Taco Bueno Corporate Office Headquarters

Taco Bueno Corporate Office Headquarters
Park West 1
1605 LBJ Freeway
Suite 800
Farmer's Branch, TX  75234
Corporate Phone Number: 1-972-919-4800
Corporate Fax Number: 1-972-919-4811


  1. Hi my bane is Jose baez I work for you guys and din took me off the schedule cuz I for got to call in I almost list one of my kids he had a Asma attack i really want and need that job so please help me if not ill get my lawyer to take matters in his hand

  2. Just wanted to stop by and say taco bueno is definitely not bueno!! The worst place I have ever worked at!! Worked in 3 locations, MacArthur store in las colinas, farmers branch store on Valwood pkwy, and in Grapevine on glade rd.. I started in one the people where horrible to me, were allowed to insult me and the manager never stopped the abuse, instead she told me I had 2 take the disrespect and eventually they would stop. I could not take it anymore so I asked for a transfer 2 a store closer to my home. the manager told me she dint do that, she said I could quit and then apply again in the new store.. I then said that was wrong of her and that I would report all her employees which most were working illegally..that was the only reason I was given the transfer. After that I was working fine until a night employee did not like me saying that we could clean the really dirty store a bit since it was dead no clients. but she rather be on her cell phone and not do a thing..proceeded to tell the manager because that's not ok to get paid and not work.. I did not know they were " friends" and did not like my comments. after that he tried to get me 2 transfer against my will.. I even had 2 call human resources because I was being harassed to leave over a lazy employee.. I indeed leave to the 3rd and last store were I was ok until an ex girlfriend of an existing employee was given her job back.. needless to say that DRAMA and disputes were at hand on a daily bases.. the pair had a daughter in common and we're currently in court proceedings which made the stress at the job great! Another bad thing was that the manager is in a sentimental relationship with the sister of that dramatic employee, was also her daughter's godmother.. needless to say there was personal preference with that employee! all the taco Buenos were just full of disrespect towards each other horrible work ethic, my god I have never seen such a place were WORK is not the priority there personal GAIN is the only important thing.. I'm sorry taco bueno butthats

  3. Taco Bueno needs to reopen in Pasadena, TX!

  4. So I See I'm Not The Only ONe I Worked There For Two Weeks Then Ihad To Quit Not Only I Haven't Got Paid After Twelve Days Of Me Quitting But Even Payroll IgnoreS My Calls. Why Don't Stop Their Managers Paychecks WhoReally Need More Training For Example At The Store I Was In Kilgore, They Have About 5 Managers And The Store Is Upside Down They Get To Busy With Their Meetings In The middle Of Lunch Time You Dont Get Any Kind Of Help They Are To Busy With Gossip They Dont CareFor Their Customers, Their Store, How About Managers Not Using Gloves To Serve Food All Employees Must But If They Do It You Better Not EvenTell Them They Are Doing Wrong. I Use To Love This Place But After Working There I Lost My Appetite.

  5. In September at the 380 Denton location I went to this sorry excuse of a fast food place and for the 30 min I waited to get 3 tacos I watched the guy touching all of the food without gloves on. Asked about it and was told he had clean hands and hasn't used the bathroom all day.... Hmm pretty impressive sense it was about 9 or 10 when I went in there. So I made them give everyone eating inside a refund and told a few in the drive lane on my way out about the no gloves. Everyone left.So I called Corp office and they explained that this was unacceptable and that it would be handled ASAP. Well today is nov 1st tonight was my first time back to any taco Bueno and went to the one on jacksborrow highway in lake worth. Ordered 3 brisket roll ups and a beef bob as they call it. The tortilla wasn't even warm on the beef bob. I continued to eat and finish the bob and next I take a few bites of a brisket roll up and about half way I bite something hard and crunchy that left the worst tast in my mouth and instantly I throw up everything I've just ate in my floor of my car wtf that was the most discusting thing I've ever tasted and if I was eating inside that store I was so pissed I would have shoved that crap down whoever made it's mouth and make them puke!!!! Done forever taco suck-o how you gonna fix this one??? ASAP??? I'm sure u will..

  6. Please place a bueno in Mustang Oklahoma...we need you.

  7. If they'd drug test the Yukon, ok. Store they would lose over half of they're employees. They don't know how to run that store. April p. Is a good manager but let's her stafff do whatever. Sexual harassment and verbal harassment could be filled if I still worked there. I hope they shut that location down and build elsewhere (Mustang) with new staff/management.........

    Would not recommend eating there. Sanitation is not good. ....

  8. Floor was wet, my little sister in law feel, no caution sign, manager stood behind register eating a taco, argued with me about the whole thing, Lied on the customer incident report, all that equals one very mad upset big sister in law. Never again will I be going back to that taco bueno.

  9. I was in the Taco Bueno on Military Pkwy in Mesquite getting ready to order when the guy behind the counter took the light panel off and began wiping it off right on top of the food preparation area then threw the rag down on top of the counter where they make the food. I told the lady taking the order that was very unsanitary and I will pass on my order

  10. I went at about 745 pm to the taco Bueno on nw 23rd an penn to get some quick food for the family but wil never return because the employees working were making rude comments about what I ordered with the drive thru window open .they need to be trained on customer service because that's ridiculous! A happy customer is better business!


  12. Went to your restaurant in Mesquite, TX off of Town East Blvd with my husband. We had not eaten there in over a year and a half because of food poisoning. IT HAPPENED AGAIN TODAY!!! This time I was vomiting and had diarrhea and my husband just had the diarrhea. WE WILL NEVER GO BACK TO ANY OF YOUR RESTAURANTS!! In my opinion, your restaurant is not clean and the food is not safe to eat.

  13. Sizzling Fajitas needs to be named "Deep Fryer or Microwave" when I ordered them on Wednesday 6/25 and watched as they removed the onions and peppers from the deep fryer. She told me they do that as a shortcut sometimes yet tonight not sure why we were the only diners at that time with 1 car in the drive thru.

    So she told them to make them for me the right way..... When it was brought to our table I asked If the onions and peppers were grilled and they said no "Microwaved".

    For a couple of dollars less than real restaurant fajitas, Taco Bueno thinks we as consumers want "Microwaved Fajitas". I asked the manager if that is how they are cooked and she said "That is how they tell us to make them, we precook them and reheat it in the Microwave and put it on a Sizzling Skillet".

    Now the skillet wasn't even hot (I carried it to the counter myself) and they still hadn't finished remaking my wife messed up order. Everything clearly on the receipt and monitor.......

    I said just skip everything and give me a refund and I will talk to corporate about the incident. Ha, little did I know that would be like talking to a brick wall except the people who answered the phones were real, took my information, yet no one they said would call me have called.

    So we left without either of us eating we did go to a different Taco Bueno to eat however it wasn't much better and the issues we had there where minimal compared to the "Microwave Fajitas".
    13 minutes to get a taco, beans (runny baby food) chips, rice(crunchy overcooked) black bean burrito (flour tortilla doughy and gooey had to wipe my fingers after eating a bite) tables dirty, lettuce and tomatoes dumped by the trash in front of the pop dispenser, RR trashed with a ceiling tile missing and a large gaping hole in the wall with the boards laying on the floor that was supposed to cover it and this table was still being used to eat. Tried sending photos to TB however their email server said my email was too large.

    Now I realize the tile and hole are safety and liability issues, possibly a health food violation. This was the 39th & Meridian store it is a remodeled TB. Surely this is not the way it should be or is it?

    Since we waited 13 min for our order and the 5-7 cars in the drive thru got their food fast I had time to read a little.

    According to TB it takes 35 hours to prep and 8 hours simmering our beans maybe that's why they were so runny.

    They make chips, taco and tostada shells daily etc..... There is a time line next to the register of what they do daily but what I noticed was it was all about the food and nothing about cleaning or making sure the dinning area was in order.

    Seems Taco Bueno thinks we are Idiotheads and not buenoheads....

    TB is not my favorite, I just put up with it but not sure for how much longer.

    Just so everyone knows, social media was my last attempt. You know I never even get on FB so after I called the district managers listed on my receipt when we walked out of TB the 25th, sent 3 emails, called corporate office 3 times and was reassured someone would call me back.

    3 Days Later No Response Not Even Auto Response What Does That Tell You about Customer Service?

    Nothing and if Ed Lambert's FB page was still here I would post on it so he can see how the company he runs treats the people who provide their paycheck's.

    We may not be stock holders but if you and I stop eating their food how long do you think they will stay in business?

    False advertising about sizzling fajita's (watch the you tube commercial)
    upsets me more than pink paste that I didn't know I was eating at Taco Bell.

    Because they are not telling the truth and assume we are idiots!

    Change the name to "Microwave Fajitas" since the Deep Fryer is a shortcut.

    John T. Snelson V

  14. Everything I've read hear describes taco bueno in waxahachie texas...I live 5 min from the bueno in Hachie but yet I drive pass that one and go to the bueno on desoto... Been doing it for years every time I go food taste to the same great people and if they mess up and you tell them they will fix and say sorry... Everybody messes up that don't get in a bad way.. But the food is always great people are friendly.. But I will have to say there is one lady she is a manager always on the pho

  15. Just wanted to many sure that comment got published, store location 3077 is such an awesome store, Eva the shift manager was great!

  16. They don't care for customers or the time of service. Employees work with relatives an shouldn't!! To much drama, food is spoiled, taste like crap, employees are very rude!!! Never again!!! Yuck!!

  17. Taco Bueno in the 2000 block of NW 23rd Street in Oklahoma City has to be the worst location in the chain. I ordered the chicken salad bowl and got home with an inedible mess of black slop. There was about 1/4 cup of wet, black lettuce that had been smothered in a cup of undrained black beans and corn. No chips. No salsa although I requested it. There was at least a quarter inch of water and bean juice in the bottom of this bowl. Had to throw the whole soggy mess out. I called the location and spoke with "a manager" who said "we're corporate - we don't have an owner." Too bad nobody cares about the quality of the product being served up. You can't hire better employees, TB? Seriously? Never again. Blech!

  18. My son just quit today due to harassment by another employee. He was told by his boss that he was stupid. His personal phone, that he was using on company time to call employees in for work, was broken by this same employee. The store manager refused to replace it, and called him a liar, and told him to get back to work. Obviously this chain has HUGE issues with respect. Employee rights are employee rights, no matter where you work. A fast food chain is no different from working at a hospital, or mowing someone's yard for $60.00. If you have gone though a version of this by an employee of Taco Bueno, and you thought you were alone, you're not. We are looking into pressing charges. As of right now, this store has possibly broken 4 labor laws, and i didn't even get to the second page. I'll come back to check on responses, and if enough people come forward, i'm thinking Class Action.

    1. I beleive this organization need a lesson on how to run a company and treat their employees with respect,just because it's a fast food place and the people are under paid does not give your management team the right to treat them like crap I have a few horror stories about Taco Bueno from several employee's in a different state so the problem is higher up .If you dont care about your employee's you surley do not care about your customers because it goes together.This company need to make a change or we as consumers and workers need to take our business elsewhere.

  19. I went into the store on 68th and memorial to order some food before i went to work and i was greeted by a rude young lady named ricky who to me seemed to be high or drunk. I will never go back.

  20. Enids bueno is no bueno! The assistant manager is rude!! She talks to her employees like dogs. Shes was rude to us am the people behind us.

  21. I also would like to mention the attitude. Throwing food around like she was mad because she messed up my husbands b.o.b.! The meat was nasty an i ordered a bean burrito an they gave me beef. I went to return it an she desided to blame another employee an made a comment that she "works with a bunch of retards" i asked for corps number an she refused to give me it. I asked to talk to the gm an she also informed me she was training to become the general manager. Talking to her employees an about them the way she did i wouldnt let my dog work for that woman. My husband said she also made a racist comment about a black employee an her being a "quer". Someone needs to do something before you loose business over this.

  22. Taco Bueno likes to brag about not using hot sauce in packets; that they make their salsa fresh. However, I've never experienced such bad service in all my life. The food is also not at tasty as Taco Bell, despite having fresh salsa. I won't be patronizing them any more.


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