Pei Wei Corporate Office Headquarters


Pei Wei Corporate Office Headquarters
P.F. Chang's China Bistro
7676 E. Pinnacle Peak Road
Scottsdale, Arizona 85255 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-480-888-3000
Customer Service Number: 1-877-782-6356
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  1. You have a terrible establishment in Rochester Michigan. I submitted an application and they claimed they lost it (all my information floating around for another one of your ID theft games. I submitted an application on line and was hired. You have a manager first name Mark who said at my interview that it is ok to shoot up-snort aor smoke!! You do have a drug click at this restaurant no question there. Your training-what training! Who exactly is in charge at this restaurant?? They violate basic heatlth code stanards and the treatment of employees is horrible!! If you notice a high turn out of employees-something is wrong! My third day there an employee Brian told me You dont know fucking job-No I was still learning- I would never work at your establishment or have anything to do with your establishment! I am reporting all violations and crimes to the approiate departments in goverment and law- You could do Rochester a great service by leaving and go to Detroit where your standards are tolerated.

    1. Hello yes I agree with you. It's the same here. I work at a Phoenix,AZ location

  2. yes i am with you. i am workn at knoxvilles turkey creek location. They said they train and will always be there to help you. that is bullshit. They are always putting someone down and they really hate the mentally challenged. i am that mentally challenged. The managers all make fun of me and they think that nothing can be done to them. well when i go off and fuck up one of those assholes see if the harassment will stop.

  3. I agree with the comments above. The Pei Wei Asian Diner in Raleigh, NC off Falls of Neuse Rd are just ridiculous. I don't know where to start. From the managers degrading workers and acting like children to where you have workers leaving left and right. I remember this one kitchen manager named Ryan and he was giving the dishwasher and a front of the house person a hard time. He tried to put uncooked rice to the dishwasher's mouth by saying, "Taste this" and I thought that was very disrespectful. I don't understand how this establishment hire anti-social managers who thrive off of drama. But I am disgusted at the general manager overall because a week ago, I overheard the conversation and he uttered something about how a coworker doesn't need to ask for time off. After hearing this, I have never set foot in this restaurant again. The one in Cary is better.

  4. The recent change to your menu to drop the Roasted Wok Salad entrée will affect the number of times my wife and I eat at your restaurant. I believe it will cut in half the number of times we eat at a Pei Wei on an annual basis. This entrée choice was perfect for those who wanted a low calorie and healthy alternative. I believe there are many others who feel this way. Please reconsider your decision.

  5. I went to the diner in Memphis, TN for the first time with my friend who goes there all the time. First of all she asked her sauce to be on the side. Well when the food came the sauce was covering the food. She reported to the order taker that her order was not correct. The manager came over to our table and brought her more sauce and she was very rude to my friend. I was shocked because I have been a manager and her behavior was unthinkable. She told my friend that " You always come in here and you are never satisfied. She forcefully put done the cup of sauce that we did not need, or request. In addition the tables were sticky and the servers said that had a meeting about that and they were waiting on corporate to take care of that problem. Have they heard of furniture oil or polish? Needless to say I will never go back.
    Linda Williams

  6. Jehan baley is a bully pei wei warren

  7. I have been extremely happy with the food quality at your Boca Raton FL Federal Hwy location....calling in for takeout at least 300 times over the last 5 years. Today, as usual, I picked up my order and per usual, asked for chop sticks and a cup for water. Recently the cups given have changed from full size to small and I get that - obviously your net drops considerably when a drink is not ordered, plus there are no doubt, those who steal tea or soft drinks.
    However, today I was made to feel like a thief when the take out cashier insisted on walking to the back of the store to fetch my water. This neither had the look or feel of providing additional service, but rather a dramatic display of stopping a potential soft drink bandit in their tracks. Sorry, I don't drink or steal soft drinks and unfortunately, no longer patronize Pei Wei

  8. I'm at pei Wei and my husband was ordering our food so u sat down at z table. I was told by a server that I had to get up until my food was ordered. This is very annoying and embarrassing to me the customer. Lou Ann Orlando Florida and this is the Pei Way on East Colonial Drive.

  9. I went to your establishment in Sugarland Texas on 12012014--I received the worse customer service. I have been a long time customer of PEI WEI's and I was extremely shocked . Not only was the young lady working the take out line rude and very offensive. There was another young lady who was the manager who was equally rude and offensive. I even felt discriminated against. I called the location and spoke with the Manager (Louis) to report the incident. He was very understanding and told me that he would take care of the problem. Although I called and made a complaint, and I am posting this comment, I sitll will contact the Corporate PEI WEI office to make them aware of what happend to me. As a side note: I only went in to order two wonton soups. The sizes have changed and you get less wonton's in the soup..I will start trying other Asian Cuisine establishments. VERY DISSAPOINTED. Tammy Harvey

  10. I can agree with the issues at hand Pei Wei's management sucks. they claim to b professional but are really just a bunch of egotistical guys who don't know how to talk to people with respect. they think there above everyone else outside of management. The one in Green Hills their manager Dave soon to be GM is going to be the reason they shut that place down.

  11. The Pei Wei in Green Hills is also very prejudice and racist. they save all the management for whites only.

  12. Pei Wei in Boynton bch. Fl. Made my order at 6:28 pm sweet and sour chicken and rice very easy order. 7:00 pm stopped food runner to get manager 10 min. Later she. shows i tell her how long i have waited she. tells me they had big take out order WTF im a dinning in customer she goes to kitchen
    which is making all kinds of noise but no food coming to customers. People came up to me because they knew how long ive been waiting.finally food came she gave me a $10 couple lol. I said no this meal is on you it was $10 .she credit my bill dropped money on table and said with an attitude have a good day. No respect what so ever. Your training and or district supervisor lack the proper training and it shows. The managers name was Tytiana .

  13. We live in Southlake and have enjoyed Pei Wei for as long as it has been open, but on a recent visit we felt the food had taken a nose-dive. I ordered something that looked like an entire bottle of sauce had been poured on top of it. It tasted terrible. We were very disappointed that you have taken items off the menu and that your kitchen crew now appears not to be cooking things as fresh as they once did. I don't think we will ever come back.

  14. unbelievable how they can hire u at certainly hour rate and not telling you. they just lower your pay rate without u knowing , it's that illegal ? ....thiefss

  15. On Thursday, May 28 my boss and I both dined in this restaurant and did not have a good experience. When we arrived there was no clean tables and no forks for us. The girl who delivered our food forgot half of our food and said she would be back with the rest of our food and forks but only returned with the forks about 10 minutes later . After we left the restaurant both of us began to not feel that great but we thought it was just stress from work .However for the rest the day neither one of us ate anything and both began ill that evening and I had to go to the hospital for vomiting and dehydration. We have both been out of work since Thursday and this is been a great inconvenience to both of us. Pei Wei used to be one of my favorite places to eat but I don't think I will be back.

  16. As a former teacher in San Antonio, Pei Wei was always high on our list of restaurants to go out to eat whenever we had in service. When I retired, I finally, got my husband to try it and he loved it. I am not too crazy about the lack of pork, but it's OK. One reason why my husband chose Pei Wei as opposed to the many other Chinese restaurants around here, is the Military Discount given to current and former service members appreciation for their service. These discounts are normally 10% and given at Yankee Candle stores, many hotels and even small "mom and pop" restaurants which, in turn, cause us to return there rather than go elsewhere to do business. However, right before the 4th of July, when we went to get our take-out, he was told that "corportate" had told the Pei Wei restaurants to stop giving military discounts. I would like to know, why? So disappointed in Pei Wei...a FORMER customer.

  17. Ok. On 8/18/15 went here for dinner for the second time. The first experience was bad but I said ok i'll try them again because I didn't want to drive to the Plantation store.
    First I get to the counter and the young lady was on her cell phone texting because she was definitely not paying attention when I walked up or when she took the first part of my order.
    I oreder two 8 piece Mango California rolls with extra wasabi and ginger for both. Waited as she texted then she asked is there anything else. I then ordered a small Honey Seared chicken with brown rice and extra sauce on the side. Notice I did say small.
    I get my food. The first tray of mango rolls were fine still had to as for the extra condiments again. I didn't check the second tray because I notice the girl put the cold food and hot food in one bag which you would think she would know that's a NONO!
    I asked for an extra bag for the hot food. So tell me why my Honey Seared Chicken had none of the garnishes and was a large. I asked for them to go and the cook had an attitude. I didn't feel like waiting for a refund or having them remake my food so I just kept it.
    I get all the way home eat one mango roll and put the sauce on my chicken. Tell me why does this sauce taste like straight vinegar. I know it does have vinegar in it but damn this was aweful. I let my boyfriend taste it and he had to spit it out.
    I called the manager 8/19/15 the next day. He said to come in and I could have 1 two piece app and any entree of my choice.
    So today 8/20/15 I getting ready to eat the other mango roll and guess what there is one that don't even have the crab, mango, cucumber, or nothing in it.
    Right now I'm so livid with location all I want is some gift cards and I will drive all the way to Plantation or 15th street causeway for my food.
    I will upload the pictures.

  18. It is unfortunate that my family will not patron your restaurant any longer. The food is inconsistent and the take out service is substandard. On 2 separate occasions, once in July 2015, and the other August 16, 2015, our take out orders upon opening the food was incorrect. When I called and spoke to the manager I only received lip service pointing the blame on a new chef or stating we are really busy. The managers promised to send out a $20 gift card to our home address for their error. I never received any form of compensation on either occasion. So disappointed in the service or lack of service.

  19. This is the location that I would always come last year to have a great dinner experience with friends. The food quality, and the inside of the restaurant has always been amazing. After not visiting for a year, I decided to visit this particular location with a group of friends. I can honestly claim that it was the worst experience I've ever had at a restaurant. As soon as we arrived to the restaurant, we were greeted nicely by the cashier. However, as we sat to the table; we seen that the restaurant was not clean. We attempted to use both of the coke machines, and they were both unavailable. One machine in particular was even leaking from the bottom of the machine. I tried getting forks, and they were super dirty! Literally, they had pieces of rice between the forks.The manager was also the RUDEST I've ever seen.She provided the worst customer service ever. I will NEVER come back to this location. She was constantly giving attitudes and yelling at the employees in front of everyone. . This business should be under new management, because the current one CLEARLY can't manage to run a business. Shes an African American female with long braids. She was also handing our food very rudely just putting them in the table, and not introducing herself; nor saying excuse me. Her face looked like she did not want to be there at all. If you wan't to have a good dinner experience, DON'T COME TO THIS LOCATION. .
    2709 N Elston Ave.
    Chicago, IL 60647
    at Logan Blvd

  20. DO NOT GO TO THIS PEI WEI.Casa Paloma
    7131 W Ray Rd. Bldg. 1 Suite 3 Chandler, AZ 85226
    (480) 940-3800
    Customer service is the worse. If they mess up your order, you do not want to talk to the manager because he has the worse customer service skills. I hope it is not like that at other Pei Wei locations. I have ever seen at any restuarant.
    My wife and I have been going to Pei Wei for the past 8 years on a regular basis. My colleagues and I also visit the restaurant after conferences and lunch. A year and half ago we ordered for with extra shrimp. We realized that they did not give us the extra shrimp. Therefore, we started ordering the extra shrimp on the side which was working out fine for us for several years we've been going there. Last week my friends and I ordered $84 worth of food with extra shrimp for each entree on the side. None of the orders had the extra shrimp but they charged me $2.49 extra for each order. When I called to inform them about it, the manager told me simply that his kitchen staff said they added it to the rice, so it must be in the rice. No apologies......basically too bad. Why will I call about this order if I have been ordering the same thing at Pei wei for so long. They charged and kept my money. I even purchased $15 worth of gift cards that day, but I am going to shred them, and never set foot in a Pei Wei restaurant and so are my colleagues.

  21. Brookhaven , Pa 19015 is building a new shopping center!Looking to open summer 2016. Can corporate look into putting a Pei Wei there? Shoppes at Brookhaven.

  22. I still haven't gotta my pay stubs.... and my boss cut all my hours off... so don't got a job no more... and still haven't gotten my pay stubs ...... they will get sue for alot more money if they don't give me my pay stubs before the 30th of taxes...... so good luck with that pei wei....

  23. I am not a habitual pei we customer but have enjoyed a meal or two from your restaurants. I recently went to the location in Edmond, OK and had a terrible experience. My friends chicken in his gf spicy chicken was under cooked, which is highly dangerous. My chicken salad spring roll was wet for some reason and completely fell apart when I picked it up. I have never had such horrible food there and my friend, who eats there routinely, said it was by far his worst experience. I understand that particular location is extremely busy but that's no excuse for under cooked poultry.

  24. his was the first time I ever ate a this restaurant it was a very bad poor experience. I walked in at 5:59 pm exactly and placed my order I indicated I only got a half hour for my dinner I had to be back to work I was assured it would be ready way before. I waited til 6:23 to get eh food I ordered I never got a cup for my drink I had to fight for every dame thing I wanted. It was disgusting I got this really small to go container I told that those people there they screwed me I ordered a large portion meal and got some two bit container of barley any rice and sesame chicken . I was ripped off big time!!! Your company owes me the money back mot to mention you need to get better employees ones that are friendly helpful knowledgeable and not slower than a snail. I had to eat the small portion of food on the run and did not enjoy anything I had at all the experience was awful your company had a poor presentation of your food product and service tonight than any other place I ever been to in my life. I paid total $11.54 and wasn't given the correct portion of food. While I was there waiting for my food to be served to me or I could have gotten up when if it ever came out of the slower than rotating planet earth .. I saw the dine in size of what I ordered I never ordered my food to go it was for dine in and I got a to go container of slop. I and demanding money back and do not offer me another visit unless you' re prepared to roll out the fucking red carpet!!!! Should I have lost my job I would have sued hell out of your company for not processing the order in a timely manner for the incompetence of the staff the resturant twas not crowed at all when I got there there was no excuse it did not begin until after I was there at least by 10 minutes.

  25. My husband and I ordered "Kung Pao Chicken” in June 5, 2016(1:36PM) at 5757 Wayne Newton Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89119
    A casher gave us a beeper without any explanation of what to expect when it goes off. We noticed a single flash and thought that our food was ready. I went to the counter and handed a different person the beeper and was handed an order.
    The servicer never confirm or asking what I ordered. I realized almost immediately that the container size was smaller than expected and opened the container a few steps away from the counter. It was the wrong order so I immediately brought it back to the counter.
    The counter person was very rude and starting yelling at me with an angry voice. She kept saying “what did you order?” again, “what did you order?” “What’s your number?” with a very angry tone. I tried to talk but she did give me a chance to reply. I said “Kung Pao Chicken” and “my number is 209”. She seemed to distrust me so I told her “I can show you my receipt”. She embarrassed and insulted me in front of lots of other customers.
    She handled this innocent mistake very badly and left myself and my husband with a very negative feeling towards the restaurant.
    1. No one explained how the beeper works. (Please don’t expect to your customer to know).
    2. She did not confirm our order when we went to pick up our order.
    3. She did not have any customer skills in how to handle this situation. She did not accept any mistake on her part, just anger instead of saying “Sorry”
    4. No one said to the other customers around us or to us: “Hello” and “Thank you”.
    Additionally, the food was much too salty for us so after starting to eat it, we threw it out. It was very disappointing that we spent our money in exchange for horrible service and bad food. Nowhere in the restaurant could we see how much sodium is in the meal. After we go back home I looked up your company website.
    This company, or at least this location, needs to do more training of their employees if they want repeat business. Better quality nutrition is also very important. I question what Pei Wei’s business model.

  26. How about the managers at your west side location in El Paso Texas, in particular the kitchen manager Emmanuel. He treats his employees like shit! Plays favourites and if you dont kiss his ass he cuts your hours or threatens to do so. What kind of people do you have as examples if they themselves cant set the standard themselves? Ridiculous how he treats his employees, this needs to be looked into immediately

  27. I use to often eat at your Pompano beach store but now new management has taken Chads place and now they treat your employees like shit. This needs to be looked at asap!!!!

  28. Your store in pompano beach Florida has the worst management team I've seen in a long time. Your general manager Jessica Nevins treats her employees and her guest really poorly. Ever since she has taken over the store has gone to shits. Its not a pleasant place to eat anymore

  29. Pei Wei/PF Chang's you have become such a disappointment. I always enjoyed going with my family. You are like McDonald's now -- cheap; dirty (from my experience yesterday -- McDonald's is cleaner) -- there's nothing special about either place anymore. So very sad. CEO/Board: What are you thinking?? We will see you closing soon from bad decisions/choices -- no longer what it used to be and unlikely to go back! Will spend my money elsewhere. Saddened by your "cheap" approach.
    North Carolina

  30. Food = great Value = great Service: Not good. I would suggest going into restaurant at 5th Ave Shoppes in Boca Raton, FL. Test it out.

    Everytime I go for pick up/take out, it takes forever. Last night: Pick up at 6:40, one person next to me and 11 people on line to order for dine in. One employee answering phones, as well as helping people on line, and 12 minutes later I finally had to ask her, "Are you kidding me? I have been here for 10 minutes staring at my food and you refuse to acknowledge me?" She said she didn't see me sitting down, and I replied, I was STANDING there, never sitting, in front of her, and SHE NEEDS HELP. To have one person at 6:30 pm is crazy.

    Again, good food but too stressful waiting 10 minutes (ok, maybe only 5 or 6 minutes sometimes) But please teach employees to at least acknowledge that they see you, as if I hadn't interupted her I dont know ho w long she was going to ignore me. And if yu check the cameras you will see I a not exaggerating

  31. As of yesterday I am no longer a employee of pei wei of Watauga texas I was disrespected by a new manger to that location I was scheduled to work all day so I am entitled to have an hour break which I took while I am on break I get a voicemail from this assistant manager saying if I don't get back in five minutes I am fired so I actually came back and she was rude towards me told me if im going to have a attitude I can get the hell out so im going to be honest here I told her to shut the fuck and then I walked out that was her first day back at the Watauga location and something should be done about that our previous manger was respectful towards her staff. the rude mangers name is cassie kelley

  32. You also have a terrible restaurant establishment in West Palm Beach Florida I've been working there for a good amount of time now and when I first got hired the first day was okay, until I came back the next day. All your manager starting from Andrew and ending to Matthew are horrible manager. I know that all manager and employees there is smoking marijuana Poppin extacy pills I've been told by previous employees and I've seen it with my own eyes. I didn't know employee and manager we're allowed to smoke marijuana and take pills while they were on the job, but that explains why the employees are selling drugs I'm out the store and smoking and doing drugs at your store. I know three employees that is smoking and dealing drugs from this or personally because I seen it with my own eyes. This is the first job I've been to that money was missing out of everyone registered including the manager register and the safe. At first it was weird to me but then an employee from back of the house came up to me and told me money been missing before I even started working there and that he knows the manager are taking it and blaming it on the employees because him and the manager a real close friends and the manager told him that he did it. The manager are always degrading workers acting like children and you have a large amount of workers that are just leaving from left to right and if that doesn't seem ought to you then you need to quit your job. It's not fair how does restaurant treat employees here and I will be going to a higher person about the situation and try and get some justice for the other workers who wouldn't step up for they sell, because the way I was treated there was just very very sad. The manager do not even at like manager and they show favoritism to the workers who been there longer. I regret even given Pei Wei all my time, hard work, and dedication. I will never work at Pei Wei again.

    P.S. The Cooks there drops food on the ground and doesn't throws it away instead they just put it back with the rest of the food and cook and serve it when it is needed, the employees there do not wash their hands after a smoke break or before they did with the food and that is just very disgusting. If you can and have any questions about your restaurant and West Palm Beach Florida and the police who's doing it just reply to the, and I'll let you know but I suggest no one and I mean no one not to ever work here.


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