Sheraton Corporate Office Headquarters

Sheraton Corporate Office Headquarters
Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc.
One StarPoint
Stamford, Connecticut 06902 USA
Reservations: 1-888-625-5144
Corporate Phone Number: 1-203-964-6000
Customer Service Number: 1-203-964-6000

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  1. Hi I need help.

    I was staying at Sheraton Princess Kaiulani Hotel in Honolulu, Hawaii starting from March 12 2014!
    On March 12, it was ok, but on March 13, .
    the people that was placed nest to my room was really loud, and
    they were banging on the warlls, laughing and making loud noises.

    As I was calling the Security, they did not come for 30 min,
    and I was told by Security Officer that that group that was noisy told them that I had threaten them. A group of half naked guys came out of the room telling me
    "What is your problem" Harrassing me.

    Your Security told me tthat they were calling the police. Which was fine with me, but I felt that I was blamed for the incident.

    So, I refused, and called 911 myself.

    I need help, since I was mistreated horrifically by Sheraton Princess Kaiulani Managers and Security, and I left for another hotel. WHere would I contact this information. Can I have your email address?

    Can you please help me?

    My email is :


  2. Recently stayed at LaGuardia East Sheraton, New York city. At 200 dollars plus a night I was very disappointed. It was close to the funeral home where services for my relative were being held at. The room was small and worn out. Beds were both sunken in the middle, bathroom had rust on the shower tiles around all the fixtures. popcorn ceiling had pieces of tape and staples in it from some ones party decorations possibly and water stains. Because of the location we decided to stay through the funeral and make reservations for relatives coming in after our third day there. Three more rooms were added for an additional three days and a cheaper price was quoted that evening. Nelson told me that the 20 dollar cheaper price would also be applied to the three prior days. The next day when I went to confirm the rooms, the price had changed and the rooms could not be together as we had arranged the night before. The attitude of the manager and staff was as if they could care less. I WILL NEVER STAY AT A SHERATON AGAIN.

  3. I was at Sheraton hotel in mar khan Ontario on December 19 and 20 I forgot My gold chain on the night table I call back the next day and they told nothing was found and that is it not investigation or nothing now my chain is gone I know somebody took it but My wonder is what type hotel is this that you forget something and there not honest to give it back I will never return to Sheraton hotel

  4. I am at Sheraton Alexandria. My room did not have proper working heat. Keep in mind my daughter has Asthma. We were moved from the third floor to the second. New room would only heat to 69-74 (per the maintenance guys meter). He left the room around 10:45p and stated that he would inquire about another room . He also stated to me that he got off at 11pm. Consequently I never saw him again last night. I let the hot steamy shower run at times to heat the room up. Daughter woke up wheezing this am. The heat box remained on 90 all night and the vent felt like cool air. I'm NOT happy and would like to speak with someone other than the staff here. The temp this weekend is a bone chilling 20! Im looking for another warm hotel and I want my money back!


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