Texas Roadhouse Corporate Office Headquarters

Texas Roadhouse Restaurant Corporate Office Headquarters
Texas Roadhouse Inc.
6040 Dutchmans Lane Suite 200,
Louisville, Kentucky 40205 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-502-426-9984
Customer Service Number: 1-502-426-9984

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  1. Sandusky ohio Roadhouse has good food and service , but the bar and general building itself needs alot of cleaning and remodeling .

  2. e have been to your local Texas restaurant three times now and last night was our last!
    The first time it was fine. Second time we witnessed the bartender having an attitude with a customer.
    The third time a different bartender had an attitude with us!
    It started when I ordered a drink, Captain and coke with a lime, asked the bartender to make sure the pop was not flat. We had problems the last times we went there, heard some lame excuse from the manager and heard the same lame excuse this time. She got cocky with me stating "she got it out of the back. Then went to get more coke, showed me that it was not flat and stated she just wanted to make sure I saw it. It was her whole demeanor, attitude that set me off! Honestly if I order a drink with soda in it I don't expect it to be flat. That does nothing for the drink!
    I finished my drink she made with the soda that was not flat half way through my dinner and sat my glass aside, figuring one of the bartenders would come ask me if I would like another one. Sat there for 10-15 minutes and neither bartender asked me if I would like another one. After another 10 minutes or so the one with the attitude finally asked me, after I hesitated for a few seconds I declined! A good bartender will not let your drink set there empty. I declined hoping she would ask me if I wanted something else to drink, and nothing!
    Both these bartenders are the same ones that have been working each time we go there. They are like robots, only asking what they are suppose to, they have zero personality, don't smile very much and are just rather cold. I am sorry but if you are in the customer service profession than act like it!
    We will not go back and will be writing to corporate about this situation.

  3. Texas Roadhouse in Alliance Ohio is a great place to go. We go there often and enjoy the food and service. Only problem is when the restaurant was using Alliance water to make their tea. Alliance water is awful. Otherwise, the food is great. The servers are great representatives of your Company. Good Job!

  4. They just built a Texas Roadhouse near us and I noticed that the two flag poles on the top of the building are at the same height. One has the American Flag on it and the other has the Texas Flag. I believe that the American Flag should be higher than the Texas Flag or any other state flag. That needs to be fixed

    1. Jerry-Texas entered the union as a sovereign republic, It's the only state that can fly its flag at the same height. Texas reserved many other rights that other states do not have.

  5. Saw a new Texas Roadhouse on Dressler road Bleden village area in Canton Ohio but no one about. Looks like your out of business before you opened.

  6. Would be nice if a Stackhouse knew how to cook a steak. Somerset KY Texas Roadhouse does not have this ability. I'm done so I will drive 30 minutes to a steakhouse that does.

  7. Texas roadhouse in arvada colorado. I was at texas roadhouse for my birthday dinner and accidently left my birthday card on the table as i was putting my jacket on. The card was sitting right ontop of the table. I came back to the resturaunt 5 to 10 mins after i left and called on my way back but of course my birthday card and the contents inside were no where to be found. The manager lady was not concerned with the situation at all and was kinda rude and no help. Manager was very unprofessional and doesnt care about the customers. I guess there employees arent as honest as they want to tell me because obviously one of them took someone elses birthday present and is keeping it for themselves. Thanks texas roadhouse you gave me the worst birthday present anyone could ask for.

  8. Went to Evansville Texas roadhouse 2/5/15. Had a great waitress. The bill came it was around 36 dollars. All I had were 20 dollar bills. Gave the waitress 60 dollars, and asked for change. I would have gave here 40 but a 3 dollar tip did not seem sufficient. She gave me 3 dollars back. When I asked her about it she said she would get a manager. He came out and gave me a 20, and said this is coming out of his pocket. I said no it isn't. It came out of my pocket. He started arguing with me. A buss boy came over said sir you've been drinking you don't have a say in this matter. I had two beers, I was not drunk. The manager at this establishment is a cocky punk, And could use some customer service training.

  9. my wife who is 55 and myself who is 61 was in Jacksonville n Carolina location tonight 2/6 at 6 pm. We order when the salad came my wife went to put salt on her salad and the top came off and she got it all over her, the table and food!! I thought someone play a trick but the lid was defective wouldn't tighten making it the houses fault !! no new salad no more salt no more bread without asking when whoever passes by. Got the steaks was great as usual paid the bill ask for the manager on the way out (who never came to the table we ask for him.) after waiting he Jim Muse came up to me about six inches from my face! I told him what happen case he didn't know and with his bad breath told me in a round about way can't please everybody!
    we eat at Texas roadhouse a least once a week on Fridays for more than a year I did not ask for a free meal and paid for it before we talk!!!! they could say there sorry but I think they blame my wife and me for it. I posting on line ,letter to editor and casual conversation


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