Pizza Patron Corporate Office Headquarters

Pizza Patron Corporate Office Headquarters
10999 Petal Street
Suite 200
Dallas, TX  75238
Corporate Phone Number: 1-972-613-8000

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  1. never got my refund after you'll business move!!

  2. My pizza was cold and manger had a vergy bad adittude with me his name was juan ortiz and pizza patrion on samuel

  3. I found the vulgar use of your pizza named "La Chingona" to be distasteful and offensive! I won't be purchasing pizza from you anymore. I will also tell others not to purchase pizzas from a company that resorts to using profanity to name their products!

  4. I work for a company that always places orders at the san antonio , TX location off Austin Hwy. Numerous times our order has been wrong. We order these pizzas for events the co. Throws. Just today our order was missing a large amount of pizzas. I cannot believe the numerous mistakes this location has made. I am not talking about an order of 3. I am talking about each order that is made is a total of 20 pizzas. I really would like to see something done. There are plenty of places around the corner we may order from.


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