The General Insurance Corporate Office Headquarters

The General Insurance Corporate Office Headquarters
PGC Holding Corp.
2636 Elm Hill Pike
Nashville, Tennessee 37214 USA 
Phone Number: 1-615-242-1961
Customer Service Number: 1-866-519-7422

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  1. Very poor service.
    The worse car insurance ever
    Take unauthorize payments out of your account
    My bank confirmed a payment that they took out of my account when I was no longer insured with the general and they still refused to refund the transaction

  2. Terrible, if you pick this insurer you better love drama! They are trying to cheat me as I'm writing this! I was urged into their auto pay and the rest is a nightmare! I am now waiting to see if the accident I was in will even be covered!! After paying for months then for the first time in 26 yrs of driving I have my first accident and the General is trying to weasel out of it! That is so shady to do that!!

    1. Just a question because my husband and I are going through this same experience. Did your issue ever get resolved without the use of an attorney ?????..

  3. This company evidently takes advantage of people. It is really bad when a company this size steals money thru not refunding premiums to people they took pmt thru and then cancelled due to selling car or changing companies.I have been arguing since Dec for a refund of 252.00. Then you can file a complaint to the main office on their homepage but it cost you 25.00 by CC. Who would trust them not to clear out your account.

  4. I paid full coverage prices thinking that they were going to pay in the event of an accident!!! WRONG!!! My car was flooded 5 MONTHS AGO!!! It still sits at the dealership while this insurance company refuses to pay ANYTHING!!!!

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  6. My car was totaled in the disaster flood we had in sc. My car had water up to the engine on the outside and the interior was flooded above the seats on the inside. They sent me a email saying my car was being sent for total loss review then all of a sudden they tell me my vehicle only has 2000$ worth of damage they don't give a crap about anyone I will be contacting a lawyer and every new station I can I will also be contacting dhec and fema because my car sat in sewage water for days and they only want to clean the carpet. I have a daughter with a heart problem and low immune system they could care less they are terrible people.

  7. This has to be THE WORST, most FRAUDULENT insurance company I've ever encountered. I will be going back to Gieco. Nobody at this company has the responsibility to follow through with anything. I work with one of the best companies USAA in the claims department and if my mother or father had served I would be a member with them. I've been trying to get my insurance reinstated for 3 weeks now that shouldve never been cancelled in the first place. I've updated my address 5 times with 5 different CSRS to no avail. I'm DISGUSTED with this company's ability to not care about their customers and then have the nerve to divert the truth and turn it on us. BULLSHIT, I'm reporting them to the BBB first thing Monday morning. Something is FOUL with this company and I'm going to expose them for the FRAUDS that they are.

  8. I was involved in a car accident in which the other driver totalled my car and was insured by you guys. The service I received, the professionalism and the care shown to me was atroshish. I hope to never have to deal with them again. Corporate office is getting a very lengthy email or phone call Monday morning.


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