Epson Corporate Office Headquarters

Epson Corporate Office Headquarters

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Epson Corporate Office Headquarters
3840 Kilroy Airport Way
Long Beach, CA  90806
Corporate Phone Number: 1-562-981-3840
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  1. Epson XP-830 - For your customer service department

    Reported Issue – Have had my printer for a week. It has worked perfectly and I am very happy. I had to upgrade my network with a new router and when I had completed the change, I was unable to print via the network.

    Since I was asked to give my opinion regarding my support experience please read on.
    My chat experience was fine. I was contacted by your support team within 10 minutes of my chat session. But, your support team is a sham. They logged into my computer, did a bunch of moving around and then proceeded to tell me that I had downloaded malware and that this had stopped my driver stored services and would not allow my printer to connect via my network. They wanted to clean up my laptop for a one-time charge to make the printer work. And unless I allowed them to do the cleanup, my printer would no longer work. I found it strange that I had downloaded malware when I switched out the router since I was not on any website or even on-line. I was able to print with my old router and unable to print with my new router. And just for your edification, my company does a security scan weekly on all company laptops. Once I refused the charge, I connected directly to the printer from my laptop to get the printing working. Once i was sure that the printer was working I uninstalled and reinstalled the printer on my laptop. And without having to do a cleanup and be charged by your company the printer worked. It is amazing that I knew what to do and your support team didn't even mention the option. Very, Very Unsatisfied. I asked if they were a company support team or a 3rd party support. They said they are part of Epson.


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