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Ramada Corporate Office Headquarters
Wyndham Hotel Group - Ramada Worldwide
22 Sylvan Way
Parsippany, New Jersey, NJ 07054 USA

Ramada Inn
Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 4090,
Aberdeen, SD 57401

Corporate Phone Number: 1-973-428-9700
Online Website: http://www.ramada.com/
Reservations: 1-888-298-2054
From Mexico:1-877-229-6668
Corporate Phone Number:1-973-428-9700
Customer Service Number: 1-800-828-6644
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  1. I would like to commend the Ramada Plaza 4849 Bannock St Denver,Co 80216 (Ross Raawlink) was one of the best person's i've in countered in a whikle my visit was one of the most stress free , iinviting places I had been to in a while Thanks. James S.

  2. Stayed at Ramada Hotel in Nashville Tennessee and received the worse stay of my life. The toilet did not work and no trash liners in the wastebasket. My husband and I will not return, it was also overpriced. Mr.& Mrs. Donald Motes 5268 Hwy 367 N, Bradford, AR 72020. Do not stay at Ramada Inn & Suites Downtown-Stadium, 303 Interstate Drive, Nashville, TN 37213.

  3. This place need to get its shit together they tell me one they would charge me one prove and then when I get the bill I owe 3000 $more then was agreed upon

  4. The Ramada Inn Willioughby Hills Cleveland is the worst stay ever!!!! Checked into a room and the room had not been cleaned. Beds unmade, bathroom filthy etc. Went to front desk and was told they have no process of knowing if a room is cleaned or not. Moved to another room and it hadn't been cleaned either. Moved to a third room which was okay. Spoke with the night manager, Steven Mwabe, and was told I needed to talk to corporate because he did not believe this was an issue.... Hotel has gone down considerably since it was sold by the Holiday Inn to the Ramada franchise!!!!

  5. kenneth thompson ,newark deOctober 11, 2013 at 9:36 PM

    After a four day stay at the ramada inn in marietta,ga we were ready to get out of there.all the amenities ( reasons for booking there were out of order no indoor pool,no hot tub,no washer or dryer all broken. Could have stayed across the street fof half the price and would have all the same amenities . Never again,oh booked five weeks in advance and as for a room near the pool.

  6. st. louis convention center ramada inn. BED BUGS. DON'T STAY THERE .

  7. I stayed at the ramada a few nights ago with a wedding party and the front desk gave my reserved room away to someone else and the the employees seemed like they didn't no what they were doing it seemed like the only people who cared and actually helped me were the housekeeping manager and the young girl who seemed like her assistant. After the whole room changing dilemma things started to get better the two hard working young men who I believe we're maintenance we're very helpful they helped me bring my bags to my room and also one of them fixed my tv in my room that was very fuzzy. Overall I had a great stay due to the housekeeping manager her assistant and the two young men but the front desk is very poorly managed. This was alll in the fishkill ny ramada.....
    I posted this on tripadvisor and it was deleted I wonder why? And I wasn't crazy about them knowing that they have prostitutes on the third floor and allow people to somke pot you can smell that a mile away! Will never stay agsin DISCUSTING!

  8. Stayed in the Ramada Inn Fishkill, NY. This was by far the WORST hotel stay I have ever had in my life. The place was very dirty and very outdated. You walk through the halls and can see nothing but stained rugs throughout. I left there feeling like I needed to get a hepatitis shot. I actually had to line the toilet with toilet paper (which housekeeping only left like a quarter of a roll) because it was too filthy to sit on. The heat and AC barely worked. When you stepped in the tub it basically collapsed like you were going to fall through the floor. The tissue dispenser was empty. The TV remote didn't work so you had to stick your finger in a hole in the outdated TV to turn it on and off. They apparently allow people to loiter and party in their parking lot at midnight for hours. They were screaming and yelling so loud it was impossible to sleep. When we left in the morning, there were beer cans all over the parking lot from the loiters and advertisements with half naked women on them on all the cars. I have never in my life stayed at a hotel that allowed people to do this. I will NEVER ever again stay at a Ramada or any other hotel associated with this company because they obviously don't know the meaning of hospitality.

  9. I stayed at the Ramada Inn, Rochelle Park for a couple weeks. My stay was long enough to see that this hotel needs some educating in hospitality 101. The most annoying thing was that housekeeping wouldn't change the sheets unless I asked them to. And even then, they would only change the top sheet, not the fitted sheet or the pillowcases, unless asked. They never dust. They only vacuum if asked to. They don't clean the sink and bathtub, I had to spray Clorox in each to kill germs and clean out myself. (Evidence of this was the hair left behind after I showered and AFTER they did 'housekeeping'). The other thing I found odd was that housekeeping wasn't done until 5 or 6 p.m. Also, there are NO extra outlets in the rooms. If you need to plug in a laptop or phone charger, you have to unplug one of the room's appliances to use that outlet. The front desk staff is horrible. Unfriendly and unprofessional. So for hospitality, friendliness and cleanliness, this Ramada Inn in Rochelle Park, NJ gets a thumbs down. Their only convenience is not being on the side of a highway. It is accessible from a main road in the town and close to the Garden State Plaza Mall. From reading the other comments, it seems this hotel line is more like a motel than a hotel.

  10. The Ramada inn in Tuscaloosa Al canceled my reservation. I called and asked if I needed to go ahead and pay for the room or wait til I check in. The guy I spoke with said No you can pay when you check in. So I left it at that. Now that its the day before we leave to head up there my reservation is getting canceled because my card wouldnt go through... I get paid at midnight ... but that's not the point I asked if I needed to pay ahead of time and was told no I could pay at check in ...... The manager then said that it was policy on game days to have the payments in before 12 ... I eould have paid for it IF I knew about it !!!! Ugh these people make me so mad, ive worked in a hotel for the past two years so I know you can let people pay at check in. Do not sit there and tell someone something and then take it back !!!

  11. We are booked in to the Ramada Peoria on Grand Ave a suburd of Phoenix. This is the most disgusting hotel room we have ever been in. Its too late in the evening to find another hotel so will have to work with what we have. The good wife is sleeping in her cloths because the bed sheets look as if they were never changed. The bathroom is filty as is the carpets. This place should be closed down. I have stayed at other Ramadas but I have never seen anything like this before.Dec 31/13 evening.

  12. Ramada Inn mentioned that “Your room will be guaranteed for late arrival”
    on the confirmation form, however it was not guaranteed.
    At check in lobby, we waited 2.5 hours, then they mentioned to us that the rooms were sold out because of over booking at 1:30am on Friday, 27th.
    They did not try to find another option, then they just gave us the phone number of Expedia. I saw more than 10 families in the line which everybody had the same problem, not only through the Expedia, therefore it was completely the Ramada Inn’s problem. However, they did not admit about what they did and they did not apologies.
    Finally, we called to Expedia, and it took an hour to find a room in a different hotel. Then we checked in at a different hotel at 3:00am on Friday morning.
    The process took 4 hours and the employees at the Ramada Inn were no help with their rude attitude.
    We will not use Ramada Inn anymore and will share to all of our friends and other people about your negative attitude and rude services.
    We strongly point out your rude attitude and inflexible slow services.
    Please review your services and organization strictly.

  13. We stayed at the ramada in douglasville ga on fairburn rd, we had to swap rooms because one of the beds had not been cleaned and then there were boogers and poop wiped down the walls no microwave and a lot more wrong. I went to complain and see about moving rooms or a discount be cause we paid 70+ dollars and the guy at the desk handed me my money and said we needed to leave asap. I told him we would not be back his comment was "and that is ok" The bad thing is this was 11 pm and shuffling our 6 yr old in the cold was BS

  14. We stayed at Ramada Kissimmee Maingate West Hotel 7491 W Irlo Bronson Memorial Hwy Kissimmee 34747 and the front counter personnel was very rude, the frig was all frozen over but what bothered us the most was that my wife left three rings on the bathroom counter as she did our daughters hair. We called it in the day we checked out but it took them three days to get back with us that they didn't find them. We that's a load of crap we can't deal with dishonesty so we are switching back to their competitor. Shame, we have three more meets in Kissimmee in the next two months.

  15. Ramada Inn Convention Center, St. Louis, Mo
    DON'T TRUST!!! Been staying here same time every year, generally 2 rooms for 2 days each time-even so long as they've gone through a name change. This year we were meeting friends from another state here for dinner at the restaurant, an event across the street (so don't have to pay for event parking) and lunch the next day at the restaurant before leaving. We checked in on Friday and our friends tried checking in on Saturday however were told at check-in time of 4:00 (event started at 6:30) that they had no room-as they were overbooked. They did have a reservation which we had booked one year ago--however the hotel would have to send them to a sister property as they were having to accommodate a large group that had been staying with them for several years-and were higher paying customers. (we received a discount due to long time customers) It was snowing and icy and the other hotel was 6 blocks away and they would possibly pay for them to take a cab ride one way. Unfortunately the weekend was only spent at the event with our friends--no dinner at the hotel before event, just met at the event, and no lunch before leaving at the hotel. Ruined entired weekend. They also paid for their own cab as the sister property had no notes about any of this situation and were having to "check" and make sure everything was approved. Our friends had to leave for the event and did not have time to wait for approvals which were supposed to have been done. Also, there was no "hotel" parking so they had to use valet hotel which was $35/plus tip which was originally included in our first reservation with the package. Needless to say, a complete mess. From now on, I'll probaby never trust when making a reservation anywhere. By the way, found out they knocked 19 other people out of their rooms which had been reserved for some time-some over a year like us.

  16. We spent 3 days at the Ramada at 8955 Grand Ave, Peoria AZ. What a joke for a Ramada that in my younger days of travel I thought was close to the top of the line. Apparently, you are buying out all the hotels in foreclosure and slapping your name on it. Ice machine not working, vending machine showed water and I got Pepsi. No hand towels after the first day. Towels we did get looked like there were from the very 1st Ramada Inn every built. Duct tape on the bathroom threshold to keep the screws in place. We were not given any more toilet paper after the 1st day. I would be ashamed to have my name on
    such an establishment. I felt very sorry for the staff, as they were friendly and polite and had to spend their entire day apologizing to the customers. I will look for a strip motel before considering another Ramada any where.

  17. Don't ever stay at the Ramadan in Pocatello, ID. The staff is rude and don't care about anyone. Cigarette breaks are more important than customers. There's black mold, bad plumbing, bed bugs and it's best known for the prostitutes they allow here. Drug transactions and sex solicitingdone by employees during their shifts. This place needs to be torn down. It's shameful.

  18. Had to change rooms because toilet handle was broke room we changed to had a toilet that ran all night well not stay with ramada again

  19. Booked to stay at Ramada Banff Trails Calgary NW. Used washroom, there was four inches of dirt on walls around floor, human waste on toilet, soap dispenser so dirty couldn't use it. Decided I couldn't say there and would not give my money back. Front desk said I had to see to that through expedia but expedia called the hotel and they would not refund my money. Lied right to my face. There was dried food on the tables and old coffee spills down the counters where the "complimentary" coffee was. Who would take any coffee or food? They would be sick. I will never stay with ramada again. I was so very disappointed. I was under the impression they were a classy organization. This hotel was a dump!


    Ramada Inn in Ft. Lauderdale is a DUMP!!! Stayed there on April 13, 2014, and it was the worst hotel I've ever been in. The toilet and the bathroom sink leaked. Also, the bathroom sink had not been cleaned, and the scum was so thick, it could be scraped. There was filthy grout in the shower, and in the floor tiles. The furniture and draperies were filthy and outdated. There were bugs in the ceiling light fixture, and the carpet had not been vacuumed around the edges in it looked like years. The bathroom door would not close, and had not been cleaned in a long time. There was dirty and rusty-looking caulking around the walls and floor tiles in the bathroom. It looked like the walls in the rooms and the outdoor had not been painted in years. The outdoor walkways had raggedy carpet, and even the landscaping had diseased plants. The outdoor bar was dirty, and so were the tables and salt and pepper shakers. I won't be staying at Ramada Inn ever again, and will not recommend anyone else staying there either.
    When mentioning my bad experience, I found out that many others have had similar experiences with your hotel chain in other parts of the US.

  21. I stayed at the Ramada in Elizabethtown, KY this weekend. I called and made reservations Thursday before and needed an adjoining room. I was told that the price would be $99+ tax. When we got there to check in we were told a different price that was double what we were told. The lady at the front desk was very rude and unaccommodating. We are in town a couple of times a year and will be sure not to stay at this hotel again.

  22. Stayed at the Ramada Inn in Oklahoma City was the worst hotel I ever stayed in. Using the bathroom sink the water was running on my feet, the shower was spraying all over the bathroom. The room smelled and was a non-smoking room

  23. It seems ramada ins corporate office DOES NOT care and doesn't actually read these comments. We stayed at the ramada Inn in Hialeah Florida May 1 and 2. 99.00 for the first night and 109.00 for the Second? Seems they have a the longer you stay the mare you Pay! This hotel if you can call it that is absolutely disgusting. Crud on the bathroom taps not one vending machine working,and the tiny store in the lobby had no working fridge so you couldn't even buy cold drinks.
    This is by far the worst place I have ever stayed in. We spent 8 days in the state of Florida and stayed in several other hotels for half the money and twice the service. We will never use ramada inns again, I will sleep in the car first.

  24. I recently took a trip and stayed at the Ramada Inn, in Warner Robins, GA. The hotel looked to be under-construction, but was making good progress. The lady at the front desk who told me her name was Candice, was very unprofessional, she was rude!! Plus she assigned me to a room that was already occupied, but she calls herself the "Front Desk Manager"!! I WILL NOT RETURN TO THIS HOTEL AS LONG AS SHE THERE!!!

  25. I recently stayed at the Ramada conferance center Address: 3130 Hartley Rd, Jacksonville, FL 32257, and it was my worst experience ever, I cancled my reservation and went to another hotel, beth and the manager on duty are rude disrespectful and i observed them talk to customers on the phone the same rude way they treated me. What has happened tp this franchise, gone downhill is an understatement!

  26. The hotel in Lakeland Florida was sick. When we entered the room I went to bathroom. I opened lid and there was poop and toilet paper in
    there. We called front desk. They
    sent maintenance. We told them
    that we could see it wasn't cleaned.
    He said it was cleaned with toilet
    paper. Turned around and there
    was a bug crawling on wall
    pointed it out to maitence. He said
    those things happen. Ask for new
    Lady said no more rooms. It was a
    lie we left and went somewhere
    else would never go back to
    Ramada again

  27. Last week I spent over two hours (on the Web) looking for a place to stay overnight in Knoxville, TN on our trip to Nashville, TN.

    The reason so much time was spent is because I was looking for a reasonable priced and clean hotel. After so much time

    I decided on the Ramada due to name and it was part of the Wyndham Rewards.

    What a mistake - Hotel was worn and dirty!!! way overpriced!! I was embarrassed to have my wife and daughter stay there -

    after mid-night not much of a choice!

  28. Stayed at the Ramada Newark/Wilmington May 21, 2014. Called ahead to see if they accepted a coupon; answer was yes. Arrived and was told by Omar that the coupon was not accepted -- we needed the entire page from the coupon book. After much discussion, the whole page was produced and then Omar reluctantly took the coupon. He was rude; this is not good public relations. Room was average, as was the breakfast.

  29. Stayed at the Ramada Elyria, Ohio; Absolute worst hotel I have ever seen or reserved. Main lobby baseboards missing; paint and plaster at rear entry peeling from ceiling; pool half full with dingy water and tools/ extension cords around; Room had molding from ceiling/ wall corners fallen and hanging from the wall; no phones in rooms worked. We cancelled the week we had reserved. I met the manager, Marc, the next morning and asked how this is a Ramada? He got mad, and was very rude after that.

  30. Ramada name is now in my book in with all the other
    dive places not fit to stay at. Last stay in Mitchell SD made this clear and reading the same thing is nation wide is eye opening. Ramada will no longer get any money from me.

  31. WOW, I should have read all this BEFORE I stayed in a Ramada. We stayed in Brewton, AL and had a terrible experience. Shower knob came off during my shower and had a difficult time getting the water turned off. Management was terrible. I won't waste my time telling you all the other 10 things that went wrong..

  32. Currently staying at thee Ramada on Banff trail in Calgary, AB and this has been a horrendous stay and I have stayed at many hotels. When i first opened this door, my motel room reaked of smoke and with allergies, does not sit well. Asked to be moved to another room or what they can do for me and was told that there was nothing that could be done. I couldn't even go to another hotel as everything was booked. Furthermore, my toilet would not stop making noise throughout the night and my telephone was not working, not even to contact front desk in the event of an emergency. This room was filthy and there was "hair" in the bathtub which I had not yet used. I also found a spider the size of a toonie in my room. I am not gonna lie, was very tempted to sleep in my car, much cozier. Another thing, I only had one role of toilet paper so I asked the front desk for some and get this, they ran out and had to run next door to a competing hotel to get some for me...WT????? Oh my, I will never recommend a Ramada or stay with one ever again and I have had some good experiences but this just trumped them all. Take my advice, don't stay here.

  33. Hotel From Hell, Run As Fast As You Can!!

    At check in at Ramada Inn, Florida City, FL, the desk clerk was not very welcoming but nice enough. Upon entering the room, the sour musty smell was over powering. I got out of the shower and walked across the carpet and my feet were black, gross!! I never walk on carpet in a hotel room but the room looked clean.

    We went out for the night and left our vehicle under a lit parking lot in front of a surveillance camera. Walked out side that morning and noticed a window broken out. I’ve always heard not to leave valuables in your room and not to leave them in your vehicle, what to do? There was not a safe in the room. Well, wrong pick and several items were stolen. Called the front desk to let them know we were robbed and asked them to call the police. The manager, Mercedes told us to call them. Went to the front desk and talked to the manager about looking at the surveillance camera. She said she could not let us look at, that we had to let the police view the tape.

    Police arrived to review the tape and the manager did not have a password but said she would call the owner. The owner showed up and said he never received a call. We were told by the manager the owner was reviewing the tape. We spoke to the owner and he said the did not have the password. The manager denied she told us that. The end result is mysteriously, no one had a password but they would contact us when the tape was available. We knew there would never be anything come of this.

    After talking to a couple other employees, they said nothing like this has never happened. We talked to the police department and was told this is an on going problem with this hotel and every time the police want to review the surveillance video, the same result, “They don’t have the password”. When talking to the owner and manager, we were told they never needed the password since this never happened before. We feel like we were lied to. Sure got the feeling like this was an inside job, like someone knew more about the thefts than led to believe.

    We had problems entering our room. We talked to the manager, Mercedes. She basically snatched the key out of my hand and said lets go see and acting annoyed. She had the same problem and said guess she would have to have someone look at the lock.

    We left the hotel and the next morning, realized we have left an expensive phone charger. Called the hotel around 7:30 AM and the same check-in clerk answered the phone. We asked if she could secure our phone charger. She was very nice and said no problem that when someone comes in, she will have them get it from the room. She confirmed that no one stayed in the room. Called around 9:30 and she still had no one dispatched to the room. Called again at 10:30 and she said she would send someone down. Thought this would be redeeming from the hotel. Received a call back and was told sorry, they did not find and charger and some one “did” rent the room. She was very cold and could care a less about anything. The maid comes in for b’fast and has plenty of down time so someone could have been dispatched to the room sooner.

    So, don’t take the cheap way out and stay at Ramada Inn!!

    1. Stayed there this weekend , no phones in 2 rooms. They were renovating they said. Well then WHY rent those rooms out? Paint on the floor. No wastebasket in one room, and on, and on, and on......

  34. Ramada Inn 1051 ih-35 North, New Braunfels, Texas.
    Very dated and tired place to stay. The biggest problem was the general manager, Dan Henry CHA. He was the rudest person I have ever the misfortune to deal with. He must have been there since the Inn was built because he seems to be just as dated and tired.

  35. Recently stayed at the Ramada - Waukegan/Gurnee in Illinois, with the name Ramada there is an expectation of quality rooms and food. The room was in need of repair and new paint, bathroom door did not close smoothly, had to really put a strong effort in pulling door closed. Pool was ok, sauna and jacuzzi closed for unknown reasons. Stairwell to room was really shaky and unstable and floor outside of room was rotting through, you could feel it when you walked. Restaurant attached to hotel - food was ok, service was terrible. made the mistake of not checking the hotel rating first. hotel has a 3 star rating, should be 2.

  36. DO NOT book a room at the Ramada in Wilmington NC. Its is as bad as all the others mentioned here and has a might club/dance club attached to it. Full of thugs and gangsta's. Shootings and stabbings in the parking lot, car breakin's, and assaults. Neighborhood itself is sketchy at best. The pool is full of people who come in cars who DO NOT BELONG there and management allows it!

  37. Do not book a room at Ramada in Tampa,fl Morris bridge very rude people there

  38. I stayed in a room at Ramada Plaza and Convention Center in St. Louis, MO, July 3-6, 2014. The staff was friendly and promised the moon, but didn't deliver anything much! My bathroom fan made so much noise I couldn't turn the light on, the lamp was broken, there was no clock, no remote, a missing picture from the wall, a hole in the bathroom door, one elevator didn't work, and they didn't replace cups, towels, etc. daily. The pool was freezing cold as well. The only problem rectified was the remote which took 3 trips to the main desk and 2 days to remedy. I am usually able to go with the flow, but this was a disaster!

  39. I wish i would of seen all these comments before spending over 550 dollars and that was priceline for 7days. this was in asheville NC the Ramada that said River Ridge at 800 fairview rd. first room air didnt work, so moved us down the hall, that ac was not any better, but we dealt with it, The bathroom in blding A in entrance A was unlocked and there was poop all over the wall, floor, toilet...gross. Then the floor in the room had not been vacumned from sat when we checked in and still hadnt as of thursday. There was dorito crumbs on the floor after the housekeeping left, and we never had doritos. The next day there was a tampon in the sink, unused thank god, wasnt ours. I called three days in a row about the bathrooms etc. The second day we found a dirty sock under the edge of the bed that wasnt ours. There was a rec from over a month ago for kfc on the floor by the tv, then someone pooped in the hallway of the stairs, and there was toilet paper with poop there for over night, there was poop on the wall. After the third day of complaints they cleaned part of it. The front desk guy said it looked like blood to him. Even better! But then i was told the bathroom in the entrance isnt for public and they are supposed to be locked and it is for staff. Well it was not locked the first two days and after the complaints all they did was take out the trash. There is nothing saying private or employees only nothing. It says mens and womens. There excuse why it didnt matter that it was nasty was because it didnt matter since they werent for the public. YUCK! Then we were supposed to meet with the manager and he wasnt there. I told them to have him call if he was leaving early. Nothing. SO we get moved to a suite after i go to the desk and complain about the manager not being there. Well the AC works there!!! YAY! But they said they wanted to not have the room touched until the manager could look at it. When i got back the do not disturb sign on that room was removed. I called the front desk and asked the lady named tawnya about it and about making sure the manager gets the message that i want to talk to him tomm morning. I was irritated telling her everything (the 4th time i have had to explain all this) and i said this is beginning to be "bullshit". she said dont use that language with me and i said im sorry and she is like well dont use that with me or i will ask you to leave. I was like are you serious, but i didnt say anything. Then the guy at the desk who came in after she left, we needed a blanket and stuff for the pull out sofa, and when my daughter went to get it, he told her she isnt supposed to have 5 people in a room and that it is ok for tonight. why would you confront a child? And i also had to pay 70 dollars to have one pet stay at their "pet friendly" hotel. The hallways stink so bad!!!! The bed frame cut my daughter's leg, then the pool has a hand rail to get in and out, she was hanging on to it and it swung to the side and she fell and has a bruise on her knee. They have a minute slide by the picnic area, and there is a wooden piece that is broke and it has a hole where a kid can have their leg fall through. This is the worse place i have ever stayed in, and i have stayed in some bad places. Origional price is like 109 doll a night on weekdays, I pd 80 per night plus the 15 doll for the first night and 10 per additional night for pet. That is with a 25 perc discount for staying more than 4 days. This was the worst experience, and I have been here fro sat 7-12 till 7-18 and still no results except being moved tonight to a suite and having to move all out stuff for the 2nd time. I can say the breakfast is good, but that is it. The staff was also rude (housekeeping) and the one hispanic pregnant housekeeper, which is the one who cleaned and left a tampon in the sink...also had a little kid with her. I think that is a liability itself, because if the kid picks up something and walks off with it or sticks its hand in animals cage and gets bit. This place needs to step up its class.


  41. On 20 August , 2014, as guests of Ramada near the convention center, with a prepaid room, my wife and I accepted the accommodation of transportation to Sea World of Orlando. The service was offered as a bus ride to Sea World, departing the hotel at 11:20 AM, with return service at 7 PM. The bus operator was "Main Gate".

    After spending the day at Sea World, my wife and I set up vigil in the bus loading area at Sea World, commencing at 6 PM. That bus never showed up, and my wife and I were left stranded in extreme heat and humidity. Suffice to say, we both observed every bus that arrived and left, and it simply did not arrive to transport us back to the hotel.

    Understanding that mistakes happen, I called the front desk at the hotel, explained our circumstances, and asked if the hotel would help us return to our room. I was polite - using no profanity or personal abuse, but we had been waiting in 110 degree temperature for 2 hours, so I was all business, and to the point. The desk clerk refused to respond to my request for help, became angry, and ultimately had me “trespassed” and evicted from our room.

    Sheriff's deputy Mike explained that, under Florida law, any property owner can "trespass", that is, accuse a person of being a trespasser, for any reason. So, someone who is childish, immature, stupid, etc. ... as in the case of our desk clerk, can easily misuse the law for their personal indulgence. That is what happened here. The fact that my wife and I were paid guests of the hotel made no difference - the law is absolute.

    No explanation or apology was given for this crime, and no offer was made to return my payment for my room. However, a threat was served to me, under enforcement by a local sheriff’s deputy, that, henceforth and forever more, should I ever return to hotel property, I could be arrested. I was fingerprinted and now have a criminal record in Florida.

    I am given to wonder - if this is the way that Ramada Inn treats its guests, then how can they expect to stay in business? Let’s review:

    • The hotel provided transportation with the promise of return
    • Although we waited and watched for almost 2 hours, my wife and I were left stranded in the parking lot at Sea World, in conditions of extreme temperature and humidity
    • When I called the front desk to ask for help, the clerk became angry, would not discuss my request for help, and had us thrown out of our room, under threat of imprisonment
    • No offer was made by the hotel to compensate me for my prepayment, or to compensate me for anything

    These events are true, and did, in fact, happen on 20 August 2014. I wish to file a formal complaint against Ramada Inn and Ramada Inn of Orlando, near the convention center. Our treatment was unfair, caused us great damage, and, is indefensible.

  42. I had booked a group of rooms at the Ramada Limited in Redding, Ca for the Mighty Mites Football team from Yuba County thinking the hotel would be nice because it is Ramada. I was totally wrong and the hotel was awful. The worst hotel I have ever stayed in. The air conditionings were not working in the rooms, the ceilings were leaking, toilets not working, dirty pillow cases, dirty sheets, dried blood stains on the walls and the lights in the swimming pool area were not working and kids were swimming in the pitch dark. This is only a few things that were wrong. Worst hotel ever..... This place needs to be shut down.

  43. DO NOT STAY at Ramada Denver Midtown. This place is trash. Sketchy looking on the outside and worse on the inside. From the top:

    1- The door was loosely secured with the locking system. It was obvious it had been pried open before. You could shake it back and forth.
    2- The TV was blaring the Disney channel when I walked in. There was no remote and the TV had no buttons. Called desk for a remote, none came so I ended up just unplugging the TV.
    3- While looking for a remote I found an open bag of chips by the night stand. Gross.
    4- The smell was terrible. It smelled like a combination of marijuana and cigarette smoke because it had obviously been a smoking room previously and now is nonsmoking. It's on the top floor (2) which is dumb because the smoking rooms downstairs(where does the smoke go from there, right?) And the fragrance they tried to use to cover it up tasted disgusting it was so think. Left the bathroom fan on, the window and door open as long as I could.
    5- The wallpaper was peeling everywhere and the furniture and bedding looked like it was from the 70s.
    6- In the bathroom there's cigarette burns all over the counter, peeling paint and wallpaper everywhere. Mold/mildew substance in every crack and corner. Totally disgusting!
    7- Beds sucked
    8- They price gouged this dump up to $169 for one night! $192 after taxes. That's double their regular rate. I had no other choice once I got there. Was too late to change and try to find somewhere else. Let's see if they do anything about this.
    9- Room 229 if anyone want to confirm the filth

  44. I sent the following note to the local hotel manager:
    I’m writing you about my disappointment and experience at the Ramada Hotel at Centennial Airport in Englewood, CO.
    A number of things concern me:
    1. The elevator doors kept sticking on occasions, thus not allowing the elevator to move. (I was wary if I was going to get stuck on some floor without the doors working beings I was on the 4th floor)
    2. My room kitchen sink and water was turned off, so when I turned it on from under the sink, it leaked…you should fix it instead of just turning it off.
    3. My bathroom sink faucet barely worked. The faucet turned on full force or not at all.
    4. The carpet was flopping around on the floor by the refrigerator (apparently the glue or adhesive didn’t hold)
    5. Cold air was leaking through the two heaters in the rooms…I mean obviously cold air from the bottom. The room temperature couldn’t stabilize so I had to leave one room heater on all night to help balance the cold within room 428.
    6. Breakfast was suppose to be served at 6am, and it didn’t get served until 6:20, I had to tell the front desk so she went in back and checked (I had to catch a flight early in the morning) The serving utensils were filthy. I had to remove about 8 spoons from the tray sitting out for consumers because it looked like there was either food stain or soap stain on the spoons. The bread I selected was stale (I’m being serious, no exaggeration )…so I just toasted it instead.
    7. In the workout room, none of the equipment worked…and I mean none of the only three machines you had there.
    8. My TV channel changer didn’t work, so the front desk clerk told me I had to go to the front counter and get batteries because she was the only one there for the night at the front desk.
    9. Twice when I went to the front desk for assistance, the night clerk was on her cell phone and told me “just a minute”, and walked away to the back room so I couldn’t hear. I assume it was a personal call, so I got put on hold. I waited for about 5-7 minutes and I finally left.
    10. I called the front desk and told them my frustration, and she said there wasn’t nothing she could do to discount my rate for the room, noting that “the manager” will be in at 6am. That wasn’t true. The front desk clerk at 6am told me she wasn’t sure when the manager would be in, "maybe 10am or so.” I asked her to leave a note to have you call me…my guess is you didn’t get it because I never heard from you.
    11. I called this morning to talk with you and I was told that you “had just stepped out.” So I left you a voice mail message this morning as well.
    12. When I first checked into my room, not even 2 minutes. The maid unlocked my door and started to enter without even knocking. I asked what they needed, and they said “nothing”, and were startled that I was there. There were two maids at my door.
    13. The alarm clock radio is broke, the battery hanging out of the back of the radio.
    14. Some lights worked and the room and some did not.
    15. I told the front desk clerk I was now leery if the sheets had been changed? And she said, “I don’t know.” She could have at least offered me some clean sheets.
    16. Some guy in another room down the hallway would occasionally just yell at the top of his lungs…I have no clue why, and I know that’s not your fault. However, this just added to the ambiance of an awkward night at the Ramada hotel.

    I’m not going to lose sleep over this experience, because I will not ever stay there again. However, I do think you owe a refund for the room. This was not a good experience for anyone. I can tell that the hotel is not maintained very well at all and I am not willing to risk a second stay. I list all of these concerns in hopes that you will give this some attention and consideration for others who choose to stay at the Ramada.

  45. I worked for Ramada for only a few months and hated every day I was in housekeeping. It's too Disorganized. I've never worked for a company that tries to slide on doing the Right thing the first time. If there were clean linen (new), honest supervisors, and a whole new management team all around the board.
    they lose employees left and right with there ways about talking to people.
    You can't fire someone cause their child is sick and daycare calls you at work to let you know.
    But has another employee there that misses two days every pay period and the only thing she gets is a slap on the wrist not to do it again. But gets to come back to work. As if nothing happened.
    On days off if they call you to see if you want to work and you don't. They consider that as a refusal. But how is that when ultra your day off.
    supervisor steals the housekeepers tips. Days shes not working you get your tips. But management praises them as if they don't do wrong. But should be the first one they fire. Shes a Thief!!
    Owners wife is bi polar. She'll tell you to do one thing then come back to check on u and starts snapping for no reason about something shes never told you about. And . The husband is a sweet man. But loses his temper TOO fast. And yells in the Hotel doesn't care about the staff or guest

  46. I was at the Ramada Confrence Center or now known as the Howard Johnson Confrence Center in Kansas City Missouri. I had booked the hotel room months in advance. I was told that it would be $280.50 total including tax. I gave them my credit card information and hung up. When I get there, first there was a snow storm in my state so my flight was delayed 4 hrs.I didn't get there by the date I booked the hotel room for. I spoke to the GM abut it and she stated that I would have to pay for that day anyway.

    Turns out there was some sort of event that was going on there. The event goeres told me that they got their rooms at a special price because they were going to the event. So when I go to check out I get the bill and it's $300+ and their are extra charges on my bill. When I attempted to take it up with the hotel staff they pretty much ignored me. I sent an email to the website asking them to explain why I was being charged extra. It has been 3 days and no one responded. I don't care about paying the price I booked the room for versus the con rate. I just want to be charged the rate I was promised.

    1. If you would like to rectify the problem please contact the hotel and get my information. My last name is Kimmons. I am not only looking to complain about the service but to resolve the issue. When the issue is resolved I will rate the hotel on travelocity, hotwire, and expedia. I am the post Jaunary 14, 2015 at 9:41 am.

  47. I think the hiring practice at the Ramada Inn, Indianapolis, on Executive Drive needs to be reviewed immediately. My daughter was called in for an interview and was told that she would be cleaning one room to show them how she did. She ended up cleaning more than one room and they did not have her fill out her application properly so that she would get paid for the day, min. wage at that. He even made mention that this isn't what they normally do during an interview. They had her clean a total of 7 rooms. She woke up sick this morning and called in and stated that she wouldn't be able to come in and they said well he wasn't going to hire you anyway and that we just needed the rooms cleaned. How unprofessional of a practice is this. I want her paid for the day and trust me, I have done housekeeping before and 7.25 an hour doesn't cut it, that is bust ass work. Obviously with the reviews that this chain receives, I think your competitors can win hands down. If you care anything about the guests and staff, you would invest the time to make practices better before you end up in a lawsuit.

  48. Stayed at the Ramada Inn in Louisville KY and was the worst stay! 28 degrees outside and I have no heat in my room. Called the front desk to let them know and they said they will "try" to get the maintenance guy to come check it out. Being that is was close to 11:00 pm, he didn't think he could catch him. Needless to say no one came. They didn't even offer me another room or take a discount off my bill. The whole place felt like "The Overlook Hotel" from the movie "The Shining". My room was at the end of a dark hall with no lights outside my room. The hot water took 10 mins to get up to my room on the 4th floor and my friends sink was leaking all over the counter. Ramada Inn does not care about Customer Service any more or the quality of their hotels. The room I had was from the 70's and not in the best shape. Stay at the Marriott behind Ramada if you stay in that area. The address is 9700 Bluegrass Parkway, Louisville KY 40299, PH: 502.491.4830

  49. The Ramada in Waupaca Wi was recently purchased from Best Western and are doing pool maintenance for 2 weeks. Couldn't get an answer from them to see if the jets in the hot tub were going to get fixed. Only 5 of the 15 actually work.

  50. Never stay at Ramada Inn downtown Orlando Fla ,roaches holes in the walls ,the room had not been properly cleaned, toothpicks on the floor, forks, pins and debris under one of the beds ,,juice bottles under the other ,toilet tissue stuck in the holes of the wall, dirty tissue on top of the safebox, the carpet, side walks, steps and walls was very dirty,and the outside smelled like urine. The shower head was white but looked dirty brown. These people do not care about the condition of the property. not to mention the 2x2foot hole in the parking lot. the second room was worst than the first. STAY AWAY PLEASE...

  51. I came to this site to complain to corporate about the room I had 3-28-15 at the Ramada at 3500 Cheney Hwy, Titusville, FL 32780. I knew not to take the room when I walked down the hall way and the musty smell was bad,but I was pressed for time and got the room any way.Was a large mistake,but after seeing the above posts, I see it is a waste of time to complain.It appears this is no longer a good chain. Needless to say this company has received my last dollar.

  52. After seeing the reviews about the ramada inn in Antioch California, I'm not sure If I should cancel our reservations for 8 rooms for a senior softball team on April 25th.
    What to do.Please help me out corpaorate.
    Ken Gideon
    50 SHades Of Gray

  53. Horrible experience at Ramada Denver Midtown

    Have to say this hotel is an older hotel but in a great location. I have stayed here several times in the past with no problems. This stay was horrible for the price. First night there got in from a basketball game and remote control didn't work to turn on tv. Was alil cold so turned on heater, which also didn't work. Went to call the front desk and the telephone didn't work. Ended up just going to bed. The next morning I gave a note to the housekeeper to see if the problems could be addressed while I was gone during the day. She happily and immediately said she was going directly to report the problems. Got in about 930pm that night and the remote was working fine but still no heat. I attempted using my phone in the room to call another room but phone wouldn't dial out only to front desk who wouldn't transfer me. I went down to the front desk and spoke to a manager who stated she was the GM. She told me that there was a "trick " to turning on the heater which involved me turning the thermostat all the way up until it clicks, then all the way down until it clicks again then to the temperature I wanted it!!! The trick to the phone was to "turn it on" with some hidden button.... I understand this is an old hotel but my concerns should have been addressed or given a different room. She stated she would have the property owner call me and still have heard nothing...

  54. Have to say out of all my years staying in motels and hotels never have I seen such unprofessionalism and a lack of customer service. stayed at the Ramada Inn 6990 E 21 St Indianapolis. No pillow cases on the pillows, plastic bag over the only smoke detector in the room. the jacuzi near the pool was covered up with sheet of plywood, workout equipment was all rusty. then lets not forget about the restaurant Damons Bar and Grill never had a Prime Rib sandwich with chopped up meat, plus a 11.99 plate of appetizers that was not worth it mentioned it to the waitress and she stated a new cook was in the kitchen, plus brought a piece of paper with 10% off the next time we were to dine at Damons. told the waitress we were in town for the firefighter convention and would not be returning. how ever told the 2 people behind the front desk in the morning before leaving and they did not say one word...now that's customer service. plus lets not forget about the breakfast the next morning, with hard bagels and biscuits and gravy that were watery. How ever Ramada you have one employee (Lemelany) who was very sympathetic with the way we were treated and how things turned out. I received a call from her this morning and wanted to follow up with me now that's customer service, but as far everyone else we encountered a lack of customer and due to that don't see vary many people wanting to return to your hotel to stay.

  55. I stayed at the Philadelphia Center City Marriot this weekend for one night and was very dissapointed. First, I had to carry my luggage up 6 flights of stairs because only one elevator worked and I waited 40 min for it to come down and it never did. I found out later that the service elevator was broken also so the maids were taking the elevator with the carts on it and people were cramming in, taking forever. The room was filthy and outdated. The water pressure in the shower was terrible, I basically had to stand against the wall. I had one small towel for a bath mat that was the size of a handkerchief. The stairwells were creepy and the lights were out in the bottom, it was completely pitch black. I had to use them since the elevators were a disaster. I went down early for complimentary breakfast and they were out of EVERYTHING. I asked the waitress if she was bringing out more since there was still 45 minutes left, and she told me "it takes too long to cook" !? I had to walk across the highway and spend $20. I could go on but I am at work and have to do other things. I done see how you can charge that much for minimum and awful service. I was very dissapointed and definitely not using Ramada again.

  56. I would not recommend staying at the Ramada Downtown San Jose in California. I booked a room here for a Fanime Convention my daughter was attending. This was my only option as the rooms under Famime's Block were already booked. I called tonight at 9:45pm to confirm and I spoke to a gentleman (never got his name). When I asked to confirm my reservation and to possibly book another room, he had asked me if it was for Fanime. I informed him yes and before I could say anything else, he told me he cannot help me and cannot book or do anything with the reservation. He rushed to get me off the phone. I tried to get in a word and inform him I was not finish speaking yet and he hung up on me. I tried to call back 5 more times and I was hung up on again and then no one picked up for the next four calls i made. I called the central reservation to see if they can possibly get through as I needed to speak to a manager right away before the gentleman who took my call leaves. They had no luck getting through either and she stated she had called at least four times. Never have I been treated like this in my life. I am not comfortable staying here at this hotel because of the way I was treated and will probably be treated upon check in. I would cancel my reservation but it’s a nonrefundable reservation. I was only trying to confirm my reservation and to book a second room. I don’t know what to do at this point since I can’t get in touch with anyone at the hotel and I can’t cancel my reservation. I will be contacting customer care as well as the better business bureau. This is not how a hotel should treat a customer or future guest. This is a franchise and each are independently owned. I'm in the process of looking into who owns this hotel as they should be aware of the employees they have hired for customer service. And just an FYI, I tried to call again after 11pm (when most hotels have a shift change) and still no one was picking up. What kind of hotel lets the phone ring and ring and ring?!!!

  57. BED BUGS! Glendale, Arizona, near Arrowhead Mall. May 2, 2015. Upon entering, a Starbucks cup was on the nite stand, left-over soap from previous guest left in the shower, along with the small bottle of shampoo, fridge/freezer not working, outlets/plugs VERY loose, carpet dirty and stretched out, sheets on both queen beds were not washed/clean! And this was after the front desk "checked" the room! DO NOT STAY HERE!

  58. The most disgusting hotel imaginable… Ramada Inn Marietta/ Atlanta. I hate to even say this because it is so gross, but there were many long black hairs between our sheets. In addition, the pool was gross and the room was dirty. The pool was out of towels and the desk clerk was unable to supply us with more. Needless to say, we did not stay for the breakfast as we left the hotel at 4:45am because we were so disgusted. 2 days after our stay, two of our children came down with pink eye which resulted in 4 hours of our vacation time spent at an urgent care to get medicine and $150 in doctor charges. To top it all off, we were charged an additional $60 because the hotel claimed that we broke a chair. After weeks of calling and leaving messages and occasionally getting ahold of the manager, I was finally told they could do nothing about reversing the charge. We will NEVER stay at a Ramada again!

  59. I would highly recommend the Ramada Inn in Pikesville, MD, Reisterstown Road location. I had the most wonderful experiences and wanted to thank an individual for being so patient and understanding of my personal dilemma. Karen Caldwell is a front desk person, and she was so professional and really put my mind at ease. Knowing that someone so understanding and helpful in so many ways. I wish all hotels had someone like Karen, as it is a pure asset to the Ramada Inn Franchise. Thank you.

    Very Respectfully, RJF from Newport, NC.

  60. I currently work for a Ramada Inn going on 1 year. I do have to say that our housekeeping department has their faults but they do keep clean rooms. I work on the other hand at the desk as a clerk along with 4 other people. I can say that we do have great customer service skills some more then others but we try to make our guests satisfied. The issue we have at our hotel is our GM. My GM favors 2 of the desk clerks more then the rest. Our GM will go to bat for these 2 employees while he threatens the rest of our jobs. He is always complaining about the gossip in the work place but he is the one who starts the gossip and he is the one that keeps his own gossip going. I am very displeased with the way he handles himself at work. If you go to him about an issue he tells everyone about it. And recently he hired someone that all of us feel as though we can't trust and we feel as though he is dating this employee. I do everything I can to keep my cool and not say anything to him. The 3 of us who have been here the longest are keeping our distance from talking at all to him. I wish that there was a way to have him replaced with a true person who can handle upper management. Sorry for bashing my place of business but maybe corporate Ramada can do further investigating on their employees.

  61. I had reserved a room in Redding,CA. on the first floor, due to my mom being handicapped.The manager was cold the staff was sitting in the lobby with their feet on a table and our room wasn't even cleaned. The room had trash in a big pile on the floor and the bed linens were in a pile on the bed. When questioned, the manager said she didn't know why it wasn't cleaned maybe the maid had taken a break. It was 3p in the afternoon, no excuse .I could have gotten a room on another floor,but my mom being 87 cant walk to much and they knew I needed a bottom floor room. I got my money back and went over to Best Western and had a smiling desk clerk and warm cookies at the desk and a beautiful room. Never never again will I walk into a Ramada Inn

  62. No one ever answers the phone at the front desk of Ramada Long Island City NY... I have been trying for 24 hours. In case of emergency it would be better to call local police and have them go to the front desk.

  63. July 2015
    Do not stay at the Portland Airport Ramada if you are interested in any air conditioning or a concern for your comfort. Very poor experience.

  64. I stayed at the Ramada located at 8037 Black Horse Pike, in Atlantic City, NJ on August 31st 2015, and was utterly appalled by the condition. We entered our room to find a strange odor, and the light outside the bathroom was flickering like something out of a horror movie. I could hear the wires crackling and there was a rust colored stain (probably water damage) very close to the light. It sounded like a fire waiting to happen. On top of this, the room had NO smoke detector, just the spot where it had clearly been removed from the wall. Upon calling the front desk to complain, they initially tried to tell us that all of the rooms had this problem. It was only after pressing on our part that we were given a new room. The second room also had very obvious water damage. The lack of a smoke detector makes it illegal to rent that room, and yet they did so anyway, along with the dangerous situation regarding the lighting. This is unacceptable on multiple levels, and I will be contacting their headquarters.

    1. Did you ever find the headquarter info? I'm having difficulty finding any way to contact headquarters. I want to put my complaint in writing.....not just speak to someone who will likely not relay info where it needs to go or give me further run-around

    2. Did you ever find the headquarter info? I'm having difficulty finding any way to contact headquarters. I want to put my complaint in writing.....not just speak to someone who will likely not relay info where it needs to go or give me further run-around

  65. Mad enough to come here to post comment and call corporate office ... and then I see all these comments. It's appalling! Here's my story: booked 2 nights in Sacramento West (on Halyard). Arrived at 12:38pm and was told "may not have room ready because check-in is 3pm". I comment that we live just 2 hours away and are excited to spend a few days in Sacramento. Next, she (East Indian woman named Anita) says "oh, we do have a room, but there is a $25 fee for early check-in"! When I questioned her, she said well, we give one hour leeway so you can check in at 2pm. My quick math tells me that $25 for less than 90 minutes (when my overnight stay was $35!! through Wyndham rewards) is not a good deal. My husband and I had lunch (waiting for 2pm) and then said "What are we doing, giving these people our money" -- so we cancelled our 2-day stay. When I called to talk to the manager, she (Anita) said front-desk manager named Anita but not there, and general manager named Vinal also not there! CORPORATE RAMADA -- WAKE UP!! and read these comments.

  66. My husband and I were thoroughly disgusted by the Ramada Worldwide Hotel we stayed in in Kearney, NE. I am definitely going to write to the corporate office. The phone was broken...no one could hear us but we could hear them; the AC did not cool the room at all; there was a damp/musty smell in the room; the toilet ran most of the night and the TV remote did not work and there was no way to change the station without it.

  67. Ramada Antioch CA should be ashamed of themselves. We put my cousin and his wife for just one day because there is no room for them in our house. They showed up the following day covered in BUG BITES! Looking at these comments...Is someone actually reading these? HELLO!!! We called the hotel and they said that their own HOUSEKEEPING PERSONNEL looked at the room and found no bugs. They claimed to have a regular pest control company service so I asked for a pest control report. They promised to give me one but until now I haven't heard from them.

  68. I m staying in ramada hounslow and his manager ashwin placed a racist comment on my 55 yrs old mother today just for just £10 parking charge as they have not mentioned at the time of booking nor he was apologetic for that comment. We just said that parking charge was not informed at the time of booking nor any hotel charged us ever for car park. He staright away said" this is UK lady" and we charge for the car park as if we dont know anything because we are from india. When i told him i am uk residents and i know what uk charge and what not he tried to change the topic. I must say this is the worst customer service i have ever received in my life. I really want to escalate it further and want someone to take action againt him. People like him spoiling the name of country.

    8342 Jamaican Court, Orlando, FL 32819 US

    This hotel was in better conditions a year ago, we have rent two rooms and they are not nice, carpets are very dirty, pool was green, list is long. I choose Ramada because suppose to be safe a good 3 stars but this not even 2 is time for you corporate review this damage the name Ramada, I wont trust or recommend any more.

  70. Just wanted you to know i will never stay at one of your hotel's again,every time i here Flagstaff mentioned it leaves a bad taste in my mouth, my friend and i stoped one evening and got a room and we were so tired we stayed the nite even though he said that was way to much to pay i payed it anyway $259.00 for one night and you folks advertise for $80.00 per night.

  71. Horrible
    Dec 13, 2015
    There is nothing good I can say about our stay. Let me just list everything...

    Was seriously questioned why we were checking in late...didn't realize we had to check in at a certain time.

    Front desk clerk and another employee were on guest computer and looked shocked when I walked in.

    Room was dark, took us tripping over each other to find a light that worked (cell phones had better lights)
    Parking lot was so dark kids were scared to get out the car.
    Bathroom was filthy and rusty drain

    No hot water - had to run shower 45 minutes before it was warm. To pissed to even shower.
    Linens with dirty - slept on top of the suppose to be down comforters.
    Paint chipped off the walls
    Heater did not work 45 degrees was the highest it would go (it was 27 degrees outside).
    Cable did not work...kids mad

    Curtain fell at 3am scared the whole family called the front desk and no answer...then had to stand on the chair to put it back up

    Went for breakfast and realized we could get better at the village inn across the highway. (Why can you not bring food back to your room and then again the room was dirty so we just couldn't even imagine doing that.

    Hair dryer did not work.
    Ironing board and no iron! Wow!!!!

    Hangers from the cleaners - did not even match

    Stairs were slippery since it was snowing a bit. Not a grounds person in sight.

    I/we travel often and have stayed at a few other Ramada Inn so I am totally shocked that this one was so scary. I DO NOT recommend this place at all unless you really are looking to stay at the Bates Motel.

    We wanted our money back cause the customer is always right...but we drove as fast as we could to get away from this place. Never again!

    Then again I want my money back. My kids are not wanting to stay at hotels anymore because of this now.

    1. I booked four rooms at the Ramada in at louisville ky at 9700 bluegrass pkwy and had the same thing no heat in all four rooms bad part they did not care all they could say was I am sorry had to stay in car most the night it was 11 degrees that night 2/10/20216 my rooms got to 60 degrees about 2am. How do they get away with this stuff.Were are the owners I guess they just care this place is worst then a out house I talked to the staff boss her name is Becty she blame me said heat was on I will never stay at any Ramada dumps at all

  72. My experience in dealing with 1-800 customer service number as well as the customer service at the Ramada Inn hotel in New York on Lexington has been astonishingly horrible. Both have given me misleading information regarding my reservation and had a complete lack of empathy. None of the representatives I spoke with were able to give me clear answers. I spoke with at least 6 different representatives and none of which were able to help or understand my problem. The hotel wanted to put a hold on a large amount of funds but never informed me of that hold and were very rude when I inquired about it. This hold was never explained to me when I asked prior to making the reservation if I should be expecting any sort of charge on my account. Three different people told me I would receive no charge on my account, however, that wasn't the case at all. When I tried to speak with someone about the charge, I was met with defensive attitudes and was hung up on twice. After calling the 1-800 number, I was met with the same attitude and the representative refused to see my side of the story. The lack of customer service for this hotel and company has severely impacted my view on the company as a whole and I plan to never stay or deal with a Ramada hotel again.

  73. Ramada Inn in Lakewood,NJ suites are PARTY ROOMS for lowlifes.....drinking, yelling,cursing, running throughout building, suspected drugs-----all part of a scheme where one person rents a room & invites 10, 20,30 others to party. Seems Management & Sales Director are all aware of situation. New Year's Eve brought 15 police cars, previous year saw shoootings & drug dealers. STAY AWAY......

  74. Since I've only seen bad reviews mine may not add much, but here goes NEVER EVER STAY AT THE RAMADA PLAZA IN FORT LAUDERDALE FLORIDA!!! The worst moldy,smell.poot air conditioning , FORGET THE BUFFETT NASTY !!! We left after one night. Went to the Westin like the difference between Heaven and HELL

  75. I sure wish my husband had read these reviews before booking my stay at the West Palm Beach Airport Ramada. What has happened to this chain? I took pictures of the filthy toilet and inoperable phone that I also didn't want to touch. It was one of the most lackadaisical hotels I've ever stayed in. I can't believe they are still in business. I will never stay in a ramada again either. Here's a rundown of my complaints: filthy toilet I paid housekeeping extra to clean - bugs in room and in bathtub - mat in bathtub dirty so I stood on towel - no towels at all the second day nor coffee - couldn't call front desk cause phone didn't work - room reeked of cigarettes and made all my clothes stink - bedding was not changed - no bottled drinking water available at all - vending machines didn't work on three floors and all of this nastiness for the tidy sum of $450 for 3 days. WTH?

  76. Awful-just checked into the Ramada in Plymouth,MN. Clerk wasn't friendly. First room the heater wasn't working properly-second room basically the same. We are farmers and understand equipment. After my husband checked it out, he found lint to the max in there so it overheats and shuts off quickly. He went to talk to the clerk who was very rude and argumentative. She said we could leave but had prepaid. We will make sure people we meet are aware of how this was handled. Oh my, we learn things everyday and we will NEVER stay here or Ramada again!

  77. Worst place I have ever stay at. I book four rooms at Ramada in Lousiville Ky got ther on 2/10/2016 it was around 13F that day all four rooms had no heat had to stay in my car for over four hours while my room warm up it only got to 60F. When ask why no heat all the staff said was sorry. After I got home it took six phones call before I could get a answer they say that the heat was on and said I was lieing then told the truth they forgot to turn heat on then said they only use back rooms when they are booked up.And they leave the heat off to save money when no one is booked in them rooms.This place is a joke the staff just do not care and now I can see way because the bosses of this shit house does not care. My trip to the Nalional Farm Machinery was the worst trip I have had. Befor you book this Ramada inn check what every one is saying about this dump they still with all this they stiil trying to blame me

  78. Our family booked rooms at the Philadelphia Center City Ramada. It was 2/12/2016 and the temperature was 10 degrees. There was no heat in the rooms. We went to a concert and when we returned there was still no heat in one of the rooms. The staff said they had no extra blankets-a nice man found 1 old bedspread. We had to turn off the heat in the other room because it was blowing cold air. Our dinner took over an hour to prepare-wings, mozzarella sticks and hamburger/ The mozz sticks never arrived and the rest of the order was wrong. this was a nightmare and only the one man tried to help. The front desk was no help and unsympathetic . The response was call on Monday to speak to a manager.


  80. I prepaid 5 nights for ramada by convention center..arrived to my room and it was disgusting with rusted broken door and carpet that is very dirty..I had to check out the next day, I was told I will recieved my refund for the other days but I never got my refund..I called my booking agent and was told in the system it said I stay all 5 nights...to tired to argue with them since it only cost $250 for 5 days,I just let it go ..I should have known better that was to good to be true 5days for $250

  81. The Ramada Turned my Wedding into a NIGHTMARE!!! On 4/23/2016 I got married in Fort Walton Beach Florida. The Ramada was the hosting resort and it was an awful experience. These people neglected to inform me of a Volley ball tournament at the time of me booking and reserving beach space for the wedding. I booked my accommodations in September 2015. The rep from the resort called me in January of 2016 and told me about this volley ball tournament taking place "all of a sudden." At this point My guests have booked flights and rooms so there was no turning back and changing dates. Fast forward to the wedding weekend, My ceremony had to be moved off of the beach, My reception space was terrible, they had dirty table clothes on the tables, the vegetables were like rubber, and they did not bring out my punch until an hour before the reception ended. THE RESORT ROOMS NEED SERIOUS UPDATES. I was very disappointed and could not wait to check out on Sunday. My new husband and I moved to the Marriott Courtyard in Destin. To add insult to injury, My husband and I started talking to locals in the area and they informed us that this "Volley Ball" Tournament takes place every year, on the same weekend every year. I will never patronize this hotel again.

  82. What in the world is wrong with the owner of the Platte city missouri ramada inn there is only 2 front desk people one is the General Manager looks like she could drop dead any time from SLAVE LABOR the other one looks like she should be in a wheel chair. We found out the owners name is Jay Patel imagine that another indian owned hotel. This one sure does believe in slave labor. We will Never ever stay here again as long as it is owned by this man. Someone really needs to report this these women are gonna drop dead and he won't care. I hope the local news or department of labor or something shuts him down. Such a disgrace to the name Ramada people don't stay at 2512 NW Prairie view rd in platte city it is poorly run and no one cares if the women die at the front desk.


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