Allegiant Air Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

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Allegiant Air Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
8360 S. Durango Drive
Las Vegas, Nevada 89113 USA
Lost Baggage: 1-866-719-3910
TTY: 1-702-430-3283
Corporate Phone Number: 1-702-851-7300
Customer Service Number: 1-702-505-8888

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  1. I have flown many times with allegiant with out problems. Lately your airlines has caused me many heartaches I am about to file a class action lawsuit with ADA because of your ticket agents negligence.
    My body parts are locked and I need to be in a bulk seat area. I have been laid up many weeks because your agent popped my hip seating me else where. I refuse to be injured because of their negligence. Your agents are in violation of code 382.81 item D. Which they are not doing. My current reservation is M392936. If I am harassed again I will file a suit. Please inform Connie at your 702 505888 number and Please inform South Bend Indiana agents. Sorry to see such a great airlines be so anti ADA. M. Reynolds

    my most recent reservation is M392936


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