Zipcar Corporate Office Headquarters

Zipcar Corporate Office Headquarters
Zipcar Inc.
35 Thomson Place
Boston, Massachusetts 02210 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-617-995-4231
Fax Number: 1-617-995-4300
Customer Service Number: 1-866-494-7227

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  1. Zip Car just moved into a new corporate office located at 35 Thomson Place
    Boston, Massachusetts 02210 in the Fort Point district of South Boston. Zipcar is the world's leading car sharing network with more than 767,000 members and over 10,000 vehicles in urban areas and college campuses throughout the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Spain and Austria

  2. I think this company is a rip off customer service is horrible no one talks only email when there's an issue I will NEVER do business with this company ever again Uber , transit, lyft is the way to go nevertheless ownership of your own car $350 what a waste. It's been 14 days no feedback just emails that falls into the Twilight zone local offices are just FOS no call backs hell they don't answer the phones. -Atlanta you have to do better.

  3. DO NOT try to do business with Zipcar. I have been trying since 12/17 to settle something and all I can get are people telling me that I can't speak with a supervisor - that all they can/will do is forward my message or email. Horrible, horrible customer service.

  4. I am disgusted w/Zipcar. I have been a loyal customer for 8 years. I had a major problem and a week later it is still unresolved. I can not speak with anyone who can help in anyway. Sad that such a great company is on a downward spiral because of bad customer service. I just tried the corporate offices and their phone # has been disconnected. Appalling.


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