Otterbox Corporate Office Headquarters

Otterbox Corporate Office Headquarters
209 South Meldrum Street
Fort Collins, CO  80521
Corporate Phone Number: 1-888-695-8820

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  1. Otterbox has the worst customer service I have ever experienced in my entire life. DO NOT BUY anything from them. They are trying to say that if you return something they do not have to repay you the taxes you paid on the product. They also deduct the shipping from your refund and charge additional shipping to return the item that they incorectly sent in the first place. I am reporting them to the IRS for tax fraud and I would suggest no one but there products. I asked repeatedly to speak to a supervisor while on three different phone calls with three different customer service representatives who stated they did not know the policies and was put on hold many times. Each time to only have more incorect information relayed from a supervisor who refused to address n=my concerns.

  2. You are the worst person ever. I know for a fact that NONE of that is true.

    1. How can you possibly know for a fact it is true Or not true I personally have the same experience with customer service they want to charge or back charge or deduct money for taxes shipping handling etc it even says that they're going to do those things on there fucking website you moron do you actually work for OtterBox you have a dog in the fight I think perhaps you're just a company Shell trying to give this information to the retail public in hopes of them continuing to buy a ship product in all honesty it god damn ziplock baggie works better than their device I will never buy another OtterBox product ever worst customer service on planet Earth and I moved here from fucking Russia

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