Rosati's Corporate Office Headquarters

Rosati's Corporate Office Headquarters
2250 Point Boulevard
Elgin, IL  60123
Corporate Phone Number: 1-847-426-8685

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  1. I have been going to your Pizza places for over 30 years now, and I have never, ever been sworn at and called a liar. We picked our pizza up tonight, got it home, and it looked like the box had been dropped. We called the Crest Hill location back and was told that there was nothing they could do. My sons wife called back and they told her come and we could get another one. When we got back we were sworn at, called liars and didn't get one. Obviously I am astounded, and extremely upset. You should not have done that-Facebook is a powerful media tool and I will be using it along with my family who were here and a lot of people we know to let as many people as we can know how we were treated by you. And not only Facebook but any other way we can communicate as well.I realize it probably means nothing to you, but it does to us. There are a lot of other places around here to go now for pizza and I guarantee you I will. 30 years of loyalty down the drain.

  2. I too had a bad experience with Rosati's in Cave Creek, Az. A misunderstanding over a gift certificate I received for Rosati's. There were no instructions indicating I could not use the certificate at this location and when I asked for an explanation, the 'manager' became rude, arrogant and threatening, which caused me to become defensive. This location has become dirty and one that the Rosati's family would be offended to have represent them. I have become a member of a long list of former customers because of this incident.

  3. I think when a person is running the register and is going prepare a salad for a customer, they should either use gloves or wash there hands before preparing the salad, because who knows how many germs are on the register.


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