Old Chicago Corporate Office Headquarters

Old Chicago Corporate Office Headquarters
CraftWorks Restaurants & Brewery
201 West Main Street Suite 301
Chattanooga, TN  37408
Corporate Office Phone Number: 1-423-424-2000


  1. Dear sir or mam

    I am writing to express my diisgusted and disappointment with my october 4th dinner at 7:30pm Pappillion, NE. I went to your restaurant with my date to eat and have good time. When the food was servied and started to eat the meal i dicovered a ant on my plate which made both of us sick and mad. I feel for a new restaurant there should have clean bug free place to eat. I did not make a scene but told the waitress there was an ant on my plate. The manager came and took our meals and we did not have to pay for them. As a costumer i feel you should know about this, so you do not lose any more costumers. I am afraid they are going sweep this under the carpet and do nothing. I feel you should make sure they clean there kitchen take car of the bug problem. If this is not done it will only hurt your business.
    John Key

  2. Old Chicago ,This company had a great thin crust pizza till they changed it , now I think It's a frozen crust, Shame James, USMC


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