you!!!!


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