FX Network Corporate Office Headquarters

FX Network Corporate Office Headquarters
10201 W Pico Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA  90035
Corporate Phone Number: 1-310-369-1000

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  1. JUSTIFIED billboard with a menacing figure holding out two guns aimed at the viewer is currently overlooking the St. Augustine School playyard. In light of the Newtown murders, this should be taken down as it creates a gruesome connection to gun violence aimed at children in this context. As the school Art Teacher to grades K-8, please make a responsible decision and take this image down as soon as possible. Thank you.

    1. As a grammar Nazi, I can see by the construction of your last sentence why you're teaching Art.

  2. Hello I am writing from a business with a billboard from Fx Horror Story:Coven placed over our parking lot and facing our doctor's office. I have contacted Clear Channel and have requested its removal but could use your assistance as well. The image is too frightening to our patients who are elderly Japanese Americans and the billboard is very large . Our address is MOA Wellness Center, 4533 S. Centinela Los Angeles, CA 90066. Thank you for your cooperation to remove this billboard and relocate it. We sincerely appreciate your help. Susan K. Brislin, MA, OTR/L Staff Occupational Therapist, MOA Wellness Center, Pan-American MOA Foundation, 4533 S. Centinela Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90066

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  4. The volume during the commercials on your channel is near double than the movie playing. I think that is a bit much. Could you cool it a bit, please?

  5. I am hoping someone at FX corporate headquarters cares enough to respond to my concern. At 7pm tonight I turned on FX to find American Horror Story-Hotel was playing. I WAS SHOCKED to see the disgusting content of this show being run at such an early time when young children have not yet retired to bed. We have satellite TV and had no idea this kind of show was acceptable to run at this early hour. THIS SHOULD NOT BE SHOWN THIS EARLY IN THE EVENING!! Please notify and enforce a ban on showing this content prior to 9pm. Thank you

  6. I to am shocked at the language and profanities coming from the network. Small children watch these show. I am banning this chan from my cable line up. You should be ashamed of your self! Discusting!

  7. I've enjoyed your movies this afternoon. However the Heineken Light commercials referring to "flipping his meat" is offensive and I've seen that particular commercial 6 or 8 times just today and it's not even 5:00 yet. I know that they are paying for the time, but should it be when children will be watching? My husband even finds it offensive. I've already sent an email to Heineken corporate office.


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