Monarch Dental Corporate Office Headquarters

Monarch Dental Corporate Office Headquarters
Smile Brands Group Inc.
201 E. Sandpointe, Ste. 800
Santa Ana, California 92707 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-714-668-1300
Fax Number: 1-714-428-1300
Appointments: 1-800-666-2724
Customer Service Number: 1-800-666-2724

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  1. Went into Hot Springs Ark. location on 1-26-15 to get front teeth worked on. Dr. Smith said I needed work done under a present crown and bridge first. These were removed and impressions made and temps put in. Had to return 2 wks later to have impressions redone, lab wouldn't accept first one. Temp bridge keeps falling off. I glue myself and went back in and had it redone once. It has been off all weekend and that side doesn't hurt. It is the other side that hurts which also has a bridge and a crown that is hurting so bad. I now believe he worked on the wrong side. I have called each week and went in once trying to get the temps replaced with permanent bridge and crown. They keep telling receptionist to tell me they are not in and they will call me. Today is 3-16-15. I called and asked to speak to office mgr. I need my teeth or refund, was told she was with a patient and would call me back. That was early this a.m. and now it is 5:45 pm and still no call from her. I paid $3914.00 the day of my first visit. I want a refund pronto so I can go elsewhere to get some relief from my pain and some teeth. I have been patient for 49 days which is too long to wait for a bridge and crown. Claims court is beginning to sound like the only way to get someone to listen. Benna Williams

  2. Worst place ever! They ruined my beautiful teeth! I had perfect straight white all my life until monarch got ahold of them, because of them 2 teeth had to get pulled because they dont go deep enough on root canals, oh not to mention if you have cavaties instead of filling them they crowned 7 teeth! News flash a crown goes on only if 75 percent or more of the tooth is damaged!! I have 3 different dentist and a speacialist saying they did wrong and the work needs to be fixed and this is after payin monarch $62000 now its costing me $8000 . I contacted the BBB hired a lawyer and about to get them where it hurts! I have contacts at news stations and apparently this is an on going situation with monarch. Please donot go to monarch at all even for a cleaning bebecause they will try and find something wrong or tell you this needs to get done when it doesnt. Well I don't believe they will be in business too much longer, or they may have to change there name to hide. They don't take anything seriously except taking your money!!!

  3. Thank you for the advise. I only had one crown done but will not let them do anymore


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