Roy Rogers Corporate Office Headquarters

Roy Rogers Corporate Office Headquarters
321 Ballenger Center
Suite 201
Frederick, MD  21703
Corporate Phone Number: 1-301-695-5051
Corporate Fax Number: 1-301-695-5066

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    This was our experience at a Maryland Roy Rogers.

    1. The Laurel Roy Rogers has a horrible drive thru I have waited on several occassions for over 20 minutes

  2. "Roy Rogers" Cumberland, Md 21502
    anet Hendrickson
    in the last week-Edit
    Roy Rogers Cumberland MD
    I myself and additional party of 7 went for breakfast today (Friday). This was one of the worst visits I ever had.. Our food was cold, people were waiting in a very long line and food was being served out of order so that people standing there was being passed over. The servers were bumping into each other , none of them knew what they were doing. I watched a platter of food sit there all three times I had to go back to the counter. for the rest of my food that I had to stand and wait on.The pancakes tasted awful , my grandchildren wouldn't eat them. Many people were furious and left saying their food sat along time and was cold.. My order was one of the first , the food was given to people a little at a time. Several servers didn't even know what order they were working on and even that customers weren't getting their food. There also was and advertisement that stated today pancakes were a $1.99 all you could eat and Roy Rogers said they weren't having this special?. We spent over $55.00 and by the time I got to eat it was so cold I threw it away. I saw families asking for their food or wanting their money back. Had I not had my grandchildren with me, I would of requested my money back. Not sure I can go back.

    Unhappy Customer.

    Janet Hendrickson
    602 Fairview Ave
    Cumberland, Md 21502

  3. My visit at Roy roger route 1 was terrible the food never cooked right . staff is rude and disrespectful . employee doing drug outside of there . Its just a mess I will never go back there . I hope y'all get shut down its really sad

    1. Hey , Sarah we are interested in hearing your story . [email protected]


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