Zulily Corporate Office Headquarters

Zulily Corporate Office Headquarters
2200 First Avenue South
Seattle, Washington 98134 USA

Phone Numbers:
Corporate Phone Number: 1-877-779-5614
Fax Number: 1-206-724-0534
Customer Service Number: 1-877-779-5614

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  1. I'm very annoyed, I just place my second order today and shipping was to be free and it was added. I find this very misleading. I have ordered too much within the last months for this misleading info. You have loss me as a customer. I deserve better customer service.

    Thank you,
    Beverly Mitchell

  2. To whom anyone who cares,
    They could care less at Zulily Usa phone number.
    I am very upset,angry,annoyed.I just placed my 100th order or there a bouts.I have some things on hold to be shipped that are birthday gifts,baby gifts, baby shower gifts,wedding & shower gifts I also did a lot off my Christmas shopping there.
    I called to speak to a supervisor on Friday January 11th,2014 @ 10:02 am to TRY and explain that I had a serious problem with my credit card.Where my husband Barry works he has a locker and someone broke into it stealing his wallet,225.00 in cash & his watch I gave him for our 45th wedding anniversary explained my husband went to the bank this am on the 11th to cancel out his card and would not be getting a new one for about a week to ten days.I begged for them to hold on to my orders.She could have cared less.All I got is we will see what happens I can't promise you after (3) days everything will go.Oh yes by the way they have no supervisor in that office ....NICE...I never got to speak to one as she said we don't have any.I am going to post this on Facebook,Google ane every site I can so people will not do business with your company.
    I am disabled in a wheel chair with a spinal disease that has effected me from the neck down,I have nuropathy in my feet and hands & I am a bleeder.This is the only way I could shop.She had as much feelings as a rock in the snow and just did not care.What is it going to hurt.Look at what I have purchased at this company and it is out right sickening that you are doing this to a disabled women who's husbands & my credit card got stolen by some creep.
    So my business means nothing to them but cha ching $$$$$$ dollar signs .As a loyal customer I mean NOTHING just a buck.Now I am having a problem at no fault of our own and Zulily employee would not even help me outAll the money I spent there you take with one hand & burn the customer with the other..What really ticked me off when she was done doing NOTHING she says have a nice day.How can I.I have to take what strength and energy I have to start over.My sisters daughter 's baby shower wedding ect is coming very soon.Birthday present she has nothing expecting a gift in the mail.Thank you very much..
    I don't think it is right nor do other people think it is right to do this for a loyal customer to bend for them when they were totally out of control the card being stolen.
    I am going to post this on Face Book,Google and every site I possibly can so people will think twice before they shop at your company.Plus all the people I gifted from your company here & in different states
    Once they see your doing this to a 60 year old women they are not going to think twice.Been in this chair since I was (32) and have never been treated in this manor by a company till now.You all have a great day from Massachusetts to Seattle.Thanks again for your loyalty as you sit behind your fancy cherry desk & drive your Lexus on my butt.Now ask your secretary for coffee as I ride my wheel chair to make my own.
    Barry & Ginger Parker
    38 Heritage Dr
    Attleboro,Ma 02703 508-226-0475

    By the way I am recovering from a new knee surger & double eye surgery from macular degeneration

    1. your bank can issue you a card number, you didn't have to wait for your credit card in the mail. You seem a bit emotional over clothes.

  3. I know people who work for this company at their warehouse. One was told that if she went home sick she was fired due to the fact she just started and has accumulated two points. One for taking her boyfriend to the hospital and another for going home sick. When you are as sick as she was, you don't go to work and risk getting everyone else sick.

    My other friend was suspended because he had blown up on his manager. Why did he, you may ask? For one, they called him stupid in their own, not so subtle way and then accused him of taking a 30 minute break. This is not possible. My other friend was back by the break room and so was the manager. This said person was absolutely not their when they say he was.

    All in all, bad company to work for. They do not care about their products, customers or employees.

  4. I resent having to sign in just to look at your website. what an idiotic idea!

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  5. Zulily misrepresents many of their clothing. They say one is made out of 100% cotton however when I received the item the label said it's made of viscose. Lately I've purchased clothing for over $500.00 One of them was a dress that was listed on their web site as size 44. When the dress arrived (6 weeks after order date) the label inside the dress says size XXL which equals of US size 52. This dress is ABSOLUTELY huge. I contacted customer service and asked them for prepaid shipping label. They said no. I will contact their corporate office plus the better business bureau plus the Attorney General's office in Seattle WA and in Ohio.

  6. I was charged something I shouldn't have been. I asked for the fee to be credited back to my credit card. They gave me store credit advising that due to system limitations it has to go back to store credit first, then they will refund it to my credit card. It didn't happen. I emailed a fourth time to ask them to credit it as stated and the response was that they couldn't. I have filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission, and strongly urge others with disputes to do so as well. https://www.ftccomplaintassistant.gov

  7. This is a horrible company in that they will use the same mailing label for 2 packages....then one package will come Postage Due...!!!


    1. now I see why they cancel what you ordered and you have to wait a month for something

  9. This is the worse company to work for, no they don't care about there employees or customers, most stressful job I ever had, and what's so sad was I loved the job but they need better management, management suck, high insurance coverage, high deductible and none thing in return,the management is crazy, human resources mess up your check on a regular anday expect you to wait tIL the next pay period to get your money but I bet there checks are never messed up, this could be a great company if they get people that are very well trained in greal customer service, and have good people skills has great skills running a business, it's a lot of changes need to be made, they need to bring in under cover boss, to get down to how the company is being run, and how there customers and employees are being treated.

  10. I am also now a former Zulily customer. A very misleading deal was offered for a voucher to be spent at The Body Shop where I buy a lot of my body products. For $20 get $40 to spend there? Yes, I think I will! The fine print states that the voucher cannot be used with any other company promotions. "Company"? Ok, that means another Zulily promotion. As selecting my items at The Body Shop, I then put my voucher code to get $40 off my order. My order went from $67 to $129. What??? I called Zulily to find out what happened, and after talking to a rep and her talking to her supervisor, I was left with the explanation that Zulily and company means any offer that The Body Shop might have. So I am supposed to interpret that from Zulily's offer? It should have been stated "The Body Shop", and since it wasn't stated that way, I feel like it was EXTREMELY misleading. I would have NEVER purchased the voucher. Between my other family members and me, we spent thousands with Zulily last year. So, for $20 (which Zulily wouldn't refund or put as a credit in my account), they have now lost thousands in future sales. Does that even make sense?? Instead of all the positive things I had to say in the past to my friends, I will make sure that I spread the word that Zulily does not really care about customer satisfaction like I thought. Very disappointed in you, Zulily....


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