Lay-Z-Boy Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

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Lay-Z-Boy Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

1284 North Telegraph Road
Monroe, MI  48162
Corporate Phone Number: 1-734-242-1444
Customer Service: 1-800-375-6890
Warranty: 1-855-802-6636

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  1. Sophie KinderdykOctober 18, 2013 at 1:21 AM

    I hope this gets to the right people. In Januarary of 2013, we bought furniture from a lazy boy furniture store in Langley B.C. We had an interior designer come in first and help us plan what we wanted. We were told that we would have this furniture at the end of March. Of course no furniture. Then we were told that it would be here in April, no furniture. We got the run around and the excuses were endless, no one seemed to what to solve the problem. We had called the store several times and were told, we are waiting for pieces to come. I disnt believe that. In May we went again to talk to them and told them that we want our stuff, we paid a huge amount toward it and no furniture, not right in my mind. Then the manager of the store at the time had told me that he would give us a substancial discount on the rest. Well we were at the end of June and low and behold our furniture arrived. All except one lamp shade which they tried to sell us one that looked similar to what we ordered. Not good enough when you order high end stuff. Once we had it for two weeks, there was problems with the firmness of the cushions they were not all the same. It is now October and we are still dealing with this problem, The store has wiped there hands clean of this issue. We are not happy, and will not support this store anymore, We have passed this on to a lot of our friends, family and co-workers. Being treated the way we were was very unprofessional of the company.


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