Adidas USA Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Adidas USACorporate Office Headquarters HQ
5055 N Greeley Avenue
Portland, Oregon 97217 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-971-234-2300
Fax Number: 1-971-234-2450
Customer Service Number: 1-800-448-1796 1-800-982-9337

More Adidas Phone Numbers:
adidas Accessories Agron: 1-800-966-7697
adidas Watches Fossil: 1-800-842-8621
adidas Eyewear Silhouette: 1-800-626-8684
adidas Cologne Coty: 1-800-715-4023

Adidas AG Worldwide Head Office
Adi-Dassler-Strasse 1
Phone Number: +49-91-32842920
Fax Number: +49-91-32843127

Adidas's North American Headquarters and Corporate offices are located in the Portland, Oregon.  Their worldwide head office is in Germany.

Adidas is famous for athletic shoes, apparel and equipment. Adidas's products include running shoes, sports shoes, golf equipment, boxing equipment. Adidas is one of the athletic equipment makers in the world. Alsom the Adidas group now includes Taylormade Golf and Reebok.

Adidas's toll-free customer service number is 1-800-448-1796. For customer service the number is 1-800-982-9337. The company does encourage users to use their technical support system and help forums on their website.

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  1. i had an incident in the adidas outlet store in sawgrass mills mall i mailed medical bills and proposal, i've yet to receive a response please be responsible for your employees.thank you rumonda neasman

  2. I purchased Adidas Spring Blades for my son and the soles have started to come apart. These shoes cost $180.00 and my son had only owned them for 4 months when the shoe started to fall apart. I haven't been able to contact Adidas as their web site contact does not work.

  3. Hello Adidas Corperation, I'm an Investor on Wall Street, through my Executive Federal Government, Sovereign Nation, International Law Jurisdiction, Guaranteed Trust Fund! How much of an Investor might surprise you, but I hold a 100% Stake in Share & Stock, at The Preferred Level of Controlling Interest! Obviously, I break up my Investments, through several Investors, that work on my behalf, keeping me, a "Silent Investor"! What I want to do is Thank You, for turning out Great Products Continually, for Sports! I attended meetings back in 1970, & 1972, that forecast that Nike would rise up as our biggest competitor for a season! I also envolved myself, in the styling of our Adidas Merchandise, that would again take us to The Leadership role of The Industry! According to my personal calculations, it is time to role out those Products! For several years now we have been sitting on our new products waiting for the Economy to resurge! Well, everybody at Adidas Corperation should know that it is that time! Lets take the Helm, with our Power Play! The WNBA, & NBA, have our Adidas Contract, thanks to my efforts! Lets impress them with what we, have to release Brand New! Again, thank you very much for having kept us strong during the down turn! King Jesus Marc Nathaniel Mays!

  4. I just want to say that i am disappointed in this company. Well mainly your cedar rapids iowa branch. You always talk of charitable contabutions. But yet when asked not to donate but to allow employees to donate cans to help a local family whos baby needs a heart tranplant they are told no. I think we could all learn a lil selflessness from the to children who gave the family the money they raisedfor themselves to go to disneyland

  5. I was initially impressed that Adidas reached out to high school students in San Diego and solicited their impressions and suggestions for product development and a possible internship. However, it was very disappointing that they did not acknowledge or thank students for the time and effort they invested in their prototypes and ideas for their specific products.

  6. Derrick Rose is the poster boy for adidas shoes, he gets hurt every time he wears them.


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