AAA Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

AAA Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
The American Automobile Association
1000 AAA Dr.
Heathrow, FL 32746 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-407-444-7000
Customer Service Number: 1-800-222-4357
AAA Auto Insurance: 1-800-891-4222

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  1. AAA is great! They have gotten us out of several jams. Including being locked out and a flat tire.

  2. I'm planning a vista the next time I'm in orlando.

  3. AAA Is a TOTAL RIP OFF SCAM! I have paid thousands for membership--the three times I called for roadside assistance they REFUSED to help n any way!! Even when I offered options to make it more convenient for them to help me--when I was the paying customer--they refused. AAA did not care I and my baby were in danger !! Horiible company!! And their "discounts are nothing--most hotels and car rental co's do not accept them anymore. SAVE YOUR MONEY and get insurance somewhere else!!

    1. Sounds like a "one-sided" story.

    2. it's not one sided at all espically out here in southern cali it happens more than not

  4. My spouse applied for a job with them back in early August. After many successful interviews as well as a positive assessment test....all of which moved at a glacial pace, they decided to inform her ON CHRISTMAS EVE that she didn't get the job. That insensitivity, that was utterly unnecessary, ruined our Christmas. They did not have to handle it this way. They have every right to move at a glacial pace, but to deliver that kind of news on Christmas Eve is not only insensitive but hurtful. They don't care about people at all.

  5. Please cancel my membership. My wife had a simple request to unlock her vehicle and did not ask for attitude from AAA customer service and the person who came to unlock the vehicle. Maybe you forget that without customers such as myself AAA would not be needed. Not only did I pay for a membership for my wife and I but today I had to pay an additional $20 because AAA told my wife she was not on my account. Funny because when I signed up it was add another drive for free and I added my wife, yet AAA has no record. Please just cancel my membership as I have no time to play games with a company that fails to deliver the services they advertise. Please look for my comments on Facebook and whatever else blog I can post to.

    Darryl D

  6. Please check the towing agencies for AAA on first to see if they are a reputable business operating under triple AAA. Remember that AAA contracts with tow services that use the AAA logo.

  7. This complaint is about the Cincinnati AAA District Office. It's June 16, 2014 and my mother called AAA today at 1:15 p.m. to have our truck towed. She spoke to a service
    person named Anna. Regrettably, Anna was very unhelpful and rude. After speaking with Anna, my mother asked to speak to her supervisor. The supervisor was also disrespectful. Afterwards, my mother called their corporate headquarters. AAA's corporate office was helpful in taking down her complaint. My mother has been an AAA member since 1987--that's over 20 years, but she's dissatisfied and unsure whether or not she'll continue to purchase their services after today's poor customer service out of the Cincinnati district office.

  8. Using billboards, AAA warned motorists about two small towns in FL that were nothing but money making speed traps but has never mentioned that state of VA is also engaged in 'traffic tickets for $$$' on Intrastate Howys. When a motorist is stopped, cops don't run a driver/vehicle driving history check.... Tickets ($120.00 minimum) aren't reported to out-of-state DMV's of driver... and lawyers routinely check city/county records for newly written tickets, after which they send out 'advertisement' letters to ticketed out-of-state drivers guaranteeing (for a juicy fee, of course) that the violation won't show up on violators driving record which would also result in insurance rate increases when driving records are routinely checked at time of policy renewal by ins. companies.


    I multiplied $120.00 x the sequence # on my ticket and the gross income total was in the hundreds of millions of $. Due to the cost, out-of-state drivers almost never (99.9% of the time) drive back to a distant state to contest a ticket in court - they mail in a check in the convenient self addressed envelope attached to the ticket.

    Think about it.... The VA highway enforcement 'program' has NOTHING to do with highway safety, the one factor that AAA pretends is their primary concern (Ha Ha Ha!!!). It's all about Revenue... $$$$$$$$$$$$.

  9. Sept. 7, 2014

    After reading these post and my experience with AAA last weekend. I am also dissatisfied with them. I called the 800 number and told them I was in OHIO and they sent my call to some guy in KY. Really do they think he had a clue as to where I was. I told him where I was located and that I needed a flatbed roll off truck. He connected me to a AAA garage within 30 minutes of me. I then explained to the knew gentlemen (AAA towing # 1) where I was located and that I needed the flatbed roll off truck and I was sitting on a county line road. Because I was in a different county then he was he explained that he was not aloud to help me but would do so anyhow as I was at the county line, but it would be a minimum of 45 minute wait. This gentleman tried to be very helpful as he called another AAA towing company close and they could come soon but since AAA towing #1 called and not the main calling center AAA towing #2 would not do it, also not in the county I was broke down in. AAA towing #1 decides to call main calling center and they send his call to FL. (Still NO clue where I am located). Several times in these calls I tell them it must be a flatbed roll off. 3 hours later(7 P/M.) a tow truck shows up and you guessed it (A REGULAR TOW TRUCK). This driver explains that if I would have called the 800 number on my card I would have received the correct truck. If they couldn't get the call to the right state why would I expect the correct truck. Then this driver explains I am not in his county. I am a woman and I explained to him I would push it across the road so it was in his county. My husband went with the tow truck driver and did not get home until 9:30 p.m. You are all right they are the BIGGEST RIP OFF.


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