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  1. You skipped a moment of silence to listen to a Kardashian? Way to go.

  2. Why is your reporter not fired for his remark about Sarah Palin. Im a women and very offended. I will not support

  3. First a remark about xxxx on Sarah Palin and now making fun Romney's grand baby. You people are sick freaks. Just because people are not Government Slaves who like being slaves. You make fun of them.

  4. Are joe and mika so overworked that they cannot be on the air the whole 3hours and have to repeat the first half hour at 8 am thats when i changed to another program

  5. MSNBC : You want to immediately solve your ratings slide? Here's exactly how to do it.

    Give up your sychophantic devotion to Liberalism and Obama. Start being Journalists instead of Propagandists.

    No charge for that; by the way. You'll make millions; and not have to pay me a dime.

  6. I think your narrative on mid-terms is a continuation of your Al Sharpton- like teenage crush on Obammy! You Dems didn't loose because you ran away from lost because you couldn't run away from Obammy!

  7. I'm tired of Al Sharpton racist remarks and because his black being allowed to say them. His keeping racism alive. The lawyer for Brown said the stepfather acted on emotion when he said burn this motherf-ingdown and should not be charged with inciting the riot. wow so if the police officers who Al Sharpton lives were ruined by false accusation had a right to punch, kick and burn Sharpton house and car ? The same goes for Obama(one big ass mistake America) his not the president of the USA he goes against the American people wants and needs.

  8. I will not watch Morning Joe ever again, nor will I support its advertisers. This morning, Scarborough kept up an uninformed, racist rant about the situation in Ferguson. He cannot speak about black oppression because he is a privileged, white male. He talked about a young man who committed a crime of taking a handful of cigarillos from a convenience store as "knocking over a convenience store".
    He said that the little boy in Ohio who was killed was carrying a real gun. You can't have a white male southerner talking like this when he does not have the facts. None of us has the facts because we were not there and the prosecutor decided that he did not want a trial to try to determine the truth. So black people have as much right to stick to their version of the " truth" as white racists do. But responsible journalists (not Scarborough who is neither a journalist nor responsible), must dig into our racist culture, the brutality of the police culture (and as an older white woman I have experienced it myself), the inequality of our society, and the tragic treatment of black people and their voices. Where is the compassion and the search for the truth? I don't have enough time in my life to listen to that hate-filled speech coming from someone who does not know what he is talking about. I am done with this show.

    1. Facts.... you don't want to get yourself in trouble... obey the law...don't steal .. don't be a thug.. when a police officer gives you an order obey it ..don't go up to his car & beat him. Stop the lies people fac e reality . Obey the law like normal people. I like msnbc but on this one they are totally wrong. Fox has it right this time & I am really disapointed with everyone on msnbc. I hate fox news but they are right about this one.

  9. Would someone please tell Joe (Morning Joe), that Hands Up Don't Shoot), is still being done all across America, due to the fact that the process of justice in this country, has never been fair to African Americans, the use of the Grand Jury is the lie used to free officer Wilson... !!!!

  10. As someone who has been a long time viewer of your network and a nightly viewer of Rachel Maddow, Chris Hayes and Lawrence O'Donnell shows. I can't put into a few words how disappointed I am with there coverage of the Ferguson events. I understand being bias to the left but this is not a political event this story has real life implications. Yes I know like everyone does that Fox lies about every story they do, and CNN in going to be more about who reports the story than the story itself. But I expected more truth and real facts from MSNBC and not some of the half truths and flat out lies that have been reported on these shows. It not only brings your network down to the level of Fox news but hurts the democratic party to watch this pandering to one group of viewers. I will no longer be a regular viewer of your programs anymore and will be changing my party affiliation after 39 years to Independent to distends myself from this type of misinformation. Next time try reading the grand jury transcripts and posting them on your site like the AP did.


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