Mellow Mushroom Corporate Office Headquarters

Mellow Mushroom Corporate Office Headquarters
Home-Grown Industries of GA
5375 Drake Drive
Atlanta, GA  30336
Corporate Phone Number: 1-404-505-2801

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  1. Just saw the story on your Jacksonville store and wanted to say thanks. As a Vet and the Father of two soldiers it made me smile. I am sure you made this couple day.
    John P. Mullan
    Billerica Ma.

  2. Please help your Albany,GA store the management there is ungodly rude this one store has killed my love of mellow mushroom and we are not the only couple to be offended by the general manager which she was quite happy to inform us of that night ,we found the whole experience dreadful and uncomfortable

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  4. Very disappointed in hearing that your Johnson Ferry Marietta, GA location is closing as of the end of this month. We absolutely love this neighborhood-friendly restaurant where we’ve been going weekly for the last 15 years. Even our out of town guests request we go! The owners are fun and friendly knowing our names and what we typically order! Staff is always great with awesome service and consistent food. We understand that they are being forced out of their current location due to a hospital being built. However, they could not find a nearby place to lease with your new requirements of being free-standing with more square footage. They have a booming business with the phone ringing off the wall and tables always full. We cannot believe your inflexibility. Couldn’t you have grandfathered them in on your new requirements?? You’ve messed up with this one. Is this how you stand behind one of your restaurants that has faithfully made a profit for you for 18 years?? Disappointing, very disappointing :(

  5. We have just had the worst experience EVER at the Albany, GA location of Mellow Mushroom. My family and I really had a craving for brownies and ice cream in which originally we where going to go to Applebee's but my brother loves Mellow Mushroom and convinced us all to go there. We all ordered brownies and ice cream, but when the brownies arrived they were not warmed. When we asked if we could send it back the server hesitated as if she didn't want to take them back. While we were waiting a older lady with a Mellow Mushroom shirt walked over to the table and started staring at us and finally said "What's Up?" Not knowing at the time that she was one of the managers, because she never introduced herself, I replied "What's up?" and she just stared as us and walked off. She comes back ten minutes later with assumably the same freaking brownies went sent back!! We told her that the brownies she brought back had clearly been eaten off of and she began to become very argumentative with us. We told her we didn't want those brownies and she got upset and stormed away huffing and puffing with the brownies. By this time we are irritated because we have been waiting and hour and a half for a simple dessert and we were ready to leave. The bar manager (I cant remember her name, but she was a young red head) was very sweet and came over and apologized and told us she would take off the brownies after we told her what we had dealt with. Just as the situation was calming down the old lady manager came back to the table and literally had an arguing match with my sister in front of everyone trying to convince us that she didn't have an attitude. Finally my sister asked her to please leave the table and she refused to leave until she said her piece. By this time we are again perturbed, but at least the tickets were brought to us so we new this nightmare was at an end.

  6. Im emailing your corporate office in response to your wellington fl. store. I have seen a lot of inappropriate things at that location. the kitchen manager is having sexual relations with some of the employees and because of that, their receiving better treatment and hours. It is completely unprofessional and disrespectful to the hard workers there that have to sit back and watch this gross behavior at their place of employment. Please try to resolve this situation. your company should also talk to the employees there to get their input on this matter.

  7. After waiting so long to get a decent pizza restaurant in Acworth GA, ( Cedar crest Location ) this has got to be the worst restaurant to come have a pizza in.I was so hot on our past two times of visit, it was all we could do to eat. One of the waitress told us that they didn't put a big enough air condition unit to accommodate the heat from the pizza ovens. I finds that hard to believe or either the manager is keeping the thermostat turn way up high to conserve his electricity bill.
    Please have someone from the corporate office go visit this location and use your own judgment on how damn hot is in there. No one like to sit in an oven to eat pizza.

  8. Burgers not a great idea. .. We go to the Mellow Mushroom in Myrtle Beach once to twice a month and go to the Mt Pleasant location often aswell. We like going there because its not a burger joint with the smell and grease feel. The whole feel of meat grease overwhelms both locations now.. The sweet smell of the pizza crust is gone and now I feel like I am in a Burger King. Smells and tastes are a beautiful merger of the senses and it kind of feels ruined to be honest. We decided to make our own healthy pizza at home now and to buy our own beer and making it a home experience. The tables and chairs have that fabulous mist of grease too. It is probably from customers rubbing their I need a roll of paper towels on table experience hands all over the furniture. Does Cinn A Bunn sell BBQ pork sandwiches, no. Why because its the sweet smell the drives the customer.! You are who you are and isn't that something beautiful. There is no need to get Botox..

    Please do not become an all encompassing we do everything mass Applepee's chain. please! Mellow King is not what you are. yikes!

  9. I am a frequent costumer. I am at our local Mellow Mushroom at least three if not four times a week. I've finished beer club twice if that says anything.

    I was just wondering if you had ever considered doing a Pizza Dip for your menu? I make it at my house and it's a big hit! I think it'd be great to add to your (already) fantastic menu.

    Thank you for listening to your customers!

  10. I work for chef shuttle and I come there frequently to pick up orders, normally takes 30 to 45 mins, understandable...but today OMG, I arrived at 6:55 and didn't leave till 8:36. That's ridiculous. The manager was no help, she was standing around trying to look pretty. The lady at the bar was the only one constantly checking up on the order. I watched at least 6 to 7 orders go out for (dining in orders) The customer was upset as well as myself. Poor Customer Service. I only work for chef shuttle but it's the customer's food I'm there to receive. Plus it's a to go order...Please Do Better!!!

    1. This is in Little Rock, Arkansas on Chenal Parkway


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