Oil Express Corporate Office Headquarters

Oil Express Corporate Office Headquarters
15 Spinning Wheel Road
Suite 32
Hinsdale, IL  60521
Corporate Phone Number: 1-630-325-8666

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  1. My son is in Columbia SC. With my car helping his sister- he car needed an oil change then 2 months later he went in for some other work 300.plus worth- while driving down the road his oil filter fell off! It was towed to AA, they flushed ti and said it was the company who installed it- cheap product or not tight enough. He went into and the only thing they said the can do is give a free oil change? What - the car is running rough now and it is his only transportation. Oil change was 82.59 next visit 325.59. I am aghast, thinking they are not taking responsibility for their work or product. It is my car so do I eed to take this to small claims court? Or can you replace the engine that may or may not work in a few weeks said the AA people. We are a military family who like supporting local business'- and now this .

  2. I have had my oil changed for the past 6 years at oil express today I was charged 6 dollars to put in a new air filter that I had bought. They check it every time I go in there they have to close it up anyway but to charge me extra to put in my filter is crazy. I may be going elsewhere from now on


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