Mellow Mushroom Corporate Office Headquarters

Mellow Mushroom Corporate Office Headquarters
Home-Grown Industries of GA
5375 Drake Drive
Atlanta, GA  30336
Corporate Phone Number: 1-404-505-2801

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  1. Just saw the story on your Jacksonville store and wanted to say thanks. As a Vet and the Father of two soldiers it made me smile. I am sure you made this couple day.
    John P. Mullan
    Billerica Ma.

  2. Please help your Albany,GA store the management there is ungodly rude this one store has killed my love of mellow mushroom and we are not the only couple to be offended by the general manager which she was quite happy to inform us of that night ,we found the whole experience dreadful and uncomfortable

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  4. Very disappointed in hearing that your Johnson Ferry Marietta, GA location is closing as of the end of this month. We absolutely love this neighborhood-friendly restaurant where we’ve been going weekly for the last 15 years. Even our out of town guests request we go! The owners are fun and friendly knowing our names and what we typically order! Staff is always great with awesome service and consistent food. We understand that they are being forced out of their current location due to a hospital being built. However, they could not find a nearby place to lease with your new requirements of being free-standing with more square footage. They have a booming business with the phone ringing off the wall and tables always full. We cannot believe your inflexibility. Couldn’t you have grandfathered them in on your new requirements?? You’ve messed up with this one. Is this how you stand behind one of your restaurants that has faithfully made a profit for you for 18 years?? Disappointing, very disappointing :(


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