Uno Chicago Grill Corporate Office Headquarters

UNO Chicago Grill Corporate Office Headquarters
100 Charles Park Road
Boston, MA  02132
Corporate Phone Number: 1-617-323-9200
Customer Service Phone Number: 1-866-600-8667

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  1. i would like some resolution as to why on of your long term employees was terminated for doing a job he was authorized to do by your facility in the first place. Your actions have been mentioned as harsh, unfair and unequal. no meetings or discussion or warnings where ever given and no seasons as to why this individual was let go. you have upset many people including your employees with this disgusting behavoir.

  2. I just bought a pizza from shaws and it was full of mold and i cant tell u how sick i got from it. We cooked it and thought nothing of it and the mold was on the pizza not knowing that it was mold mt broher then ate a piece and got very sick. We still have the box and the pizza which we took pictures of. It is a discrace that they would sell pizza with mold in it.......... We will do what we can to take further action


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