Cellco Partnership Corporate Office Headquarters

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Cellco Partnership Corporate Office Headquarters
dba Verizon Wireless
1 Verizon Way
Basking Ridge, New Jersey 07920 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-908-559-5490

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  1. The phone number 1-855-440-7524 is issued to your company. I will therefore state this one time for you and your employees. You are constantly throwing up a popup on my computer while I am busy on the net. The so-called safety concerns that your pop-up states are phony and have gone way beyond annoying. I am not a patient person and you have exceeded my limits by a long shot. I am quite capable of actions against companies and their personnel that are what one might call undesirable. I am hard headed, persistent and quite cruel, the prison psychiatrist says that I lack empathy for my actions or rather a sociopath. If your bullshit pop-ups with the phony information continues, then you can expect a personal visit from me in order to adjust your attitude. Some things cannot be undone once they have been acted upon, you do not want your company or employees, executives and their families subjected to my particular brand of lesson teaching. Get your crap off of my computer lest you pay a price that is far too high for the gain that you seek. Leave me the fuck alone assholes, is that message clear enough?


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