Mountain Mike's Pizza Corporate Office Headquarters

Mountain Mike's Pizza Corporate Office Headquarters
22320 Foothill Boulevard
Suite 600
Hayward, CA  94541
Corporate Phone Number: 1-510-537-0650

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  1. Your Capitola / Santa Cruz location is disgusting. Everything from your condiment shakers to your video machines were covered with greasy grime. The food prep area was littered with food and debris. Debris under the ovens and food prep areas offer no evidence of recent cleaning. An employee arrived and began making pizza without washing his hands. It wouldn't have done any good. The soap dispenser was empty.

    My, my, what a sty. ick!

  2. I am a huge fan of the pizza but not the idiots working there...Here is a jist of our families last encounter! By the way I posted this on FB and checked in to your location!
    Jessica Marie DeRade Pacheco at Mountain Mike's Pizza (30 Golf Course Dr, Pleasant Hill, CA). 10/18/16
    18 October at 21:19 · Pleasant Hill ·

    I'm pissed have to rant! Mateo has a scout planning meeting once a month. His troop holds it at the Mountain Mikes on Golf Club. We decided to have �� for dinner, so he went to pick up our order as the meeting ended. The kid behind the counter was apparently laughing and joking about my son in his uniform, it was obvious...then handed my son Mateo our pizza told him he looked like the little kid in UP. Really? You think my 14 year old son doesn't have a hard enough time from kids his own age making fun of him! Sometimes wants to quit because of it!
    To you young pizza making FOOL and all others who dare to make fun of any Boy Scout!
    My kid just flew an air plane last weekend, hiked up Mt. Diablo before that, he sets up homeless shelters, shoots rifles, takes mountain bike rides around the bay, participates in the largest can food drive in America, he can build a snow cave, sleeps on submarines no public is allowed, hunt and skin an animal, tie all sorts of rope knots, carry a 100 lb pack on a 30 mile hike, retire a flag with respect, snorkel the ocean, has woodcarving skills, can operate in wood working tool in a shop, identifies plants and berries safe for eating, kayak down a river, find and filter a water source for safe drinking, make you a shelter and fire to keep you alive in the wild!
    All doing this with chronic lymphedma, in which his right foot and leg is in a constantly swollen state that has him in the hospital for 4-6 days at a time sometimes 3 times a year!
    My son is 14 and has done more in scouts in two years than many will ever do in their lifetime! He will be considered for college and jobs before others and have far more letters of recommendation than others!
    Now who looks silly in their uniform the pizza kid or my Boy Scout???
    Even after talking to the manager on the phone with his half ass apology and trying to put the super smart ass pizza kid on the phone for his dumb ass attempt of an apology! Which you were soooo very lucky I wasn't standing next to my son when you so stupidly spoke, instead my polite son just walked out without saying a word...He may be far more kind and respectful than his mother...
    I will make sure our troop of a 100+ and parents as well as all my friends and family do not visit this Mountain Mikes on Golf Club again!

    Might be in your best interest to start training your employees on behavior in the workplace, they obviously don't have any training at home!
    Jessica Pacheco
    [email protected]

  3. This is about the Mt Mike's in Gilroy, CA. Please, please improve the crust! More than half of the bottom of crust is hard. The top is raw. The bread is too chewy. Ive bought a few orders at different times and all the orders came with the same crust problem. Toppings and services are OK.


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