Sheetz Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Sheetz Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
Sheetz, Inc.
5700 Sixth Avenue
Altoona, PA 16602 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-814-946-3611
Fax Number: 1-814-946-4375
Customer Service Number: 1-800-487-5444

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  1. There is a cashier named melinda in the memorial drive store in greenville .she has the worst attitude I have ever seen she treats the customers like crap.she's loud and she talks about her personal buisness I am sorry but you have lost a customer and I live 5 min away guess I will have to go to country mart for all my buisness.

  2. Try going to the Beaver Falls, PA Sheetz store, lets just say if they film undercover boos at this location, not one of the employees will be getting a car, or free rent for a year or a vacation to Aruba nor collage paid for, instead it will be the very best of the worst ever for this TV show!! I HOPE corporate will fire them all including management and fix this location before all customers move on to other stores.

  3. The manager in the Baden store needs to have a self check, he has no personality, when I frequent the store I see him ordering his employee's around like there are his puppets, he has never been pleasant and I understand fully why the employee's come and go so frequently.. Nobody seems happy working here,, and there are a few really nice employee's there. How could your company be voted on of the best places to work when management sucks?????

  4. Johnstown store Haynes St, was there 5/2/14 at around 2:30 ish am order number #130......meatball sand and cup of fries. The woman behind the damn counter was worried about talking to her drunk friends ordering food. My sandwich was ice cold and not toasted as directed on the order. That place is a freaking zoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Pissed off ex employee. I fell at work and went to the ER and the managers didn't send me with any information for insurance purposes so I'm receiving all the bills from the trip and Sheetz has yet to pay them and I'm still getting them......needless to say I am NOT paying them. It wasnt my fault in the first place.

    1. workers comp? And if you are trying for workers comp you really have to keep on them, it may take months for them to pay anything.

  6. I have NEVER in my life been as embarrassed and upset as I am at this moment, I am a 38yr old man the day before my birthday sitting my car crying uncontrollably to the point I could not even continue to speak to the customer service rep from your 800 number. I just left your Cumberland MD, Greene St. location after being publicly berated by two of your employees over a $1.35 coffee, I work a job everyday and if I EVER treated a customer as I was just treated I would without question lose my job, I dont even know why I called or am typing this I know nothing will come of it, and maybe so do they and thats why they did it.

  7. Our Store manager is Stephanie Moore, She is a horrible Manager, I am a current employee, i am located in Red Lion PA. Store 268. I think Stephanie Should be transferred. She has no respect, and has terrible people skills. She also swears in front of her employees, that's not cool. I think Stephanie is Showing favoritism. If you don't drink with her, or if she didn't train you then she doesn't want anything to do with you. She also abuses her Power by cutting hours to her employees for punishment. I do not think Stephanie is a good person. I'm sure they're are more employees at my store who have also called in and made complaints.....thank you for your time, hope you can get rid of this poison in our store.

  8. Wow someone else from Red Lion is complaining about Steph, lol well all that is correct. i have been with Sheetz for awhile, and yes Stephanie does show favoritism. We have been through a few managers and she is the worst. She doesn't show respect. I think it has to do with her being so young. She is very snobbish and stuck up. I would not put my name on here because Steph is that type, if she knows you're complaining about her she will verbally assault you. i agree as well that Stephanie should not be our manager. She is the most stuck up and cocky person i've ever met.....We need to get rid of her.


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