AARP Corporate Office Headquarters

AARP Corporate Office Headquarters
AARP, Inc.
601 E St. NW
Washington, DC 20049 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-202-434-2277
Fax Number: 1-202-434-7710
Customer Service Number: 1-888-687-2277

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  1. To Whom it may concern,

    I have been a member for AARP for 5 years and have paid to be a member. I live in Louisville ky and as of 4/12/13 I am thinking twice abount renew my membership. I am 72 years old and went to an AARP tax location to get my income tax filled out. But when I got to the door and young man looked no more the 45 was coming out the door and a sign was on the door, stating they was not taking any more people for the day. I do not know why paying AARP member have to get in line behind non-paying member for AARP service. I had to go to HR Block to have my taxes filled out, because this was the only time my daughter could get off work. I have to pay $279.00 for getting my taxes filled out at this place while non-member not pay AARP get their taxes filled out free. Something need to be done if you all plan to keep current members. I know I am not the only person having problems with young people using this free service to save money and old people are having to go other places and pay to have their taxes done.

    1. Can I tell you, I have had horrible experiences with AARP and their vendors, suppliers, etc.
      AARP has gotten too large and does not understand the definition of customer service. I have had issues with the representatives for the Delta Dental program when I asked questions they were annoyed and could not provide the answers so I had to insist that a manager call me back with the information. That took over 2 days as she called i missed the call and the extension number she left was busy for over a day and one half. I am still waiting for a call back.
      Then I have subscribed to Allstate Roadside Assistance and when I called for assistance they informed me that I had utilized all of my towing service calls and I would have to pay for the one I presently requesting. When I asked them to provide dates they first informed me the towing allotment is only four per subscription year and I used all three. When I asked them to review dates towing was utilized they provided gave me one date in 2013 which was four months prior to my new yearly subscription (start December 13, 2013 and one two weeks after my new membership start date. One the day before the call I was that day requesting. I corrected them and asked why would they include a call prior to my present subscription by four months. They then agreed I was correct but said my second call was tallied as three because the towing company reported that they tried to start my car, and they tried to charge my battery (which they did neither). They came to the location with a flatbed and towed my car home so I could call the next day and determine where the car should be towed for repair. I knew exactly what was wrong with the car, however it was in the early evening and I could not give them the location of a repair shop. So either the towing company lied or Allstate Roadside Assistance was trying to rip me off. It then took over two hours on the telephone to straighten out the lies and the incorrect notations on my membership record. I thought it was all in place and today, more than a week later I receive a letter from Allstate Roadside Assistance (without a phone number, or address on the letterhead, or a contact name telling me that my allotment of towing calls has been exceeded. AARP does not obviously monitor their selection of vendors, or providers and the situation is deplorable.

  2. Have been a member since 1985;;however am having second thoughts about AARP. Rec'd renewal card expiring 2015 showing 1-866-686-1112 , a different contact nbr shown on card that exp.2014. When I called the new number ending in 1112, a Spanish speaking rep. answered phone. And this is the reason for my disappointment with AARP! Since I have a Hispanic last name, AARP assumes that ALL Hispanics speak no English ,They only speak
    Spanish.. It's not the first time this has happened. Other publications from AARP
    have been the same: Spanish Only! Give us a choice: If I want Spanish info only, list that number ; The same if a member wants English only.. Again, not all Hispanics speak or read just one language :Spanish . I am fortunate that I
    can speak two languages .. English first/ Spanish second. !

    Shame on AARP. Stella


  3. June 3, 2014
    I am moving out of state and in need of new health insurance to supplement medicare. My current plan was not available at my new location so I decided to contact AARP to learn more about the United Plans. That in itself opened a can of worms. Unfortunately, I had to listen to a rep (who spoke too quickly and was difficult to understand ) rattle off a thesis of information before I could discuss the available insurance plans. I finally got to choose the plan that worked best for me and then had to speak with an agent to complete an application.
    This took least 3 tires since each agent had problems with the program or there was a computer glitch. This episode used up at least 2+ hours of my precious time. I chose to try again a few days later and after at least 1 1/2+ hours, thought I had completed a phone application with an agent and an electronic signature was to be entered. More problems ahead. Not hearing anything after several days I contacted an agent to get an update and was told the app was pending and no further info was given.. However, after another few days (aprox. 6 business days ) I once again tried to learn the status of my app. This took 4 tires with 4 different agents and was still unable to get a complete answer . It was the 5th agent that proceeded to inform me of the fact that my electronic signature had not been processed correctly and my app could not be processed. I had never received a telephone call or notice about this error. Now I was told that my telephone app could not be reprocessed and would have to wait 40 days to resubmit a telephone app. Next choice was to do an app online or thru the mail. I didn't want to take any chances so I contacted 3 agents (some who were short and snippy and totally not helpful) without success and the 4th agent tried to assist me with an online app. The first app would not let me submit so we tried again. Again the system stopped me from completing the final step and submitting the app. The agent had a system problem as well. This took up another 2 hours of my time and it was suggested that I contact a supervisor the next day.

    I called and was unable to get thru to a supervisor w/o providing all of my info. I insisted and was quit annoyed until I finally got to speak with what is termed a "member laision" fancy for supervisor . The "member laision" listened to my story (this was a Friday) and promised that I would have a faxed copy of my original telephone app in hand for my signature on Monday. I was told only a "member laision" could do this task. Yup , Monday came and went and no fax. I did call the "member laision" ...left message and no return call. Same scenario occurred on Tuesday. Got a new "member laision" and again waiting for the faxed copy of my telephone app.

    It is appalling to be treated so poorly by reps and agents that are handling matters for senior citizens. They show no regard for any follow up or contact with the AARP member. The behavior of these agents is unprofessional and irresponsible. They are being paid to do very little or nothing at all. I'm not getting paid for my time. My time is a valuable commodity and should not be wasted with so much incompetency.

    It's time this organization was more efficient and worked with more alacrity.

  4. AARP is not this protector of the elderly in at least one area. You go to AARP travel and are transfered by their site to AARP Expedia travel. The prices on Expedia's regular site is 10-15% cheaper then their AARP site. Were does this extra money charged AARP travel members go and this is a clear misrepresentation. If you lose trust in the people you serve you risk losing the trust of its members and your very existence. I hope this has not become another big business making money at the elderlys expense. Please cease your practice of saying you save on the AARP travel site when the opposite is true.

    1. The best place to get consistently best rates for hotels, or airlines, is to go direct to the hotel, or airline. Second to that, for hotels go to: For airlines try:

  5. I have had issues with AARP Rex plan and am now going to the States Attorney's Office They have harassed my mom for almost a year regarding a Dec 2013 payment, in which they received and airs and cashed the check. I have mailed them proof twice and once again in the mail is a statement saying it was not paid. Could you image if they did this to your elderly parents and no one was handling there affairs and they rush out to pay this bill again. Our parents are reliable people and would not let an unpaid bill happen. Think about it, if AARP does this to many elderly, look at the illegal funds they would be getting. December is almost here and that will be the last AARP REX payments they are going to get from my mom.

  6. I am very angry with the aarp travel service through expedia. I booked a hotel reservation this morning and I was not told they would immediately take the money out of my account. I called back a few hours later and told them I was cancelling the reservation. Now I am told it will be two weeks before I get my refund. This is horrible.. Once a pending plane ticket is used this month I am going to cut up my card and refund it only to never deal with aarp again.

  7. I sent a Certified letter to the CEO of AARP in DC on November 22nd and still have not gotten proof of delivery. They continue to take from the elderly and lined their pockets and ignore any issues. They think you will give up not this time AARP Rx

  8. We are paid up valued members according to AARP. We have been receiving too many membership order forms in the mail. Over and over again. Is someone in AARP hoping we will make a mistake and double order????

  9. Do not get auto insurance through AARP..Hartford.. They get you in at a low rate, then keep raising it every year!!! Car value goes down, no up!! I had no accidents, my bill went up almost $500

  10. I need to make a complaint about auto assistande too wom and whwere and how im a 20 yr member I need someoneto take me serious im very old and havemajor health problens I feel like this is the bigges issue I have ever had aarp don't seem to take me serious louie Armstrong after 7/pm cst.louie Armstrong pleraseasap before im gone

  11. AARP is advocating racism:

  12. the seniors need help with Delta Dental Plans. My experience is I had to pay $500.00 cash to a Dental Office because my benefits run out for the year 2014. I was not inform by the dental insurance

    bakersfield, CA

  13. AARP leadership reaps the elderly continually asking for dough nations, and receiving large $ stipends from vendors they associate with and recommend to AARP members . My experience with AARP Heartless Hartford Auto & Life insurance, so so slow on claims and then they jack up their rates on the next policy renewal. Cannot obtain info on how much the AARP President and senior exec staff receive for Salaries, & expense accounts this should be public information. No one under the age of 50 should be allowed to work for AARP and get paid wages. The AARP President and Senior Executive staff must be 65 and older and receive a modest salary not to exceed 50K annually plus modest travel expenses, they should fly economy class, and use budget accomodations, meals, like the rest of us seniors.

  14. In July of 2015 I started receiving bills from AARP indicating I owe them $16 for my membership. LOL!! First of all I never applied/signed up for AARP, and second I'm only 58 and still working. I sent a letter to Edward D. O'Day, indicating I never signed up for AARP and to please remove me from their collections department. Each month I continue to receive a bill demanding a payment of $16 with notices of “THIS IS YOUR LAST CHACE”.
    IT'S NOT FUNNY ANYMORE MR. O' DAY!!!  Is this how AARP gets money, extortion?
    I don’t want AARP, I don’t need AARP. Now, this is me telling you, “THIS IS YOUR LAST CHANCE” remove me from your collections department.
    Note: I will be sending the above message in a letter to Mr. Edward D. O’Day addressed to:
    AARP Membership Center
    3200 East Carson Street
    Lakewood, CA 90712

    As well to CBS 13 – Call Kurtis at:
    Main Location
    CBS 13/CW 31 Studios
    2713 KOVR Drive
    West Sacramento, CA 95605

  15. I have been a member of AARP for more than 20 years. I am 79 and have been using AARP/United Health Plan Part D. Please note these monthly increases. In 2014 the monthly was $ 44.30, in 2015 it went to $ 52.10 and for 2016 the rate will be $64.70. I am fortunate that I only take Tier 1 & 2 generic drugs and I decided to really look into other Part D providers. I found SILVER SCRIPT a division of CVS drug stores. I was very surprised to see the 2016 monthly rate is going to be $ 22.90. That is a HUGH
    difference between AARP and Silver Script. I urge other AARP to look before you resign with AARP/United Health Plans.
    RS/Great Neck, NY

  16. The AARP needs to do something about the spread of inaccurate information concerning their AARP Medicare Complete insured through United Health Care. Each day I seem to receive e-mails soliciting my membership to AARP and/or for continued activism through a mobile app.
    It is time AARP focused on correcting the wrongful information which will damage many signees. One essential question to be asked before joing any advantage plan is - What doctors in my area are part of this plan. I was given a listing of ten doctors, several of whom were well-know and qualified. When I called each physician's office not one was taking new patients. Several were no longer practicing and some had moved. I called the tel. no. listed in your solicitation marketing letter and on your newspaper flyer and informed the customer service agent of the doctors on their active list that were unavailable. Talked to one of the Supervisors and asked what would happen if people signed up only to have no doctor available. What a fiasco trying to get back on Original Medicare. I was told your representatives would get back to us last week to let us know what they determined and that the outdated information would be deleted. No call. If they are aware the information is wrong and do not change it, how reliable is the word of your representatives Consider, too, that it is a poor reflection of AARP verification of what is offered under their name without substantiation. Why isn't the local insurance representative verifying the availability of what he/she is selling? Why isn't the AARP doing the same?

  17. RE: The 1/26/2016 AARP mass email stating that Burger King will give a free 12oz. coffee with any purchase. NO IT WILL NOT!!. Burger King at 22 Beaver St. in Milford, MA 01757, store #2481 told me on 2/1/2016 that they do not honor AARP offers. I've been an AARP member for 25 years, but I am never again renewing my membership. AARP does not require advertisers to honor AARP advertising offers. Signed: aef, Ashland, MA 01721

  18. I have had a problem of AARP showing they received two payments made to them by Citi Bank.
    Citi Bank has shown them and me via ,faxed copies and confirmed they did receive these payments. This information has been sent to AARP with Bank's letter showing they cashed checks. AARP when you get thru to the right person tells me they will get back to me in 10 days. They got back to me in 9 days and said they have not been able to find this information and does confirm they received Citi Banks copies of the cancelled check. They said give them another week and will get back. It's now been over two weeks never heard from anyone. I have called there offices several times and after you give the representative information and I ask for a supervisor you get someone who says they are and you go thru the entire situation again. They then say its in my account those notes and they say they are calling there accounting department. Please hold on, you go from listen to music to nothing and they are gone. 3x's this has happened. How can a company of this size cause these problems and what is a customer to do? I ask for anyone at AARP please replay and I will give them my customer ID# and the people I have spoken to and there employee #'s I was given after I started to ask. I am not sure you will ask me for any information now and if so I lost out as how will they reply. Well I write this while holding again 4th time. I have now been told after holding 12 minutes that department has the information but all the information that was needed was not turned over to them 2 weeks ago by the person I spoke to. He has confirmed now that after his talking with that department they will proceed and and get back to me again within a week. Open for suggestions what am I to do. They also said no direct number to anyone in any department other the having to go thru the entire representative you get when you call there 800# Supervisor who I was just talking to gave me a case # and apologized why this has been handled and said wait another 10 days. He got a promise he said from that department to follow thru. His words were “ we dropped the ball on this one" If anyone in the company wants further info speak with Levi -supervisor employee

  19. I just called the 1-888-687-2277 customer service to opt-out of all mailings from your company, I do not want anymore of your mailing what so ever. The gal that helped me was quite nice Mona, she told me it takes 12 weeks to remove my name & address from your computers?? I hope this to be the case, however in this dau and age of super computer I hardly think it would take 12 weeks, but we shall see! Aug.3, 2016

  20. I just received my new AARP magazine anticipating some good reading and then there is this huge ad for buying sex tapes on oral sex, positioning and foreplay. I am totally disgusted that have fallen for the big money advertising and sunk to this level. Goodbye!


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