Raising Cane's Corporate Office Headquarters

Raising Cane's Corporate Office Headquarters
400 Convention Street, Suite 550,
Baton Rouge, LA 70802
Corporate Phone Number: 1-225-383-7400
Fax Number: 1-225-383-7407 Customer Service Number: 1-866-552-2637

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  1. This is not the corporate office. This is a location on CORPORATE blvd.

  2. We just got a brand new raising canes this is my first time here and cause the music was so loud u couldn't hear your friend talk

  3. I have been going to Raising Canes since I first came to Columbus, Ohio 3 years ago. It is the best chicken. I got a tailgate order with 3 orders of fries and 3 garlic bread on Dec 17,2014 ON STRINGTOWN RD,GROVE CITY. The chicken was over cooked as were the fries. I called back and was told I had to talk to the district manager. I called back and he (Sam) told me I had complained too many times and he was not going to replace my chicken or fries. Funny thing this was the first time I ever had a problem or complained about my food from Raising Canes. Thry have lost my business permanently and I am telling everyone everyone I know about their business practices.

  4. I have been visiting raising canes for about 3.5 years now and even worked for canes for about a year of that. Because of this i know the standards the stores abide by, or the standards they USED to abide by. The chicken fingers I have been receiving in Lubbock texas from all three locations are half of the size they are supposed to be. Worst part is that the new managers don't even see the problem because as long as THEY have been there, that has been the norm. I hate having to visit each store twice EVERY single time I go to canes to get my order fixed. I'm sick of the cheap operations manager and I will be raising awareness of the stores awefully cheap practices over the past year.


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