Loblaws Corporate Office Headquarters

Loblaws Corporate Office Headquarters
Loblaw Companies Limited
1 President's Choice Circle
Brampton, Ontario L6Y 5S5 Canada
Corporate Phone Number: 1-905-459-2500
Fax Number: 1-905-861-2206
Customer Service Number: 1-888-495-5111
Email: [email protected]

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  1. Did grocery shopping - my loaded offers included spend $100. and receive 10,000 pts. This was not calculated on my card. I am disappointed with the system because this is not the first time points have not added in but this is the first large one.

  2. When paying with cash I still have some pennies to use. Not all of your cashiers realize that they are still legal tender. Today I bought some cheese which cost $7.94. The cashier rounded it up to $7.95. i paid her $7.94 and she asked for $7.95. I asked her to call the head cashier and she did. The head cashier said "Just take it from him." Their attitudes were not customer friendly. A memo should be put out reminding all staff that pennies are still legal tender and stores are obliged by law to accept them

    1. OMG, you seriously tried to use pennies and then complain that someone else's attitude isn't friendly...

    2. did you ever think that the supervisor was frustrated with the cashier

    3. Does that make her attitude to the client acceptable ? both reply's make no sense if we are talking customer service. I strongly hope neither of you work with clients.

  3. I deal with Zehrs for about 10% of my grocery shopping. The rest is elsewhere. Problems with Zehrs occur about 1 trip in 5.
    In the last 25 years, 100% of unresoled disputes have been with Zehrs. The other stores heard my occasional problems (one trip in 50) and acted appropriately. Zehrs rarely does and boy are they agressive and abusive.

  4. I am a Loblaw cashier and take pennies all the time when people have them.

  5. The superstore scarborough sell the milk a month old and the manager refuse to say sorry. If this is the way Loblaws Corporate how to do the business. I would say that is why the sell is down.

  6. Fortinos (Maple) at Jane and Major Mackenzie is closing the Community Room to make way for an optical store.
    Disappointed kids across Maple as great birthday parties, cooking classes, PA day, summer and March break camps no more.

    The Maple community will be losing their "community" room.

  7. You spent a fortune building a Superstore at 100 Country Village Road NE Calgary, and you can't come up with a few dollars for a water fountain? A mother should not have to buy a bottle of water in the middle of her shopping in order to give her child a drink.

    I was open to cupping my hands and drinking some tap water in the ladies room but your taps automatically provide warm water for hand washing with no option for cold drinking water.

    I trust my next trip to this store will allow me the option of a drink at a drinking fountain. I can imagine that would have been appreciated by many during our hot summer days...


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