Ethan Allen Corporate Office Headquarters

Ethan Allen Corporate Office Headquarters
21 Lake Avenue Extension
Danbury, CT  06811
Corporate Phone Number: 1-203-743-8000
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  1. Beware ! This Company has TERRIBLE Customer Service especially in the Chino warehouse shipping Department. Rude, rude, rude !!

  2. Beth in Bellevue. Best delivery I have ever had. Jason and Nate were very professional. They helped move my old furniture and were so friendly. They made my experience at Ethan Allen great. I have never seen such happy delivery guys who like their jobs so much. Thank you Ethan Allen for your commitment to great service.

  3. CAUTION: WARNING: BEWARE: I am not a blogger. I am a decorator. My Client saw a sofa in Traditional Home that she loved. The entire room was going to base off this sofa. I ordered the sofa exactly like the one on the floor and was told it would be 10-12 weeks until delivery. I was surprised by that length of time. When I called back in 10 weeks to check progress, I found out the fabric was on back order . Nobody from the store contacted me or the customer (my client) to see if we wanted to select something different. They have LOTS of fabrics. I was told it would be an additional month. A month later , again I call them,, to check on status, its been over 3 months. months already. They tell me it is in production and it will be 4 more weeks. I am thinking how long does it take to make a sofa. Its in production and it going to be another month. Are they weaving the fabric themselves? Are they manufacturing and sending them from a slow boat from China? Three weeks later I get a call to schedule my delivery for the following week. The call I get is from a contracted drop ship company 3 hours drive from the clients location. The delivery is scheduled for the following week. Three days before the delivery the contracted drop ship company calls again to say that their is bad weather north of us and they cant bring the sofa as scheduled due to their second delivery on the truck is experiencing bad weather. She wants to schedule our delivery the following week. It's winter!!! WHAT if WE have bad weather that week???? Roads are clear now between this drop ship and me. at this point, I don't bother to call the store, because they have never bothered to call me. I have initiated all contact on this order since they got my clients money. The contracted drop ship company has been nicer and more concerned with getting me my sofa than the store where it was purchased. I call corporate to see if I can get somebody to approve a truck delivering the sofa on time as scheduled. My client spent over $4000 and waited at this point 4 months for this piece. I spent the better part of two mornings calling Corporate Ethan Allen Customer Service. Going through " My Ethan Allen Story. " Was told both times that someone would contact me. I have not heard from corporate, or the store where I purchased the sofa. There is no consideration for customers with this company. Only person to contact me was the contracted shipping company and they called with yet another delay. As a decorator I have done business with a number of different retailers, this one based on lead time has been my biggest nightmare. I cannot recommend clients use is retailer. Too many headaches, broken promises, but being ignored after 2 calls to corporate, that is the part that is unacceptable.

    1. I can totally sympathize. I also made a huge Ethan Allen purchase around a particular item, a large wall unit. I ordered 7 items and to date: 1 had to be totally returned, another completely replaced, and 4 had to be repaired or serviced. Our latest issue was to be rectified within two weeks, we just received the item back after 6 wks. and it looks worse than when we sent it for repairs. We spent a lot of money on this furniture and wanted American made products - I can't tell you how disappointed we have been with, not only the quality, but the customer service is totally nonexistent. Yes they have replaced and serviced the products in question, but I have never had an experience so lacking in customer service. Between waiting to schedule someone to asset the "damages"; then waiting for someone to pick up the item; then schedule the re-delivery, the phone calls just don't end and in the long run it starts all over again as items are returned in awful condition. I tell anyone who listens, NOT TO PURCHASE FROM ETHAN ALLEN it's a total nightmare.

  4. Imagine that! A a user's head actually does rest on the headrest of a leather recliner! However, the poor quality of the leather dye has caused the color to FLAKE OFF of the headrest. There is no staining, no darkening,no oil. However, Ethan Allen has refused to accept any responsibility for this issue. There has been nothing done other than a denial of responsibility through the limited venue of email and a digital photo! Even after a local distributor visited and provided an opinion that the issue was unusual and did not appear to be due to wear. The chair is less than 10 months old! So very disappointed in the customer service experienced. I have not seen any reports in writing, any test results, or anyone from quality control investigating this in person. Is this how the company treats its customers? Despicable. Spend your money on what you expect to be a quality piece from a reputable(?) company, but don't expect any service! - See more at:

  5. I purchase several items and 50% of those items have to be replaced. Ethan Allen have agreed to replace them but several (may be 5/6) month later they only thing that has been done is several e-mails/telephone calls and no replacement furniture. I too have not seen the report but the quality was obviously so poor that they agreed to replace. I paid to have the fabric upgraded and you should see it. I live alone and only retired in January- the furniture has hardly been used. Never again!!!


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