Allegiant Air Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Allegiant Air Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
8360 S. Durango Drive
Las Vegas, Nevada 89113 USA
Lost Baggage: 1-866-719-3910
TTY: 1-702-430-3283
Corporate Phone Number: 1-702-851-7300
Customer Service Number: 1-702-505-8888

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  1. I have flown many times with allegiant with out problems. Lately your airlines has caused me many heartaches I am about to file a class action lawsuit with ADA because of your ticket agents negligence.
    My body parts are locked and I need to be in a bulk seat area. I have been laid up many weeks because your agent popped my hip seating me else where. I refuse to be injured because of their negligence. Your agents are in violation of code 382.81 item D. Which they are not doing. My current reservation is M392936. If I am harassed again I will file a suit. Please inform Connie at your 702 505888 number and Please inform South Bend Indiana agents. Sorry to see such a great airlines be so anti ADA. M. Reynolds

    my most recent reservation is M392936

  2. Sorry your airline has no empathy was you are losing your dad. I book a trip because they thought my dad would pass very quickly after removing all tubes and life support. He did not all we wanted to do postpone our trip so we would not lose our money. Myself and wife are on disability can not afford another ticket if we lose the ones for this coming trip. That would mean I would not be able to go back home with mt family and say goodbye to my dad.

    my reservation is M533652

  3. I have been trying to call customer service for well over a week, everyday multiple times a day, I get no answer. Having a high call volume every day for such a limited travel airline is crazy. I have waited multi times for well over 45min and still no customer service member came on the line.. My husbands deployment got extended which is way out of our control. All I want to do is postpone our trip. However I feel that they do not answer so that your trip date arrives and you then are considered a (NO SHOW) and therefor forfeit any and all money paid for the trip.
    Sincerely very upset military wife!!!!!!!! Just remember my husband serves so you have the freedom to have your airline company and to protect the skies that you are flying in!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Last year, I purchased a ticket and plans fell through so I called Allegiant air within 10 minutes of my booking to cancel but I could not get a refund because it was within 7 days of travel and I did not purchase TripFlex. I received a travel voucher that must be used within a year. Within days of this, I got laid off of my job and it took a several months to get another job. We all know that a new job is demanding and time off is usually not an option on in addition to not having ample amount of funds. Nothing matters to Allegiant, I could not get my ticket refunded of 414.00, money I could use during desperate times. Recently, I emailed Customer Service to request an extension for my voucher and I received and auto response that it could take up to 60 days for a resolution. My voucher expires in April! Yet, Allegiant does not want any additional emails in this regard because they can get confused. Ahhh.. I worked in the airline industry for 6 years and that airline customer service department was very accommodating. Who in the world wants to cause grief and havoc to people who are already upset, need assistance and resolution. I believe all respectable airlines and businesses in general have empathy and will work with a passenger or customer or guest to get issues resolved. I have never experienced such horrible and antiquated customer service regulations. More than likely, I will lose my 414.00. I am sure we all have an extra 414.00 to toss away instead of paying a mortgage or some sort of insurance premium. My words cannot express how appalled that I am with Allegiant. I have called the Allegiant call center and everyone I spoke with in this regard was not empathetic and threw the terms and conditions in my face.
    The other nite a representative advised me that I have one year to travel and if I don't then you will forfeit your voucher, it is not Allegiant's fault. Wow...I will now try to contact the corporate office with my complaint. Then again, my dad once said "s--- rolls down hill".

    1. IT # J665230 for the above complaint on 3/3/2015..

      I am not a robot? I do not get it at all.

  5. I don't believe you have any customer representatives at the Customer Service call center. I have called multiple times stay on line once for 58 minutes (average 45 minutes per call) without ever talking to a person. I could have driven to my now.

  6. Same problems. First time I have booked a flight with Allegiant and it will be my last. I have made multiple hour to hour and a half calls only to hear "we are experiencing high call volume". No customer service whatsoever. There are no other numbers. I used the "chat" option only to be told to call the same number that I have been using and not getting to speak to anyone.

  7. Same problem. Seems that if everything is simple, and there are no deviations from the norm, ie. a passenger with oxygen, Allegiant can handle that. But give them anything out of the ordinary and their ticket agents 'don't know'. Heaven forbid you need to call Customer Service. There is only 1 number and they are always experience high call volume at all times of the day, even 4:00am?????? We all know that is recording that is automatically set whereby you are hoping that the customer will give up and hang up. I usually fly commercial airlines, ie. Delta, US Airways, American etc...and have never had a problem but leave it up to Allegiant. Customer Servic should be moved up on their list of priorities!!

  8. In light of the current safety issue with airplanes in the Allegiant fleet flying in & out of Florida, I have been trying to get information on what Allegiant is doing to assist people with tickets for travel in the near future. I think that Allegiant should understand the concern regarding said safety issues. I would just like to be able to cancel my flight & car reservation and receive a refund, voucher or some type of compensation. As others have mentioned, customer service is non-existent via telephone or email on the website. This is very unsettling and unprofessional, it's almost as though Allegiant does not want to respond until it's entirely too late to get any kind of refund. I would think that to build the trust of their passengers they would be more courteous and responsive.

  9. Well, unfortunately the third time, nor the fourth or fifth times are the charm. I've been trying for over one week to contact Allegiant Airlines. I need to cancel my reservation and to change/cancel my flight reservation & we are being asked to call the customer service line rather than use the website option which was available one day ago. We have also left messages on the website MANAGE YOUR TRAVEL portal only to receive an email stating we would hear from Allegiant in 24-48 hours. Guess what, no message(s) to date and it's been well over 72 hours. I think Allegiant just wants us to get down to the "No Refund" wire so they don't have to refund any of our money. I must say that as convenient as Allegiant is for us to fly to our normal destination, I will never fly them again. We have used this airline for many years and I have never seen a more unprofessional display & lack of customer service. It is obvious that the airline does not care about it's customers and it's reputation. I am seriously considering contacting the FAA and an attorney that specializes in class action suits. I don't think there is an attorney in practice that would be able to handle all the business he/she would receive related to Allegiants negligence, unresponsiveness, lack of professionalism and it's seemingly "just out to get the money" business practice. At this moment, I have been on hold with customer service for 1.5 hours. I will also plan to share this information with everyone I know who travels via commercial airlines. IT#P596823

  10. 2 hours on hold for customer service is totally unacceptable in the real world. I hope someday the Allegiant executives & major stockholders receive the same treatment. This airline has become a joke and all it has done is drive consumers to other airlines. I've tried to get customer service 2 a.m., 6 a.m., 10 a.m., 2 p.m., 6 p.m. and 9 p.m...obviously there is no customer service.

  11. I have had to call Allegiant twice pre-travel and held for at least an 1 hour and 30 minutes. The day I was supposed to depart, I received a text stating the flight was delayed 1 hour. Later, I received another text stating it was delayed another hour. On our way to the airport, I received a text stating the flight was cancelled. I decided to continue to the airport to get more information. The guys at the ticket counter explained they were not Allegiant employees, they are contractual employees and could not assist with additional information. They handed me a sheet of paper stating the flight had been re-scheduled for departure the next day, June 27th and would return June 29th and for additional assistance call the 702-830-8599 number. I purchased theme part tickets to Disney World and Universal Studios, so one day in Orlando would not work for my family of 5. I frantically re-scheduled hoping my job would understand and let me off for the new dates. I was wrong and tried calling back to reschedule, during my 1 hour 15 minute hold, I received an email from a family member with several links with the Allegiant's labor and mechanical issues. After reading these, I don't won't to jeopardize my or my family's safety, I just want my money back. Of course, when I spoke with the Allegiant rep she un-empathetically explained I could not get a refund and would be charged a $75 per person fee to change the dates. I asked for a manager and of course there was not a manager and she would submit a form that takes 24 - 48 hours for a response. Not only, have I contacted every local news station in my city, I will be contacting the mayor, the FAA, legal representation, and anyone else who will listen regarding Allegiant. My IT# is P974328.


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