Old Chicago Corporate Office Headquarters

Old Chicago Corporate Office Headquarters
CraftWorks Restaurants & Brewery
201 West Main Street Suite 301
Chattanooga, TN  37408
Corporate Office Phone Number: 1-423-424-2000


  1. Dear sir or mam

    I am writing to express my diisgusted and disappointment with my october 4th dinner at 7:30pm Pappillion, NE. I went to your restaurant with my date to eat and have good time. When the food was servied and started to eat the meal i dicovered a ant on my plate which made both of us sick and mad. I feel for a new restaurant there should have clean bug free place to eat. I did not make a scene but told the waitress there was an ant on my plate. The manager came and took our meals and we did not have to pay for them. As a costumer i feel you should know about this, so you do not lose any more costumers. I am afraid they are going sweep this under the carpet and do nothing. I feel you should make sure they clean there kitchen take car of the bug problem. If this is not done it will only hurt your business.
    John Key

  2. Old Chicago ,This company had a great thin crust pizza till they changed it , now I think It's a frozen crust, Shame James, USMC

  3. To Whom It May Concern,
    I am here to file a serious complaint against The General Manager of Old Chicago Pizza in Billings, MT. on So. 24th St. West. I was recently hired by the Kitchen Manager last Tuesday as he was impressed by my Application and Resume`, and was told that I was to start work this Monday (tomorrow). I was hired as the new Janitor to clean the restaurant every morning before they opened for business.

    However! I was told by the Kitchen Manager that I would have to come in for a 2nd Interview with the General Manager on Thursday to go over Rules, and Policies of the restaurant. Instead! She never sat down with me at all as her hands were empty without any forms to sign. She Rudely asked me to tell her about myself, as I was not expecting this as I gave her the best answers possible.

    She then asked me if I was working, and I told her just on an On Call Basis as I am not working steady. She then rudely walked off and said I Have Other Applicants to Interview and never came back.

    I am a recipient of Social Security/Disability, as I thought I was hired to work 3 hours a day, but! This is like being stabbed in the back as I was deeply hurt. I was looking so much forward to working at Old Chicago and being part of their team. This is like being hired one day and fired or terminated the next day. The Management at The Billings Old Chicago Restaurant has poor Miscommunication and it should be strongly addressed. Thank You for Your Time.

    A Recent Applicant

  4. To Whom It May Concern,
    If you would like to call me and discuss this unexpected scenario? My number is (406) 647-9829. Thank You

  5. To Whom it May Concern:

    I am writing to inform you of the lack of customer service from the management at Old Chicago in Killeen, Tx. I have been going to Old Chicago for over a year and just recently starting having issues with my experiences. I had an issue with my bill and wanted to speak to a manager. When my server came back to talk to me she informed me of the price changes and tried to handle the situation herself. The manager was 10 feet away talking to bar guests and I seen my server go talk to her but the manager never stopped by my table. I do not understand why a server was sent to take care of an issue they have no control over. In the past 2 months that I have been going in I have not had a manager come check on our status. Unfortunately I will not be going back due to the lack of care being very obvious from some of the managers.


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