Pizza Ranch Corporate Office Headquarters

Pizza Ranch Corporate Office Headquarters
204 19th Street SE
Orange City, IA  51041
Corporate Phone Number: 1-800-321-3401

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  1. Hello, We are avid Pizza Ranch attendees. We have ate at many different locations. Recently we ate at Decorah Iowa Pizza Ranch, and It was not a pleasant experience. We noticed the establishment to be extremely filthy (In all area, tables, floors, restrooms, windows, food and grime caked on the table edges, food and silverware all over the carpet area etc) The staff was abundant, counting six or more employees, with only about seven customers. Most employees were standing around chatting. Our plates were not removed till right before our departure. We observed an employee come out to buffet and grab a piece of chicken, by bare hand, and take a bite while still in dining area, then proceed to back kitchen area. Hoping something can be done about this place, it is not a good representation of the pizza ranch name. We have always enjoyed how clean and efficient all of the stores have been, but this one is definitely not.

  2. You have an extreme disconect with managment customer relationship in Mason City Iowa. My order was delivered incomplete..when I called the mgr said we would be glad to charge you for what we did not deliver..and then blamed my phone..kid needsto be trained...if youdo that kindof thing...oh..and had wrong name on check...not last but first..

  3. I worked for pizza ranch at first I was very excited.AS I moved up from crew to foh I saw my dream an my accomplishments happen, But then I start feeling that I was push to the sided.My goal was to one day be a gm or work at from day one untill 7-22-14.I am very disappointed with your Kansas city store an the way I was let go.Thank you

  4. My husband and I have eaten at several Pizza Ranches over the years but we are very disappointed in the Charles City Pizza Ranch. We would rate Charles City F for failure. It has gotten so bad since it was purchased from the original owner a few years ago. When Scot, the original owner had it everything was wonderful but since it changed hands, it is awful. The chicken is almost always overdone, when pizza is ordered, you will be lucky if you get it before being done with your meal, the help wonders around like they don't care if they work or not, turnover is rampant since all the good help runs out the door. Saw one guy from the kitchen drop a set of tongs on the floor and pick them up and put them back on the pizza. The new manager is sure not a people person either. You hardly know she is there and she never says much or acts like your are an important customer. Doors to the bathroom and tables are so sticky. Place is not as clean as it should be. We hardly ever eat there anymore. NOW FOR THE GOOD STUFF!!!!!! The Waverly Pizza Ranch would get an A++++++ Everything is always great there. Chicken is always juicy, help and management are all very friendly, lots of help have been there for years, place is clean and very happy with no complaints at all. Wish Charles City could take a lesson from them.

  5. Pizza ranch in Manchester, Iowa needs to be looked at very closely. I work here, the manager has made sexual remarks towards employees, and when one of the older employees started sexually harassing other staff nothing was done about it, even when they turned him in. The manager is hard on all the staff, even if we are working as hard and fast as we can. He says that whenever someone calls in sick that they faking. There needs to be something done here as soon as possible, some of us actually need this job but are still thinking of just walking out. Please help the staff of pizza ranch in Manchester, ia

  6. we dine at many of the pizza ranches and have enjoyed them very much. we have
    been visiting jackson mn. pizza ranch less and less because the chicken is dryed
    out there are only a few peices left in the tray and it is early into the buffet tonight
    the same thing happened and they ask if you have any request and we said yes
    we wanted the punken desert pizza tha we have gotten many time now close to
    Thanksgiving but for some strange reason jackson mn. can not make it for us. but
    all the other pizza ranches within 50 miles of us can. we have decided not to visit
    jacksons pizza ranch any more. that is the closes one to us and that is 21 miles.
    what is the point if the food is dryed out any way.

  7. The Pizza Ranch in Lincoln is fantastic. The only reason I go is for the delicious steak, onion and garlic butter sauce pizza. I was told that they may not carry this pizza anymore but that it does get many requests. Please....please keep this amazing pizza on the menu:-) thank you

  8. The only reason I come to the pizza ranch is for the steak and onion pizza with garlic sauce. It is my very most favorite pizza in the world!!! And it is also clean and friendly.

    1. Forgot to say that this pizza ranch is in Lincoln Nebraska. ..home of the HUSKERS! !! please don't get rid of the steak, onions, and Galicia butter is soooooo yummy.

    2. Forgot to say that this pizza ranch is in Lincoln Nebraska. ..home of the HUSKERS! !! please don't get rid of the steak, onions, and Galicia butter is soooooo yummy.


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