Thomasville Furniture Corporate Office Headquarters

Thomasville Furniture Corporate Office Headquarters
401 E Main Street
Thomasville, NC  27360
Corporate Office Phone Number: 1-336-472-4000
Corporate Office Fax Number: 1-336-472-4085
Corporate Office Toll-Free Phone Number: 1-800-225-0265

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  1. I am an independent retailer and am in association with Nationwide Buying and Marketing Group. I have a customer interested in a group that you carry and would love to get more information about obtaining this for her or finding another retailer that is close enough to her to make the purchase convenient. The Product she is interested in is The Simply Linen Collection. She needs one table (T-31-4278) and eight chairs (C31-1200). I appreciate any information you can offer. Thank you for your time and consideration of this request.

    Jan Richards
    Home Sweet Home Interiors
    100 Laurens St.
    Clinton, SC 29325

  2. I could not be more disappointed in the quality of furniture I rec'd or the personnel at Thomasville. I intentionally shopped at a reputable store thinking I would hang on to this furniture for years...yet after delivery it was already lumpy and misshapen. The product facts I was provided were wrong, my efforts for a return were denied and I got the run-around from all points of contact. I kept the tags on, the kids and dog off the furniture for a month hoping for a no avail. Thomasville/Heritage Home should change their name....stay away!

  3. I too am very disappointed in the quality of my furniture and the pitiful service I have received. I ordered furniture last September, and the issues still aren't resolved. I keep getting the run around, finger pointing, no accountability and responsibility, and no returned phone calls. Once this is resolved, I will be taking my business elsewhere. I have been their loyal customer my entire adult life, but they have really gone downhill. Buy your furniture someplace else.

  4. A stated delivery date of six weeks turned into 16. After purchasing what was supposed to be two very high-quality leather recliners, the cushions became badly misshapen and the dye began to wear off exposing a buckskin-like color underneath. Definitely not the color wanted or ordered. It took ten weeks for the cushions to be replaced; and within two days, the new ones looked like the old.
    We have been trying to work this out for over 3 months; and have now requested that they take the chairs back and refund our money; but of course, no one is responding to this.
    It is apparent that these chairs are not the quality that a consumer expects to receive from Thomasville. In summary, we recommend that customers take their business to another furniture dealer. All Western PA Quality Furniture stores, (Canonsburg, Wexford, and Monroeville) are owned by the same person, Yuly Chaing; who provides the worse customer service we’ve ever experienced from any vendor. Tags indicate that these chairs were made in China – ‘nuf said!
    The aggravation and stress over this transaction has not been worth it. Save your money and sanity - go somewhere else for your furniture. Purchase furniture by a manufacturer other than Thomasville, who apparently no longer puts out the quality product they once did.


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