Bright Now Dental Corporate Office Headquarters

Bright Now Dental Corporate Office Headquarters
Smile Brands Group Inc.
201 E. Sandpointe, Ste. 800
Santa Ana, California 92707 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-714-668-1300
Fax Number: 1-714-428-1300
Appointments: 1-888-274-4486
Customer Service Number: 1-888-274-4486

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  1. I came in to one of ur office today and I asked the assistant how it was Being an assistant she said I love it interacting with people doing different procedures it all fun. I said well u assistants get paid good money for what u do for us patients. Dealing with patients yelling at u or gettIng mad cuz they don't understand something that ur trying to eplain to them. The assistst looked at me and said no not here we don't. We don't get paid enough for what we as assistants go through. It ranges from $ 11-$12 an hour.I said are u kidding me.... that's horrible.

    That's not fair to ur assistants for them to get paid so low I don't know if I want to go back know what they go through and then get paid so little.

  2. ur spelling iz terryble

  3. Yesterday I went back to bright NOW located at Town and Country Village in Phoenix AZ for my routine cleaning. I thought this time around my visit would not be as lengthy as my previous visit. It was worst. This is it, I WILL NOT be returning. I arrived at 2:30 for my 2:40 cleaning and I did not leave until 5:45 pm. After my cleaning, I waited at least 45 minutes for the doctor to come in and check my teeth. The sun was setting as the doctor arrived. Doctors assessed my teeth and concluded I needed about $8700.00 worth or dental treatment. Only half of this summary, was based on a limited medical assessment. This was and will be my LAST visit documented with this dental office (Franchise?)....Shocked and Bewildered in Phoenix AZ

  4. If you deal with Bright Now Dental especially their office in Chandler, AZ make sure that they are billing the correct insurance and on time. My daughter and I had been patients' with Bright Now for about 5 years. The last 2 years dealing with their billing process has been terrible, but to find out that each time my insurance had changed, they were not updating my insurance in their system and now 2 years later I get a collection notification that my daughter ortho bill went into collections. And its due to the office filing the claim late.....

  5. I have a care treatment for two crowns that contain a $150 "Cosmetic Enhancement" charge that is somewhat understandable for teeth that would be seen when I smile, and I paid for it, no problem. Now I have two crowns needed in the bottom, rear molars that will not be seen. I am told I have to pay the $150 charge each, because that is a fee that includes "materials" as well. I say "Balooney" and am shopping around. Oh, I also have charges on the quote for "Core Buildup" at $85 per tooth. when I asked about that, they said "it is some material we use to build up the core" Well, duh, what is it? Cadaver bone? Gold? Silly Putty? They said " That's just what we charge..... "


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