Shakey's Pizza Corporate Office Headquarters

Shakey's Pizza Corporate Office Headquarters
2234 West Valley Boulevard
Alhambra, CA  91803
Corporate Phone Number: 1-626-289-7851

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  1. ON 3/23/2013 SATURDAY APROX-6:49 PM THEIR WAS MAJOR INCIDENT YOUR RESTAURANT LOCATED AT 2023-Cesar Chaves Los Angeles,CA 90033,3-males subject and a female screaming for help in the parking lote and the manager didn't call for police ontill the custumers like my self call the result end it with a baby (female)was left with a lady-stranger she was only about a year old LAPD took here,one suspect was taken into arrest but the mom of the child was taken by force , need to do something camaras in the parking lot and hold the manager responsible for not taking action fast,I WILL NOT COME BACK TO THE SAME LOCATION I WILL GO ALHAMBRA LOCATION SAFER.

  2. Shakeys is one of my favorite places to eat and now I'll never eat there again because of the employees that you have working for your company at your Covina ca. Location on 5/06/14 at 9:30pm I walked in to order food my plan was to dine in until your employee told me that I can order but it had to be a to go order when the place was flooded with customers who were enjoying the NBA game which I guess I couldn't do! If your gonna rush your customers out when you are still open for business you might wanna escort EVERYONE out not just one customer. because of this all my banquets which I have year around for several different sports teams will no longer be held at shakeys and you can thank your employees for that!!!

  3. It's evident that Shake Pizza does not offer any additional managerial training beyond the initial hire date....The Paramount location level of customer service is inadequate.

  4. No one has answered the take-out phone at the Subic bay Freeport Zone, Philippines Shakeys outlet for the last 45 days. As a Shakeys Supercard holder, I'm unable to get home delivery here on the freeport.

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    I am extremely disappointed with my experience at this particular shakeys 791 E. Foothill Blvd upland ca, the reason being the unprofessional actions I witnessed of the General manager named Kelly. I was appalled to see her not only disrespect her employees but to go as far cursing and yelling at a child in front of myself and my children! This situation must be handled at once until then I refuse to come back to this shakeys and will not be recommending it to anyone!


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