Nationwide Corporate Office Headquarters

Nationwide Corporate Office Headquarters
Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company
1 Nationwide Plaza
Columbus, Ohio 43215-2220 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-614-249-7111
Customer Service Number: 1-877-669-6877
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  1. Nationwide is very competitive with Progressive and also Geico.

  2. Nationwide made a big blunder with the Super Bowl ad. I think the axe needs to drop on heads in your advertising department!

  3. Should be ashamed of yourselves for that AWFUL superbowl commercial. What the hell were you people thinking. I thin you owe America an apology.

  4. Scumbags. I don't know who is dumber-your ad agency or whoever at your garbage company approved that ad. I will NEVER, EVER send a cent to Nationwide, Allied insurance or anyone else that I find out is tied to your no class company. I hope your policy cancellation lines are on fire today. Your competitors should be jumping all over this & I hope they put you scumbags out of business. How incredibly stupid on every front.

  5. I have a question for your marketing dept. Has any one of you lost a child? Has any member of the executive echelon lost a child? If not, then you can't imagine what it was like for those of us who have to have seen that commercial. Do you not think those thoughts go through our minds that our children will never have those experiences? Do you think we needed your company to reinforce those very real losses? You could have made your point a hundred different ways, but you chose this route. You poured salt on an open wound for so many of us. Regardless of how we lost our children, you managed to make things worse because for most of us they are never out of our thoughts. And now "the dead kid commercial" is becoming a source of humor, which is even far more crass and insensitive. What were you thinking Nationwide? And to think people were so upset with the ad that they pulled it, and that was about a puppy! Surely you could have found a better way than the one you chose. I am so saddened by this because you just blindsided millions of parents. What were you thinking Nationwide?

  6. My niece and her husband lost their 28 month old gorgeous adorable little boy suddenly to an un-diagnosed congenital defect two weeks before the Super Bowl. They went to their friend's house to watch the game and hope for some solace to escape a little while from their grief. Imagine how they felt watching that commercial? My niece got up and left the room. How incredibly thoughtless and insensitive to show that commercial! The Super Bowl commercials are expected to be entertaining and clever to sell products, not used to make a dark point about accidents and death. Come on! What is wrong with you people? Like other comments, apparently you've never experienced the death of a child or certainly you would not have aired that commercial. I know for sure that I will never buy a policy from Nationwide. You're not on my side.

  7. I plan to support Nationwide and their efforts to make us aware to to the dangers that are lurking around our homes to our small children. Nationwide commercial may have not been aired at the best time but it did open our eyes.

    One of the leading causes of accidents and death is due to bathroom related water accidents and tub drowning. My company, is in development of several Faucet Locks which prevents water related accidents. Our Faucet Locks can be applied to the sink and shower and restrain the use by small children.

    We at SafeHolmes Designs LLC. would love to be a part of the "Make Safe Happen" campaign and offer our assistance, support and product in order to "Help Keep kids Safe @ Home". It would be blessing to hear from and get positive feedback and the endorsement from the Nationwide team in a synergistic effort to protect small children.

    Please check out our video at and support us as we support Nationwide and "Make Safe Happen" campaign.


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